Melissa Rosenberg: Hour Long Interview on YouTube’s Distinguished Speakers Series

We told you about this venture back in May. Melissa Rosenberg covers her work on the Twilight films and more.


  1. Ruined my favorite books, don’t like her 🙁

    • She says that she was afraid of doing just that. But apparently she avoids blogs so she won’t ever know that you said that. Here’s what I got from what the Q&A about Twilight, fwiw:

      Did being an on-going caretaker of Twilight happen accidentally or was it a conscious decision? (First three movies happened quickly primarily because vampires don’t age and actors do. Later, for Breaking Dawn, she wanted to see the project through.)

      Is Twilight over for you? (BD is in post-production, will help if needed.)

      On using copyrighted content to created derivative works — like fan fiction and spoofs versus piracy? (She talks briefly about leaks for Breaking Dawn and Midnight Sun, and its impact: A pointless and ”enormous violation.”)

      What sorts of challenges between industry and fandom in adapting popular series like Twilight? (”Minefield… There are no fans like teenage girls… And women in general.” Which is both good and bad.)

      The Breaking Dawn script is different? What was Bill Condon’s influence? (The first three books were high school stories; Breaking Dawn is “a different animal, a different arena.” Bill Condon is “one of the loveliest people.” She was “losing drive,” like, “Oh my God: Bella…” again. Bill and Melissa went through intensively for every scene, so not a lot of re-writing.)

      With the Twilight films, has it gotten easier for you to deal with corrections and changes? (Yes and no. Good communication, developed over the years, helped with the process. But, everyone had a lot of emotional baggage built up with their own work on the Twilight story over the years.)

      Once the actors were in place, did it make things easier? (With original Twilight, writing “in a vacuum,” the tone was undetermined so there was a lot of “broad humor” that was ultimately “completely inappropriate” for the movie. Once you see the choices the actors make you can tailor your script to meet their approach. Hence, less humor.)

      On mirroring the experience — if not the exact story — of a book on screen, through the same emotional journey they did in the book. (“Very tricky… intense pressure.”)

      Twilight as a story-telling franchise. (“I would like to create more and more franchises” with continuing storylines with interesting characters.)

      And, in her last words of advice to the many aspiring screenwriters in the room, and of especial interest for the bloggers who helped make Twilight a success: ”You don’t want to go anywhere near blogs.”

  2. Words cannot describe how much I would love to give this woman, who took something beloved and made it into another loosely based franchise series because she could and wanted her take on it her mark to shine above the original work a piece of my mind!

    I had hopes for Breaking dawn but after hearing the actors talking about it, seeing the changes in the screen shots with my own eyes I can see that it’s gonna be just like the others. Additions not needed making more of the beloved scenes from the book cut out to make way for unneeded fighting scenes with the Volturi that never happened! They bent to the wills of those who thought the books were too soft and were disappointed with the ending so why not change it.

    I mean, you want the guys to see it too add the action who’s gonna care! Iriana at the reception whose gonna notice that you completely changed that part of the book! Heck let’s change where the wedding was held just to make it grander! I will tell you who will notice these changes the ones that loved the original books and are loyal to the original content that’s who!

    We took it for the first three the least we could have asked for as there are two movies that it could have been closer. I’m dreading the changes that I am gonna see in Nov. to a series that I love. The movies even though I like them have all been one disappointing let down after another as more and more of the book gets lost and now this being the finale two just makes me sad.


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