Eclipse Reshoots Day1

CrewmeadowAbout two weeks ago news broke that there would be reshoots of some material for Eclipse. We pointed out, as did Peter Facinelli at the Arlington, VA Official Twilight Convention, that this wasn’t unusual they had several reshoots for Twilight late in the game. For Twilight, the reshoots involved the flashback of  Peter, Nikki, and Kellan in the period dress and the Quileutes in the forest. Why wasn’t Liz Reaser in those shots you may ask? Wasn’t Esme hungry that day? The answer is that Liz was shooting a TV series (now defunct) and couldn’t make it.

Hit Fix also established that the specific kind of re-shoots were what is known in the industry as “pick-up shots”. Peter further explained what that meant in Arlington.  He said (I’m paraphrasing because I didn’t have it recorded) that sometimes you do these because they realize later there’s crew equipment visible in the shot, a continuity error, the lighting wasn’t quite right, or they want to add in something else to bridge the material based on the edit. Peter further joked, “I don’t have to do re-shoots, I got all my stuff right this time.”  He then reiterated that they do these things all the time.

So what exactly did they “pick-up”? There was lots of Internet angst with people thinking it was the meadow proposal scene since the meadow area location was secured, but Summit had said that it wasn’t that scene.  Well it looks like one of the locals, Mandy, may have gotten to the bottom of it:

“So they indeed used the “meadow” set today with both Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart. It wasn’t Robert Pattinson on set, so it wasn’t the “meadow proposal scene” or anything.[Lexicon note: Rob as verified by multiple media sources didn’t arrive in Vancouver airport for hours after this shoot began]

I think there was confusion about just what was filmed at the meadow…. MANY things!!

That particular area has vast surroundings suitable for various shots involving a field, meadow, forest, water, mountains etc.”

So given that, as Mandy reports, the land is basic, vast woodland, and it involved Jacob and Bella…well it could be just about any Jake and Bella scene on the reservation, your guess is as good as ours.

Check out Mandy’s entire report here.


  1. Hmmm!!

  2. interesing….I hope it all works out ok for everyone. And the June 30th date stays the same 😛 cant wait.

  3. It could be where Jacob meets her to carry her to the tent location, it could be the scene after the big fight where he is injured and she comes back with Edward to wait for the Volturi… there are so many different scenes they could be adding to or touching up here.

    • I could see the “carry” scene being written out originally, and then needed later on — like to help explain the make-out session later. I could definitely imagine the make-out session bringing up questions in test audiences later on.

  4. I am a bit confused, but that is normal for me 😛 What are they talking about when they mention the “meadow proposal scene”? Iknow he proposes in his bedroom…it’s in the trailer and there are plenty of stills out there that show it.

    • I was wondering the same thing, Tammy. Maybe they are referring to the end of Eclipse when Edward decides to say the hell with waiting because Bella is doing everything everyone else wants. Nope…that’s not a proposal; just hormones…still confused *grins*

    • I think they are refering to the part at the end of the book where Edward tell Bella she doesn’t have to go though with the wedding, he’ll do things her way. But she tells him she will not leave her parents without them seeing the best part of her choice to be a vampire. She takes the ring and keeps it on.

    • Oh I am so glad I am not the only one who was confused by the “meadow proposal scene”!! I just thought, well, guess I am not reading enough to know that was changed.
      Does anyone know for sure? Maybe I don’t really want to know because I would be pretty disappointed if they changed that – it’s an excellent scene in the book. I would be bummed if it wasn’t in the movie too.

  5. It makes sense they are reshoting, given that they hired a new editor so she probably wanted certain scenes to be done differently to work with the way she was editing.

  6. Honestly I don’t care too much as long as the movie turns out great. Which from the two trailers we’ve seen I’m thinking it will. And like has been said it’s normal to have these done & so I’ not worried either. Two months!!!!!!

  7. the proposal took place in his bedroom the only thing in the meadow is when edward slips the ring back on bella’s finger at the end of the movie but if you remember there are two meadow scene’s going on in the movie and besides that article above us said it was just jacob and bella robert has’nt shown up yet, it sound’s like it had something to do with jacob and bella scene