Stephenie Meyer Day in Forks

The annual Stephenie Meyer Day is fast approaching in Forks. Chris Cook, the editor of the Forks Forum wrote in to share some details.

“Dazzled by Twilight has opened their new store where Fern Gallery was, pretty amazing place for Forks. Scroll down at to see a photo of Annette and Rianalee inside the store. I’m working on a more complete story with one of the guys who built it.

The fans are still arriving in high numbers from all over the place. A “quiet” day today, only about 500 at the visitor center!”

Chris also wanted us to know about the town’s celbration plans which include tours of Forks HS and a concert by the Mitch Hanson Band and The Twilight Music Girls. Get all the Stephenie Meyer Day details here.

Also, if you are Forks bound, we highly recommend this booklet published by Chris detailing everything Twilight about Forks. It has all the details you want and at $9.89 it’s a steal!


  1. Ben Wright-Willus says:

    I hope it’s a great time. I know with Twi-fans around, it’ll be fun!

    I had planned to come but something has come up that made it impossible to get there.


  2. Wow. It’s so cool! My birthday is 12th September! I wanna go.

  3. I hope I get to attend a Stephenie Meyer Day someday. It seems so great. And Nessie’s birthday is on September 10.

  4. amanda schafer says:

    I am so excited! I will be there for the whole thing. It was very very hard to find a room, but i am camping out in my van instead to save money for more souvenirs!

    • Amanda — we have rooms at the Dew Drop Inn in down town Forks!!! . You can split a room with other people, or even up to three other people to save the cost. We also have the Port Angeles Theater scheduled to view Twilight and dinner at Bella Italia’s see our website at


  5. bandbutrfly says:

    I was just in Forks last week visiting my family and I bought that book. It’s a pretty good read and tons of very cool photos. Awesome doesn’t even come close to describing the new Dazzled by Twilight store. When you walk in, you seriously feel like you’ve stepped into Twilight!!

  6. You know whats realy funny… in my country we celabrate so called “nameday” and September 13th is Izabella… so if Bella would live in my Latvia she would have her name day and her birthday in the same date! No one likes that… less presents 😀

  7. At this time a group of 15 of us are going to Stephenie Meyer day this year. WE have all sorts of things planned. Picnic at Tillicum Park, BBQ on the beach in La Push. We are all so excited. Man I love living so close. All we do is hop on a ferry and drive for an hour. NICE! We are so excited. WHOOO HOOOO!

    • Are you in Washington or BC? I’m heading to Port Angeles Via Victoria, and I’m looking to find a ride, camp with, and make new friends. Hope to hear from you!


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