Reality TV Forks Style

A production company is hoping to pitch the idea of a Forks, Washington reality-based TV show to a network to pick up as an ongoing series.  Forks has been busting with TV crews this year. Earlier this year a documentary was shot.  Two weeks ago, Showtime visited to shoot background footage for the debut of Twilight on their network. Now reality TV, who knows what’s next. The Forks Forum has the details. (Photo credit: Chris Cook, editor Forks Forum)

“Los Angeles-based television producer Zig Gauthier held a casting call at the Twilight Lounge (former Vagabond restaurant/bar) in Forks on Tuesday, Dec. 22, and was scheduled for a second round on Wednesday, Dec. 23.

Gauthier is proposing to film a reality show in Forks that would star local residents. The concept for the show would be presented to television networks who would decide whether to commit to backing the project.

On Tuesday the casting call started at noon and was to end by 4 p.m. On Wednesday, prospective participants were to be interviewed from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.”

Check out the full coverage on the Forks Forum.

News From Forks

They have been busy in Forks lately. First they have moved the Forks sign that was on the South side of town. They recently moved the one of the North side of town as well so that fans no longer had to climb a hill to get to it. According to the Forks Forum(Photo credit Chris Cook):

“Bill Sperry told Forks Chamber of Commerce members on Wednesday that lights are being installed to highlight the signs at night. He said the Forks Revitalization Committee and the City of Forks are working together on the project.

The south side sign was formerly located in a marshy area which lacked safe parking for fans to pull over. The new location of the sign is located adjacent to the Forks Timber Museum and near the Forks Chamber of Commerce’s Visitor Center. Both locations provide paved, off-road parking for visitors.”

Forks is also preparing for a visit from the Showtime Network. Twilight will debut exclusively on Showtime come January. Showtime has been busy shooting footage of fans at events like the Official Twilight Tour run by Creation Entertainment, and now they are making a trip to Forks to add to their coverage.

Check out all the latest happenings in Forks at the Forks Forum website.

Nightline Features The Twilight Saga and the Forks Impact

Nightline interviewed Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart as well as the Forks residents about the impact the Twilght Saga movies and novels have made.

TY to anhs on Twitter

The New York Times Cover the Forks Transformation

The New York Times took a trip to Port Angeles and Forks. They got a first hand glimpse of the changes the towns have experienced.

“Charlene Leppell’s longtime flower and gift shop was on the brink of closing until she started printing up “Bella for Prom Queen” T-shirts and applying glitter to red ceramic apples. Now her shop, renamed Twilight Central, is doing so well that “the question isn’t whether I could afford to take a vacation this year,” Ms. Leppell said, “but whether I could take off time from the store.”

Check out the two-page New York Times Forks feature. Also check out their photogallery.

News from Forks and Bella’s Birthday!

forksThe Forks Forum is reporting that over 1,200 fans visited Forks and LaPush this past weekend to celebrate Bella’s Birthday in the little city that the Twilight series has made famous.

They also have news that the filmmakers from “Twilight in Forks” presented Kevin Rupprecht, the principal of Forks High School, with a donationto the school.  They also gave a sneak peak of their film which will be out in stores Oct. 15.

Stephenie Meyer Day:Pulling Out All The Stops

According to both the Peninsula Daily News (Port Angeles paper) and The Forks Forum (The Forks paper) they are really pulling out all the stops for Stephenie Meyer Day this year.  Frankly they aren’t sure how many people to expect since this is a record summer with the visitors quadrupling almost tripling what they had been: 18,000 in summer 2008 to 58,000 in summer 2009. Also of note is that it’s the driest summer in about 10 years. They are rationing water, yes you read that correctly, Forks is rationing water. The good news is if you are visiting this coming weekend, it’s bright and sunny!

They have taken some extra precautions like adding an officer on a bike patrol to assist with safe street crossing. The famous forks sign was also moved from the hill to ground level, so people no longer have to climb to get a picture next to it.

The Forks Forum has a revised schedule of events on this page (scroll down there is a TON of information) ranging from Mitch Hansen Band and Twilight Music Girls concerts, scavenger hunts, Forks High School tours, a preview of the Forks documentary…you name it.

Our inbox is filled with people asking us about different places in Forks. We’ve been to Forks twice, and we thought we’d just give a shout out to a couple of our favorite places to shop and to eat. We haven’t tried everything(so if we don’t mention it, it’s not that it’s bad, just that we haven’t been there), but here’s a shout out to what we tried and give a thumbs up to:

Forks Guide: Written by Chris Cook, the editor of the local paper. This has it all, and it’s filled with local stories as well.

Moca Motion The coffee is to die for. Don’t let the shack in the parking lot next to The Inn Place put you off. The coffee is to die for and the prices can’t be beat.

The Inn Place: A local coffee shop where we ate breakfast every day. Home cooked meals at fabulous prices. The breakfast could have you filled up until dinner easily.

Dazzled By Twilight: The have the most comprehensive Twilight merchandise that we have ever seen in one place, and that is saying something. They also do excellent driving tours.

