Stephenie Meyer Day:Pulling Out All The Stops

According to both the Peninsula Daily News (Port Angeles paper) and The Forks Forum (The Forks paper) they are really pulling out all the stops for Stephenie Meyer Day this year.  Frankly they aren’t sure how many people to expect since this is a record summer with the visitors quadrupling almost tripling what they had been: 18,000 in summer 2008 to 58,000 in summer 2009. Also of note is that it’s the driest summer in about 10 years. They are rationing water, yes you read that correctly, Forks is rationing water. The good news is if you are visiting this coming weekend, it’s bright and sunny!

They have taken some extra precautions like adding an officer on a bike patrol to assist with safe street crossing. The famous forks sign was also moved from the hill to ground level, so people no longer have to climb to get a picture next to it.

The Forks Forum has a revised schedule of events on this page (scroll down there is a TON of information) ranging from Mitch Hansen Band and Twilight Music Girls concerts, scavenger hunts, Forks High School tours, a preview of the Forks documentary…you name it.

Our inbox is filled with people asking us about different places in Forks. We’ve been to Forks twice, and we thought we’d just give a shout out to a couple of our favorite places to shop and to eat. We haven’t tried everything(so if we don’t mention it, it’s not that it’s bad, just that we haven’t been there), but here’s a shout out to what we tried and give a thumbs up to:

Forks Guide: Written by Chris Cook, the editor of the local paper. This has it all, and it’s filled with local stories as well.

Moca Motion The coffee is to die for. Don’t let the shack in the parking lot next to The Inn Place put you off. The coffee is to die for and the prices can’t be beat.

The Inn Place: A local coffee shop where we ate breakfast every day. Home cooked meals at fabulous prices. The breakfast could have you filled up until dinner easily.

Dazzled By Twilight: The have the most comprehensive Twilight merchandise that we have ever seen in one place, and that is saying something. They also do excellent driving tours.

Leppell’s Flowers: If you are into scrap booking go here. They have fantastic Twilight scrapbook supplies and unique Twilight crafts made by locals.

Forks Outfitters: Whether you have the munchies or you need a pair of rain boots. This is where you need to be. They also sell really warm hoodies with a Forks design that are so cuddly and comfortable.

Cozy River House I & II: Aside from being the only place in town that can claim “Stephenie Meyer Slept Here” these houses on the banks of the Sol Duc River are what they say they are, “cozy”. Each one sleeps at least 10 people. It is a super option if a bunch of friends are looking to pitch in.

The Forks Motel: The only place in Forks with a swimming pool, not that we used it. On June 30th it never got above 60 degrees, you’d have to be some kind of desperate to go swimming in 60 degree weather! However, clean rooms with comfy beds and great TV reception. Plus the Inn Place is across to street, what more could you want?

Sully’s Drive In: A classic burger place that looks like something out of Back to the Future. You want a burger, this is your place. The vampire lemonade drink is pretty good.

Plaza Jalisco: Who knew that the best Mexican we’ve had in ages would be in Forks.  Two words: carne asada.

Three Rivers Resort Food service: On the road to La Push on the right side of the road there is this little hole-in-the-wall place where you can get gas, supplies, and food. They always have a banner sponsored by Pepsi that says something about no vampires allowed. The place has maybe 10 tables and has terrific fresh fried fish.

The Forks Visitors Center: Get a map here, take a picture with Bella’s truck, and don’t miss the hiking trail out back!

Lastly shout out to our favorite people in Forks!

Kevin Rupprecht, principal of Forks HS who has a great sense of humor

Mike Powell, police chief of Forks who is a great cook

Chris Cook, editor of the Forks Forum who keeps us updated on Forks happenings

Rianilee Belles, Dazzled by Twilight who keeps us updated on Forks happenings that are Twilight related.

Marsha Bingham, runs the Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center


  1. wooow dont you think thats a bit much…i mean was the book initially meant to be based on the town?
    its not like bella and edward ACTUALLY lived there…i dont know i love the books but the hype i think is a bit played out, thats just my honest opinion

  2. I agree with u macy and mariee

  3. I think it is smart of Forks to do all that for how much tourism traffic they receive. I’m a weird twilight fan and have no desire to actually visit forks (and I even live in Seattle) because the movie wasn’t filmed there and Stephenie didn’t really go there when she wrote the books (she just researched it on the internet)… but I know that a lot of fans love to travel there and it is so smart of the town of Forks to do all they do to accommodate the fans and make them feel like the characters really live there.

    • I agree. I am a huge Twilight fan, but have no interest in seeing Forks at all. However, kudos to the town for putting forth the extra effort for the visitors. Looking at the newspaper links, it looks like they have a nice weekend set up, and I love that the money from many of the activities benefits the high school.

