Eclipse Filming: Moving Full Steam Ahead

It’s always interesting when franchise movies change directors. Everyone has something new to bring to the project. So far from what we can tell as the casual observer, David Slade seems to be plowing ahead with efficiency while maintaining a sense of humor.

In the last couple of days, sets in very different locations have gone up in the afternoon, have had shooting done at night, and by mid morning all traces are gone. Quite impressive. At the same time, after undergoing what is obviously a long night of shooting, David had tweeted to fans about a joke picture he took with the prop guys.

Mandy, talks about seeing this uber organization first hand, where a scene under a bridge involving Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel was done in a heartbeat, while still having attention to detail.

“I was not at all surprised to see NOTHING left…

I know lot’s of people don’t have sets in their own backyard but shooting a scene takes tons of time, money, people and equipment…

I am so impressed so far with how “on the ball” David Slade is.

I remember when I met him outside Blue Water Cafe for the Cast Party at the end of New Moon. He stopped to chat with me and to clear the air about the things he had previously said about Twilight Saga…. he was cordial and really quite sweet… and short… but anyways…. so far this director has been in and out of multiple sets using perfect locations and just hammering it out quick and easy…

So yes, when I saw nothing at under the bridge today I was not shocked… David Slade and his crew are good – really good!”

Check out Mandy’s full report here including pictures of Bryce and Xavier that are a bit spoilerish. So, if you don’t want to see what could be termed a Victoria’s point of view scene, don’t click this link, however this link is safe.

Mandy also mentions some of the craziness that is happening on the local Vancouver air waves and in the print media.

“Last night, we stumbled upon this set while re-visiting a previous set used for New Moon. We were excited to see another live set but did not stay long as they quickly blocked the view with several screens and large trucks…I had been texted a few seconds earlier by a friend saying “some dumb broad called the radio and claimed they would tell everyone where the set was after the break”…I have actually had massive arguements with people about publicizing set locations when you can’t control who hears… meaning crazy people hear and show up and act – well… crazy!)”