Transcript of Melissa Rosenberg’s Glamour Chat

Melissa Rosenberg chatted today with fans on Glamour Magazine’s facebook page. Robert Pattinson News has the transcript.

Favorite scenes in the movie/books?
“I’d have to say the honeymoon scenes. very romantic and playful. lovely to see Edward and Bella having fun”.

Percentage of book (Breaking Dawn) actually in the movie?
“Because we split the one book into two movies, it gave us a lot more room to include as much as possible from the books. Particularly in the first part. We wanted all our favorite scenes to be included – of course everyone has different favorites, but hopefully you’ll be happy.”

Wondering what to look forward to (other than everything?):
“There are some AWESOME romantic scenes for Bella and Edward! Seriously. The wedding is lush and emotional, the honeymoon is truly sexy. Trust me on this one.”

Catch the rest of the transcript on Robert Pattinson News, and a huge TY to them for live tweeting and keeping track!


  1. Thank you for that info, wasn’t able to get to it. Interesting. Getting harder to wait the 35 days.

  2. There had better be some great Bella/Edward romantic scenes. Especially since some of that was lacking in NM & EC.

  3. After reading her comment about being in the theater w/people behind her sobbing while seeing a serious part in the movie, I just know I’ll be sobbing too and I haven’t even seen the movie yet. With all the previews, TV spots movie clips & now interviews about the movie & characters makes the waiting period even harder to be patient. We love our Twilight saga and with our last book movie half coming out next month will be the most anticipating movie ever that’s going to be so epic. I’m sure we’ll be suffering even longer for part two at the end of next year, so frusterating! Oh well at least we’ll have BD1 to watch over and over until BD2, lol.

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