Breaking Dawn Used Historic Theater to Shoot Unknown Scene

The Breaking Dawn cast and crew were at an historic theater in Vancouver to shoot a scene. Rumor has it that it is some type of flashback.

Check out the full details here.


  1. Wow that place is gorgeous! Wouldn’t it be cool if we got to see a flashback of Edward with his family? We’d get to see his green eyes! That’s what I’m hoping for. Can it be November already??

  2. This is really exciting, and I agree with Gina; the place is gorgeous. I’m really curious to know if (assuming it is indeed a flashback) this will be human Edward or possibly non-vegetarian Edward 馃榾

  3. Reminds me of their visit with the Volturi in Volterra. That’s what I envisioned when they were sitting in the waiting area waiting on night fall so they could leave.

  4. Soooooooo hard to choose! Darkward, please!

  5. All I have to say is these movies are going to be awesome! 馃檪

  6. the place is beautiful!!
    As of today, march 16, there is 246 days until BD part 1!!! i think i’m going to die of anticipation!

  7. Could this have to do with the J. Jenks meeting?

    • Ho! That’s a nice idea! with the stairs… 馃檪

      • I agree with Nancy, that was exactly what I thought. It would be perfect if she went up those beautiful stairs to a private meeting room and met J. Jenks. AHHHH no matter what it is, I CAN’T WAIT to see how it turns out.

    • I think they already filmed that one. I remember seeing an article here on the Lex about a restaurant they were using to film that scene. I know there’s more than one J Jenks scene so it’s a possibility, but personally I think it’s too pretty for that scene. Seems to me like a flashback would be it.

  8. maybe its to show the original place where the romanians ruled the vampire world instead of the volturi???

    • That is what I was thinking Nancy. It looks like it could be from a long time ago. It’s really beautiful, and I can imagine that scene there when they tell their story.

  9. smitten_by_twilight says

    Mandy of Mandy’s Mind had an extensive posting about this, stating that the building has detailed architecture very typical of its era (circa 1927), and a later Lexicon post of fans outside the filming location thought they saw 30’s or 40’s era costumes. It seems most likely to be either the scene for human Edward and parents going to a Chicago theatre (I doubt I would notice the architectural differences between 1918 and 1927) or vampire Edward in some type of flashback scene, since they were supposed to have filmed the Jenks restaurant scene in Louisiana. But I can’t remember anywhere in BD where it seemed reasonable that there would be a flashback to that far back!

  10. Heather B says

    This looks like the same opera house they used for filming the vision/dream sequences in Battlestar Galactica season 4 (also filmed in Vancouver)! Sooo pretty. If it is the same, you’ll be able to watch those episodes to get more of what the opera house looks like.

  11. Its where the film a flashback of when Edward was a killer heh heh


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