Updated: Breaking Dawn Stars to Hit Talk Show Circuit

We’re going to update this post as things continue to develop, but here’s what we have so far:

Jimmy Kimmel
November2: Robert Pattinson
November 3: Kristen Stewart
November 7: Taylor Lautner

Jay Leno
November 2: Taylor Lautner
November 3: Kristen Stewart

David Letterman
November 8: Robert Pattinson

November 18(it films the 15th): Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner

Regis and Kelly (they almost never put footage on line so remember to record it!)
November 8: Peter Facinelli
November 9: Taylor Lautner
November 10: Robert Pattinson


  1. Yeah! Kristen is finally going to be on Ellen! She’s never been on Ellen.

  2. Wooo… I booked early in hopes of certain schedule, now they need to addRob to Leno…. On the 4th hahaha

  3. Even though i live in the UK i love to watch Jimmy Kimmel,c a n n o t. Wait!!!:))

  4. AH! NOVEMBER 2! Thats my 13th bday! Awe Just PERFECT FOR ME! haha

  5. So I am freaking out here- in a good way- I am traveling from NY to camp for BD, Did score tickets to Ellen on the 15th hoping they might be on. This is the only site saying they will be recording on the 15th- I had previously heard the 14th, which didnt make sense to me as Ellen tapes at 4 and the premiere is at 6.
    Oh, please tell my you are right!! I trust TL more than any other site but so afraid to be dissapointed!
    Anyone know? 14th or 15th

    If Laura or TL girls are reading- this is “Waylon’s” wife from Cincinnati twicon LOL


    • On the Ellen website (ellen.warnerbros.com) it says that they’re filming the Twicast episode on the 14th. Sorry. :/ And in regards to the taping time? They’ll prolly film it earlier in the day. You know they’d work around their schedules. Haha. And sometimes they film more than one show’s segments on the same day. So they’ll probably start early, do the Twi stuff, and then the cast will leave to get ready for the premiere, while they continue filming Ellen.
      You’re so lucky you got tickets for her show tho! I’ve tried so many times to get tix and I never get them. I’ve been once, but that was because my friend got tickets. πŸ™‚

  6. Aggh I was hoping they’d go on Conan. At least Kris or Rob.

  7. You can add another one! Rob’s going to be on Jimmy Fallon the 10th!
    Also Jackson will be on Kimmel the 16th. Peter’s on Kimmel the 17th.

  8. Oh, oh! And I hope Rob’s on Leno the 15th. I have tickets for that day. Although it’s not looking likely, since the UK premiere is the 16th.. Still, I’m crossing my fingers!! πŸ™‚

  9. Jimmy Kimmel’s website says:

    Monday, November 7th – Taylor Lautner

    Wednesday, November 9th – Robert Pattinson

    Thursday, November 10th – Kristen Stewart


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