    • Rianilee B. says:

      Hi there folks,
      Actually, Stephenie and her sister Emily (also mentioned in the books) came to Forks in the Summer of 2004 while she was writing Twilight to pick the locations, street names, businesses and so on to complete Twilight. She has pictures on her website of her visit to forks. The places mentioned in the books are authentic here in Forks, La Push and Port Angeles. Stephenie did research on the internet first and then came to Forks a year before Twilight was published. The series and Stephenie Meyer mean a lot to us folks in Forks. We’re having a blast.

      • Twilight_News says:

        I actually have to correct that as it is a local rumor that is totally false. Stephenie did not visit Forks with her sister Emily until after the book was completed. Anything she got was via Google, not personal experience. She was first there in 2005.

        • liveinforks says:

          Please visit and click on Forks and you will see that it is accurate that Stephenie was in Forks in the summer of 2004 before Twilight was published.

  4. I agree with higgin704

  5. Yisel Cullen says:

    I’d love to go! Maybe next year I’ll have time and money to make the trip (I live in Miami) I think is great they celebrate Stephenie Meyer’s books and lovely story….I read Forks was having economic problems and ppl were leaving the town before the Twilight success….so I think is wonderful that Twilight had injected new life to the town and to the culture of the region.
    It is healthy entertainment for the fans…so, two thumps up for the ppl of Forks!

    • I love that Forks does this! I would love to go there someday…Stephenie put this sleepy little town(by their own admission) on the map, created new jobs thru enterprise and tourism, and shined a light on Native Americans. It really doesn’t matter if they filmed there or not, the books took place there (good enough for me) it would be a great experience to go to the bon fire @ La Push and listen to the stories, to walk in the woods, it all just adds to the fun. I love that they got into all the fun and make it a great place for fans to visit. Definately would be on top of my list for places to visit! The road trip alone would be a hoot. Keep up the great work Forks, I’ll get to your celebration someday….

      • First off, this little town didnt need anyone to put them on the map. Yeah twilight has helped with the struggling economy. Either way we as in Forks didn’t need our face on the map. We were fine to begin with. All you twilighters that say you don’t want to visit this town because of the book GREAT! Visit here for something else. There is so much more than a life size poster of Edaward and Bella.

  6. I would so love to go to Forks, but I’ll have to be patient for a couple more years. My parents won’t allow me to travel with my friends at the age of 15.
    Thanks for all the information! It’ll come in handy in the future.

  7. I was in Forks back in May and it is a very small town. The townsfolk are trying to figure out us Twilight fans but they are gracious and the businesses welcome the fans because without us, this town would be in serious economic trouble. They do rely on the fisherman, hunters and hikers but us fans is actually helping Forks, LaPush and Port Angeles. Go and enjoy! I did go to LaPush and it is a very small reservation but you can walk 1st beach. Three Rivers Inn on the 110 towards Lapush has a great Edward Sundae and Quil burger. So any fans going to Forks definetly stop by and have a Quil Burger.
    Visit the Hoh Rainforest which is absolutely beautiful!!
    Hoping to go back again!

    • Forks doesn’t relly on the Twilighters, your stupid for saying that. Just because local businesses make profit out of Twilighters doesn’t mean we depend on you. The Mayor created this stupid day without even mentioning a word to the town until it was in effect. How about all you Twilighters come to this little town and actually enjoy it the way it is supposed to be not by buying some made up characters chocolate or a cardboard figure. Visit Forks and enjoy its natural beauty and live the Forks experience

  8. Washington Resident says:

    I went camping near the Hoh Rainforest this summer, and Forks really kind of sucks. I had low expectations, but really I was expecting a town that is more like the dozens of small towns that I have been to in Washington and Oregon, maybe a cute little downtown area, lots of trees, etc. But really it’s kind of just a clear cut (yay logging) craphole for miles around. One of the first things that you see when driving up from the south (after going through miles and miles of clear cuts and tree farms) is a really crappy trailer park. Yippy. There really aren’t many trees around the town, if you want old growth forests you have to go the The Olympic National Park, even most of the National Forest has been clear cut. If you want to visit the area, I would suggest going for camping and visiting the National Forest and maybe the beach (first beach wasn’t very exciting, we didn’t end up going to second beach but that may be nicer? It looked like a nice walk anyways) and not actually staying in the town. There was a nice campground about 5 miles east of Forks called Klahanie that was really beautiful (didn’t stay there, but checked it out as a future camping spot, it was really lovely with a river running next to some of the campsites, and tons of beautiful trees around the rest, and only ten dollars a night). The Department of Natural Resources also has several free primitive campgrounds available on a first come first serve basis near the Hoh Rainforest (Hoh Oxbow, Minnie Peterson (we stayed here it was pretty nice), Cottonwood, and Willoughby Creek). But don’t come from far away thinking that Forks is something that it’s not (such as not a craphole), The people that come to Forks from far away and play it up and act like it was amazing are kidding themselves, they must just be trying to make themselves feel better about spending so much money to go there.

