What Goes Up Must Come Down: Goodbye to the Breaking Dawn Sets

bella and edward's cottage being deconstructed

The sets in Vancouver that were temporary structures that were built, and in the case of the Swan house, rebuilt have now come down. The structures that remain standing in the Vancouver area are the ones that existed as locations prior to filming ever beginning. Some of these include the following:

Jacob’s House location
Movie theater where the Mike, Bella, Jacob three-way date and aftermath was shot
Movie theater where the Bella and Jessica motorcycle scene was shot
Move theater recently used for assumed flashback footage
The Cullen house used in New Moon
The pool where the Kristen Stewart, Rachelle Lefevre, and Taylor Lautner filmed the  CGI for Bella’s cliff jump

Of course the outdoor locations of the park land used for the break-up scene and the beautiful coastline of the Tofino area where the cliff diving scenes were shot aren’t going anywhere.

You can see what remains of cottage location above taken by Cybermelli and what remains of the Swan House here. (Via TwiExaminer)

Who knows, maybe they’ll auction some memorable pieces?

Let It Snow, Let It Snow: Weather Affecting the Breaking Dawn Sets

Well it’s Vancouver in the winter. If the filming crews have learned one thing over the years filming in Vancouver, it’s that you NEVER know what the weather is going to be! Even in the Spring, things can be unpredictable at best.

Notably, Catherine Hardwicke was faced with what had been a lush, green field on one day, suddenly turned into a snowy, muddy mess the next. So much for the meadow scene on location. It ended up reshot in California.

As we have been telling you, the Vancouver shooting is mostly exteriors. Today those exteriors are covered in snow. Supposedly this isn’t exactly according to plan, and crews have been seen trying to move the snow without creating a muddy mess (imagine shoveling grass and you get the idea).

Assuming Vancouver isn’t clobbered by some of the massive storms the Midwest and the Northeast have gotten this year, it probably won’t severely impact schedule.  It’s just down to some creative juggling as to which scenes are shot.

Check out pictures from various exterior locations here.

Bella and Edward’s Probable Cottage Set Found Outside Vancouver

We are putting the photo of the cottage under the cut for those of you trying to stay spoiler free. The cone with the Breaking Dawn initialing is the proof of it being an actual Breaking Dawn set. Speculation is that location is Bella and Edward’s cottage. Photos were taken from nearby public property. Get a photo and a link to more details under the cut. [Read more…]