Taylor Lautner on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Taylor Lautner appeared on Jimmy Kimmel to promote his new film, Abduction. He speaks about Breaking Dawn and how sad the cast was to end the series in the second video.

Robert Pattinson on Jimmy Kimmel Live End of Twilight Filming and Water For Elephants

The Eclispe Cast on Jimmy Kimmel

There is a series of at least six more videos on the Jimmy Kimmel site. Below is where the people who won tickets to a prescreening from the Lexicon got a surprise from Jimmy Kimmel.

Good Morning America Previews Jimmy Kimmel’s Eclipse Special

Don’t forget, Jimmy Kimmel airs on the 23rd.

The Eclipse Cast On Jimmy Kimmel

There are some very choppy and blurry clips currently on YouTube, but the Kimmel show should have it’s HQ footage up later today. When it does, we will update. In the meantime here’s a preview.

Kellan Lutz on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Underwear Ad and More

Jimmy Kimmel Evaluates Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner as Handsome

Ashley Greene on Jimmy Kimmel

Ashley Greene appears on Kimmel and talks about her Florida Gators love, and even Marlow (her dog) is a fan!

Peter Facinelli on Jimmy Kimmel

Peter Facinelli flew to LA to do Jimmy Kimmel to do his show before rejoining his family in NYC for Thanksgiving.

Jimmy Kimmel Spoofs New Moon Clip