Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg Reacts to the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailer

melissa-rosenbergheadshotThe LA Times asked Melissa Rosenberg for her reaction to the Breaking Dawn PArt 1 trailer.

Ever after: Rosenberg was pleased that the trailer in part indicated that this film is about a marriage. “It teases the fact that this a story about … a marriage going through some unusual stresses ….  At one point in the movie there’s a line where Edward says, ‘They say the first year is the hardest.’ It’s very funny.”

Jacob’s heartbreak: We were struck by Jacob’s emotional goodbye to human Bella, as he knows she’ll soon be promoted to Edward’s immortal beloved. Rosenberg says that scene resonates more than we know. “It’s a really sweet moment, and it’s the moment the film turns. It turns into a horror film,” she said. Speaking of which ….

The horror: Robert Pattinson’s previous comments that Bill Condon was making a horror movie were ominous, and the trailer in fact reflects terrible times ahead for the residents of Forks, Wash. “We’re beginning to get into the second half of the film, which turns more into a horror story. The images of Bella — trust me, it only gets more intense,” Rosenberg says.

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  1. well gee melissa, i am glad you got that the film is about a marriage, but i do not need to be told that!!!

    • I know, right? I’m pretty sure everyone and their mom knows what the movie is about by now! We’re just waiting to see how badly she butchered it! 😛

      • hopefully since stephanie was around as EP she didnt get away with too much. those love scenes are great!!

      • I couldn’t have written better. New Moon is an ok movie, but Eclipse is umbearable. I hate the way MR twiste4d everything and made Edward look an diot most of the time.

        • eclipse was my favorite book. i loved the movie despite MR’s injecting her own views into bella’s mouth. and also cuz i knew bella chose edward in the end

  2. I hate the fact that Jacob is bieng pushed on us again. For heaven’s sake don’t make it
    more relavent than the Wedding of Bella and Edward was. The Wedding day should at
    least be more important than Jacob.
    I want to see sweet moments with Bella and Edward not sweet moments with Bella and Jacob.
    I hope SM and BC fixed her writing.

    • i think we will get plenty of sweet moments. the honeymoon is bella and edward alone, AT LAST!! it’s just silly that MR feels the need to point out what the story is about when we already know!

  3. Oh really? She finally gets that it is about Bella and Edward at last but not before she butcher the last two movies. Eclipse is almost unwatchable and yeah i have had enough of the Jacob show. I hope after Bella and Jacob have their “sweet moment” that it shows what a angry, bitter, selfish, immature jackass loser he turns into and almost ruins the reception. Sorry Team Jacob. Love Taylor a lot but Jacob not so much during the beginning of breaking dawn.

  4. I was sympathetic to Jacob because their relationship in new moon was a bit more close than the movie portrayed, but Jacob is different in breaking dawn and felt that Bella hands down made the right choice. It seems as if the Jacob character is there to remind Bella of the difference of the two worlds. Without that reminder to the audience of the sacrifices Bella is making- the vampire life
    looks appealing! Breaking Dawn book was amazing and I anticipate the movie!


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