Transcript of Melissa Rosenberg’s Glamour Chat

Melissa Rosenberg chatted today with fans on Glamour Magazine’s facebook page. Robert Pattinson News has the transcript.

Favorite scenes in the movie/books?
“I’d have to say the honeymoon scenes. very romantic and playful. lovely to see Edward and Bella having fun”.

Percentage of book (Breaking Dawn) actually in the movie?
“Because we split the one book into two movies, it gave us a lot more room to include as much as possible from the books. Particularly in the first part. We wanted all our favorite scenes to be included – of course everyone has different favorites, but hopefully you’ll be happy.”

Wondering what to look forward to (other than everything?):
“There are some AWESOME romantic scenes for Bella and Edward! Seriously. The wedding is lush and emotional, the honeymoon is truly sexy. Trust me on this one.”

Catch the rest of the transcript on Robert Pattinson News, and a huge TY to them for live tweeting and keeping track!

Reminder: Chat With Melissa Rosenberg Today!

melissarosenbergredcMelissa Rosenberg will be doing a fan chat today sponsored by Glamour magazine.

Having penned all five films, Melissa knows about all things Twilight and can’t wait to chat with you on Facebook tomorrow, Thursday, from 1-2 p.m. (ET). Plus, become a fan of Glamour on Facebook, and enter for a chance to win a trip to the L.A. premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 1!

Want more? You’ll also be able to watch a behind-the-scenes clip of Glamour’s November cover girl, Kristen Stewart. And don’t forget to mark your calendar for the movie release on November 18th! We’re already popping our popcorn in anticipation.

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So, set a reminder on your phone, on your computer—whatever you need to do to remind you to log on to Glamour’s Facebook wall Thursday from 1-2 p.m. (ET). See you then!

Booboo Stewart and Melissa Rosenberg in Spain

Booboo Stewart and Melissa Rosenberg were at the Stiges festival in Spain.

Participate in a Q & A With Melissa Rosenberg

Yesterday we heard about a Q & A opportunity with Melissa Rosenberg in conjunction with the Glamour magazine Facebook page. Today we have the details via Summit.

Do you want to chat LIVE with Melissa Rosenberg? Of course you do!

You and your readers have the opportunity to chat LIVE with Melissa Rosenberg – EXCLUSIVELY on on October 13 (10am PT/1pm ET)!

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Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg Reacts to the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailer

melissa-rosenbergheadshotThe LA Times asked Melissa Rosenberg for her reaction to the Breaking Dawn PArt 1 trailer.

Ever after: Rosenberg was pleased that the trailer in part indicated that this film is about a marriage. “It teases the fact that this a story about … a marriage going through some unusual stresses ….  At one point in the movie there’s a line where Edward says, ‘They say the first year is the hardest.’ It’s very funny.”

Jacob’s heartbreak: We were struck by Jacob’s emotional goodbye to human Bella, as he knows she’ll soon be promoted to Edward’s immortal beloved. Rosenberg says that scene resonates more than we know. “It’s a really sweet moment, and it’s the moment the film turns. It turns into a horror film,” she said. Speaking of which ….

The horror: Robert Pattinson’s previous comments that Bill Condon was making a horror movie were ominous, and the trailer in fact reflects terrible times ahead for the residents of Forks, Wash. “We’re beginning to get into the second half of the film, which turns more into a horror story. The images of Bella — trust me, it only gets more intense,” Rosenberg says.