    • Rianilee B. says:

      Really sorry you feel that way. I have never heard such an interpretation of Forks from anyone before. Everyone always say we live in a beautiful little town surrounded by the forest and the most beautiful coastlines. You have the right to your opinion but we who live in Forks, love our little town and think it is beautiful. It kind of hurts to have our town described as a craphole.

      • Washington Resident says:

        Maybe “craphole” was a little harsh, although I would classify my town, and lots of others in these here parts, as being ones too. Curse of the logging towns, perhaps.

        I wouldn’t consider Forks a beautiful town though, because it’s not. There are beautiful places near it, sure, such as the beaches (but I still prefer Oregon’s coast over Washingtons) and Olympic National Park, and there are many nice camping opportunities (probably will go camping there again), but the town itself beautiful? Not so much. It’s pretty ugly with motels, trailer parks and those aluminum garage/workshop thingys all on the main strip (didn’t venture off of it so maybe the rest of the town is amazing). And most of the trees that you can see from town are tree farms. I get to look at those every day of the week so I don’t find those exciting. Maybe people who live in the desert or something can appreciate those… I still think that people make it out to be much more exciting than it actually is. And so many clear cuts! Sad.

  9. i think its great that Forks gets more money and traffic because of Twilight-fans go for an experience, and thats what Forks gives them

  10. Forks is amazing. Stephenie Meyer describes going to Forks as a “Surreal, dream-like experience”. To me, it’s like finding out that Hogwarts is a real school in England – even if they didn’t film HP there – wouldn’t it be cool to see it?! Forks is where Stephenie Meyer, the visionary behind Twilight, placed the story – can’t imagine a fan not wanting to go there!

    I will not only be in FORKS for SM/Bella’s Birthday, I am leading a tour group for the second time. That’s how amazing this place is – I want to go back again !

    If anyone is still trying to find a place and a tour, call the Dew Drop Inn in Forks. See our site for a full itinerary of what Forks has to offer you this next weekend. It’s a Twilighters Paradise!

    • If I remember correctly, Forks is described as a typical small town, Stephenie never described it as anything out of the extroidinary…I think its amazing that it is a actual place that we can visit.
      On her website Stephenie describes her first visit to Forks, and I believe I would also feel that magic she felt because I am not expecting anything but Forks, just Forks.

  11. My Mom and my two sisters and I are going this weekend. We won’t be there for the whole thing, but we will be a part of it. It should be fun. Plus I only live 4 hours away. 🙂

  12. Me & three of my girlfriends are leaving tomorrow and will be in Forks/LaPush until next monday. We have been planning this for months and we’re SUPER excited about all the planning Forks is doing to anticipate a fun time while we’re there.

  13. I am so happy for all of you, I would love to experience what you are about to…I can’t imagine anyone not loving a Stephenie Meyer day! How fun, I am so jealous in a really good way! My day will come someday, but I’m from Miss. and it will be one heck of a road trip!lol

  14. MichelleA. says:

    I was actually there this past weekend because the 101 just so happens to run through the town. I felt awkward being around all the twilight stuff. It was funny to see signs like “Edward Cullen didn’t sleep here” “Bells shops here” “Treaty Line” “No Cullens Allowed” “Jacob Black was here” “Jacob <3 Bella" The town must be making bank from all the fans. I loved Twilight when it was a book but now its just tooooo much for me…still like the books though. Toodles!

  15. The sign by the Three Rivers Resort actually is the “Treaty Line” and says “No vampires beyond this point”. Lol. I was just there just over a week ago. I laughed out loud for about.

  16. Great round up Forks. Reminds me of being at SSIF and makes me want to go back!

  17. I first began a few months ago inviting a couple of friends to Forks for the day. I was there two weeks prior camping with my kids and went last year for the event. This year I figured I would make it a road trip. What started out as 2 or 3 friends has now turned into 16 people getting up at 2:30 am, meeting at 4am to catch the 5am ferry. Attending the events, having a picnic in the park, having a BBQ on the beach and stayng for the Bonfire. No offens to all those who boo hoo’d this but EMBMKMA! It is more about the road trip and being with good friends who share the same iterests. That is what matters. GO FORKS FOR ALL THEY ARE DOING!

  18. I am headed to Forks for the SM days late tomorrow evening. I am going by myself. Not only is it my last chance for a mini-vacation before school starts for my kiddos, I liek the books & the movies. I visited back in March, and while it rained, and was cold, I had a blast with two girlfriends. We saw all the Twilight spots, met some other Twi-hards, had some good food, walked around the woods a bit, and then went home. This time I’d like to take my time, hike more, and the number one reason I am going back? The bonfire @ La Push. I just can’t wait.

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