Leppell’s Flowers: If you are into scrap booking go here. They have fantastic Twilight scrapbook supplies and unique Twilight crafts made by locals.

Forks Outfitters: Whether you have the munchies or you need a pair of rain boots. This is where you need to be. They also sell really warm hoodies with a Forks design that are so cuddly and comfortable.

Cozy River House I & II: Aside from being the only place in town that can claim “Stephenie Meyer Slept Here” these houses on the banks of the Sol Duc River are what they say they are, “cozy”. Each one sleeps at least 10 people. It is a super option if a bunch of friends are looking to pitch in.

The Forks Motel: The only place in Forks with a swimming pool, not that we used it. On June 30th it never got above 60 degrees, you’d have to be some kind of desperate to go swimming in 60 degree weather! However, clean rooms with comfy beds and great TV reception. Plus the Inn Place is across to street, what more could you want?

Sully’s Drive In: A classic burger place that looks like something out of Back to the Future. You want a burger, this is your place. The vampire lemonade drink is pretty good.

Plaza Jalisco: Who knew that the best Mexican we’ve had in ages would be in Forks.  Two words: carne asada.

Three Rivers Resort Food service: On the road to La Push on the right side of the road there is this little hole-in-the-wall place where you can get gas, supplies, and food. They always have a banner sponsored by Pepsi that says something about no vampires allowed. The place has maybe 10 tables and has terrific fresh fried fish.

The Forks Visitors Center: Get a map here, take a picture with Bella’s truck, and don’t miss the hiking trail out back!

Lastly shout out to our favorite people in Forks!

Kevin Rupprecht, principal of Forks HS who has a great sense of humor

Mike Powell, police chief of Forks who is a great cook

Chris Cook, editor of the Forks Forum who keeps us updated on Forks happenings

Rianilee Belles, Dazzled by Twilight who keeps us updated on Forks happenings that are Twilight related.

Marsha Bingham, runs the Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center

Stephenie Meyer Day in Forks

The annual Stephenie Meyer Day is fast approaching in Forks. Chris Cook, the editor of the Forks Forum wrote in to share some details.

“Dazzled by Twilight has opened their new store where Fern Gallery was, pretty amazing place for Forks. Scroll down at to see a photo of Annette and Rianalee inside the store. I’m working on a more complete story with one of the guys who built it.

The fans are still arriving in high numbers from all over the place. A “quiet” day today, only about 500 at the visitor center!”

Chris also wanted us to know about the town’s celbration plans which include tours of Forks HS and a concert by the Mitch Hanson Band and The Twilight Music Girls. Get all the Stephenie Meyer Day details here.

Also, if you are Forks bound, we highly recommend this booklet published by Chris detailing everything Twilight about Forks. It has all the details you want and at $9.89 it’s a steal!

Arson at Forks HS

This just in from Chris Cook, editor of the Forks Forum.

“On Monday morning, Forks Police Department Deputy Chief of Police Lloyd Lee reported to the Forks Forum that: “Early this morning around 0145 hours the on duty officer, Michael Rowley was flagged down in the area of the school and was told about a bench in front of the high school was on fire. The responding officer put the fire out with the fire extinguisher he carries in his vehicle.

“After investigating we found not only was the bench on fire, but the arsonist tried to burn down the Forks High School sign. A one foot in diameter charred area was found behind the sign. Also found was a broken window on the north side of the high school.”

See the entire story on the Forks Forum

Forks Day 2

Alphie and Pel are about to explore Forks for the day on foot. We’ve been here before but it was a whirlwind tour. We’ll be Tweeting with photos and doing video later.

Forks Goes International

According to the Puget Sound Business Journal the tourists who are showing up in Forks are by no means limited to Americans and Canadians. The local information center has had to hire more staffers because of the upswing in traffic. Usually, things die down after the fall—not this year.

Over the past month large numbers of college students on spring break have been making a Pacific Northwest road trip with stops in Portland, La Push, and Forks. Now it seems that there is an influx of tourists from the UK, Germany, and Japan, and the Seattle tourism satellite branches are doing everything in their power to keep attracting them.

“The Seattle-based Japanese language website created an online guide to Forks and “Twilight” sites in early April. By mid-month, the feature had received 42,353 hits. Junglecity owner Takumi Ono said Japanese movie fans have become particularly interested in teen love flicks in the past few years, and “Twilight” plays right into that.”

On the Forks Forum, the website of the local Forks paper, they describe a recent event that the town held to encourage this tourism:

“Twilight was the main topic for representatives of tour companies with ties to Japan who visited Forks and LaPush on Wednesday, Feb. 11. Olympic Peninsula Visitor Bureau Executive Director Diane Schostak of Forks served as a guide for the group. Companies represented at the familiarization visit to the Forks Chamber of Commerce’s Visitor Center in Forks included the Seattle offices of Azumano International and H.I.S. Tours USA. Tomo Hoku Hellman of Azumano International said the “Twilight” movie is scheduled to open in Japan on April 1, and the companies expect growing interest in visits to the West End by Japanese Twilight fans.”

Check out the whole story here.