Video: Robert Pattinson on Regis and Kelly

So after asking Taylor to take of his shirt, really anything could have happened.

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Video: Regis Begs for Taylor Lautner’s Abs Live

You think women make Taylor uncomfortable asking to see his abs…it’s nothing compared to Regis.

Here’s the entire interview

Updated: Breaking Dawn Stars to Hit Talk Show Circuit

We’re going to update this post as things continue to develop, but here’s what we have so far:

Jimmy Kimmel
November2: Robert Pattinson
November 3: Kristen Stewart
November 7: Taylor Lautner

Jay Leno
November 2: Taylor Lautner
November 3: Kristen Stewart

David Letterman
November 8: Robert Pattinson

November 18(it films the 15th): Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner

Regis and Kelly (they almost never put footage on line so remember to record it!)
November 8: Peter Facinelli
November 9: Taylor Lautner
November 10: Robert Pattinson

Video: Taylor Lautner Appears on Regis and Kelly

Taylor Lautner appeared on Regis and Kelly to promote Abduction. In the video he covers his Australian trip, Kelly’s kids who are die-hard Taylor fans, bittersweet feelings moving on from Twilight, and Abduction.

Video: Robert Pattinson and Family on Regis and Kelly

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