Arson at Forks HS

This just in from Chris Cook, editor of the Forks Forum.

“On Monday morning, Forks Police Department Deputy Chief of Police Lloyd Lee reported to the Forks Forum that: “Early this morning around 0145 hours the on duty officer, Michael Rowley was flagged down in the area of the school and was told about a bench in front of the high school was on fire. The responding officer put the fire out with the fire extinguisher he carries in his vehicle.

“After investigating we found not only was the bench on fire, but the arsonist tried to burn down the Forks High School sign. A one foot in diameter charred area was found behind the sign. Also found was a broken window on the north side of the high school.”

See the entire story on the Forks Forum


  1. Rosmelie says:

    Wow people are crazy!

  2. That’s so stupid. I hope they find him (or her).

  3. It was Caius. I’m almost completely sure of it.

  4. Twinutter says:



  5. nicoleeeee says:

    it was a harry potter fan who wanted to burn forks HS to make sure that hogwarts was the only school that obsessed readers wanted to attend!! πŸ˜€

  6. Hmmmm maybe they got to Victoria. Did they find a pile of ashes smelling of incense?
    Seriously this is sad though πŸ™

  7. I don’t care where it is, arson is just crazy. Destruction for what purpose? Disgusting.

  8. roberts-girl says:

    Haha nicoleeeee – that comment has actually made my day! I mean how many people out there prefer harry potter to twilight though – my guess is not many πŸ˜€ x x x

  9. Alu Rathbone says:

    I can’t believe how incredibly daft these Twilight Haters are!!!

    “I hate the books and movies and anyone who loves them… lets burn down the Forks Highschool!!!”

    I mean come on… it’s a regular school just like everywhere else. I hope who ever did this gets caught and made to pay for all damage done and has to serve at least 1000 hours of community service. If not more!

  10. Time for surveilance cameras in Forks….how sad is that?

  11. roberts-girl says:

    I agree with Alu Rathbourne! Arson is a disgusting crime to commit everywhere it is! It doesn’t matter where its still titally wrong! Especially if its a twilight hater!!! X x x

  12. How awful πŸ™ At least no one got hurt.

  13. Miss Miriam says:

    I was just there yesterday!!!! I can’t believe someone would do that…though I’m sure many people have thought of burning down their schools at one time or another….it is still wrong!!!

  14. oh god…thats horrible…who would do that? amd i agree with nicoleeee…if this was a twilight hater than what a low life…got nothin better to do than do that and i bet they never gave it a chance probably just mad that Twilight has a lot of fans or his girlfriend dumped him for Edward Cullen or my love Jacob…they should be in jail FOREVER IF THEY Hate twilight mauahahaha

  15. vamp_koi_girl says:

    how stupid can these people get? couldn’t they just marvel over it like everyone else…? jeez… do you think they’ll have to put an arson scene in eclipse to make it work? unless they make a new sign… (that looks the same…)

    • Actually, that’s what they did. πŸ˜€ They took a picture (or several) of the sign and made an exact replica.

      That… is ridiculous. I’m really curious as to who it was. Was it a Forks regular? Was it somebody visiting? It’s a bad situation no matter what, but I would be really miffed if it were the latter.

      • vamp_koi_girl says:

        you know what would be really, really, REALLY sad?
        if the person who did it made a special trip to Forks just to ‘attack’ FHS…
        cough *sick minded freako* cough

  16. This is so ridiculous. I really hope they find who ever did it. I just don’t understand Twilight haters. And even if it wasn’t a Twilight Hater, arson is still stupid. It doesnt help anything to burn down a school.

  17. Thankfully, the vandals didn’t do anything worse.

  18. Dumb…..I see vandlism is even rampant in our beloved Forks. Sad, cause it has been my escape from a crazy world. I loved reading about Forks, it took me far from my job in a 911 office where you really have to deal with reality. So sad….

  19. michelle says:

    this is sad. πŸ™ i was just in forks on tuesday. i saw that bench. they’re going to tear down the old h.s. to build a new one anyway, but this is certainly not the way to go. it’s a cute community who have (for the most part) embraced this whole twilight phenomenon.

  20. Awesomeness says:

    huh, thats pretty cool.

  21. SethisMINE says:

    What in the heck? How could people be so mean??? Even if they where not Twi-haters, it is still rude to try to burn down a place of learning. Who ever this person is, should be ashamed of themselves. We should send the Volturi after them.

  22. I know it sounds radical, but it almost sounds like an Anti-Twilight hate crime. just the fact that they tried to burn the sign and such, but not necessarily the school. It’s sad that there are some people who passionately try to ruin things some people like just because they don’t like it themselves.

  23. Crap. The volturi are back.

  24. Haha I love that people are blaming Victoria and the Volturi!

    I hate to have to say that this does sound like an anti-Twilight move. Honestly, this just doesn’t happen too much. Even when I lived in a gang infested area nobody tried to burn down schools. I find this sooooo sad because even if you personally don’t like Twilight, why can’t you let others enjoy it? The town really is beautiful despite the fact that it really is too green. I can’t even imagine why someone would do this. Especially in this town!

    • I completely agree. We know it wasn’t the volturi. Some of us are just trying to make a joke out of it. =]]]]]]

  25. One word: Ridiculous.

    Really, who would want to burn down a school just because they hate the book/movie it was in? People in my crazy town could steal computer parts, vehicles and even kill people but NEVER – totally NEVER – would anyone here tried to burn down any of our few schools! It’s just another school in a famous book. That arsonist should be caught and imprisoned. Why burn down a place for learning?

    If Victoria and the Volturi did this, however, I have no opinion on that matter but to react with mixed emotions at the thought that vampires do exist.

  26. AliceKikiCullen says:

    Nice Love the Volturi jokes. I have to go with Jamie on this. yeah, and they say us Twilight/harrypotter fans have no lives…righttt…we don’t try and burn stuff down. That’s just freakin’ wrong.

  27. This is beyond madness! It is definitely a Twilight-hater’s doing. And people say that we are crazy. I hope Forks High School gets a better security. This is really scary.

  28. Awesomeness says:

    Seriously people
    The volturi and victoria?!
    You do know they dont exist right?
    This isnt some anti-twilight action because those who are anti-twilight are actually quite intelligent, not brainwashed like most.

    • Dude. WE KNOW IT WASN’T THE VOLTURI ARE VICTORIA. It’s a joke. We were just kidding. Sheesh. People are to serious.

    • If those who are anti-twilight are as intelligent as you say they are, why would they be responding to posts on a popular twilight website in a negative manner?
      Not so smart if you ask me…..*cues the newborns*

  29. I was reading everyones posting on the arson… Maybe it had something to do with twilight…But I really don’t think it did, Iv been raised in this town and gew up in Forks schools I also graduated in 06 from FHS. I personaly think it had lots to do with the school cuz theirs been other arson’s and vandilizum at the school… in 08 someome burned the resicling been by th middle school and the high school and lots spray painting was done at the high school and around town…. So ya I realy don’t belive it ahd to do with twilight.

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