See more on the LA Times

Summit Executives, Melissa Rosenberg, and Chris Weitz Give Credit To Harry Potter Films

Erik Feig(a Summit Executive), Melissa Rosenberg (Twilight Saga screenwriter) and Chris Weitz (the director of The Golden Compass, New Moon and A Better Life) have cited the Harry Potter films as industry inspirations and changers. In the above photo, taken at the A Better Life premiere, Erik Feig is standing to Chris Weitz’s immediate left:

Erik Feig:

‘”There was a sea change with Harry Potter,” says Erik Feig, president of worldwide production at Summit Entertainment, which has made the Twilight movies. “The story has a younger protagonist, but the book series and the movies are greatly enjoyed by older people, too. I devoured the first book and gave it to every grown-up I knew. We saw the same thing with Twilight. We did not ghetto-ize it as a young-adult movie. Nor did they with Harry Potter. They drew all audiences. It was an inspiration to us.”

Chris Weitz:

“The impact of the Potter series has been tremendous in that it has essentially become the idea of a modern franchise,” says director Chris Weitz (Twilight: New Moon; The Golden Compass). “They latched onto something that has its own sequels built in. Now everyone is looking for a literary property that extends enough for them to keep on building.

“It’s led to this speculative bubble in mystical young-adult fiction. Twilight found its own way to hit upon the hunger for the supernatural and a particular time of life. But if you look at the bookshelves now, half of what is coming out in (young-adult) fiction is about a werewolf or a vampire or angels or demons. The other half is about magic and wizardry.”

Melissa Rosenberg:

“The Harry Potter filmmakers and screenwriter Steve Kloves really respected the fans,” says Melissa Rosenberg, who has written the screenplay for each Twilight movie. “When you’re adapting a book series and you have that kind of fan base, you really have to deliver. You can’t just use the books as a jumping-off basis for another story. When I see a Harry Potter movie, I forget what is missing. Because Kloves is taking me and those kids on the same emotional journey as the book does.”

This is really a not to be missed article. Check it out on USA Today.


Melissa Rosenberg Comments on YA Based Movies

melissa-rosenbergheadshotThe Wrap has a great article on what has become the latest Hollywood trend: snapping up YA novels to make into movies. Melissa Rosenberg points out that just because Harry Potter and Twilight hit big, it doesn’t mean every YA adaptation will. For every Twilight there are several I Am Number Four and The Golden Compass duds.

“With Harry Potter set to conjure his last spell on the big screen next month and the last “Twilight” movie due later this year, the race is on for studios to transform the next young adult literary property into theatrical gold.

There are a number of young adult adaptations in the works: Lionsgate has its hopes pinned on “The Hunger Games,” a New York Times No. 1 bestseller due in theaters next year with Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role. Screen Gems is readying “The Mortal instruments,” first in a series of six popular books, with Lily Collins as its star.

Melissa Rosenberg, who wrote all five of Summit’s “Twilight” films, is writing and producing “Earthseed,” Paramount’s entry into the young adult novel-to-movie sweepstakes.

“‘Twilight’ did really well as movies and suddenly everyone’s like, ‘Let’s get the next of that,'” Rosenberg told TheWrap. “A popular book is no guarantee,” said Rosenberg. “What works is good storytelling.”

Check out what The Wrap is listing as the hot YA properties.

Melissa Rosenberg: Hour Long Interview on YouTube’s Distinguished Speakers Series

We told you about this venture back in May. Melissa Rosenberg covers her work on the Twilight films and more.

Melissa Rosenberg To Be Part of YouTube Distinguished Speakers Series

melissa-rosenbergheadshotAccording to University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts (who is co-sponsoring the event):

“YouTube and USC are working this summer to present distinguished speakers from the entertainment industry. SCA Senior Director of Alumni Relations Justin Wilson will moderate the evening which will be streamed live throughout the globe on YouTube. Melissa Rosenberg will discuss her work in Film and Television. In addition to questions from the audience, we will also be able to capture questions from around the world.


Make reservations here to attend in person.

Though not specifically cited on their website, we believe this is the YouTube channel.

You can submit questions here to be asked during the broadcast.

You can find information about other speakers in the series here.

Melissa Rosenberg Talks Writing, Breaking Dawn, and Catherine Hardwicke

Melissa will be working with Summit Entertainment again on their Highlander reboot.