Vancouver Shooting Off to a Great Start

One of the great things about shooting a movie in Vancouver in August is that it makes being pelted by hail less likely. It seems like the film crews were probably able to shoot some outdoor work with Jackson Rathbone for his Jasper backstory scene.

According to Mandy who has visited a number of the movie sets, and acted as a local tour guide for us when we were in Vancouver,

“They had torn down most everything and we chatted with crew still tearing down. There were dark black screens (typically they are white and used for either blocking views or reflecting light)

I asked why they were black (perhaps it was too sunny yesterday and instead of reflecting light as the white ones do, they were absorb light?) and they told us they were not for lighting purposes at all but to block the paparzzi… wait…. how many movies are being filmed right now that would require paparzzi?


Based on the location, the conversation, and the report from Lainey on what was filmed… I conclude that this location has SERIOUS potential for having hosted Twilight Saga Eclipse filming yesterday….”

See the rest of Mandy’s write-up here.