News From Forks

They have been busy in Forks lately. First they have moved the Forks sign that was on the South side of town. They recently moved the one of the North side of town as well so that fans no longer had to climb a hill to get to it. According to the Forks Forum(Photo credit Chris Cook):

“Bill Sperry told Forks Chamber of Commerce members on Wednesday that lights are being installed to highlight the signs at night. He said the Forks Revitalization Committee and the City of Forks are working together on the project.

The south side sign was formerly located in a marshy area which lacked safe parking for fans to pull over. The new location of the sign is located adjacent to the Forks Timber Museum and near the Forks Chamber of Commerce’s Visitor Center. Both locations provide paved, off-road parking for visitors.”

Forks is also preparing for a visit from the Showtime Network. Twilight will debut exclusively on Showtime come January. Showtime has been busy shooting footage of fans at events like the Official Twilight Tour run by Creation Entertainment, and now they are making a trip to Forks to add to their coverage.

Check out all the latest happenings in Forks at the Forks Forum website.


  1. So happy to hear this! I am thrilled that Forks is working so hard for us fans, and that they embrace the fact that Forks is so near and dear to our hearts! On other note I am really excited to see the footage in January on Showtime. While Jamie & I were in Chicago for the Twilight Convention put on by Creation in October we were given a camera by Showtime to shoot footage all weekend of us and other fans! I am excited to see what content they use! 🙂 Thanks once again Lexicon for keeping us up-to-date and informed! 🙂

  2. I went to their website, it was so sweet, just a small town just like mine, I laughed at the place where it said ‘the other 17 trees will be on display at the bank’. It reminded me of our town.

  3. My dad lived out in that area as a kid while his dad was in the military and he absolutely loved it and has raved about it for years. As much as he’d love to move back out there, my stepmom won’t budge from Southern IL.

    But now my husband and I are planning on moving out that way in 2010…not Forks, more towards the Sequim area, but I’m definitely looking forward to getting to visit Forks once I’m out there.

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