The New York Times Cover the Forks Transformation

The New York Times took a trip to Port Angeles and Forks. They got a first hand glimpse of the changes the towns have experienced.

“Charlene Leppell’s longtime flower and gift shop was on the brink of closing until she started printing up “Bella for Prom Queen” T-shirts and applying glitter to red ceramic apples. Now her shop, renamed Twilight Central, is doing so well that “the question isn’t whether I could afford to take a vacation this year,” Ms. Leppell said, “but whether I could take off time from the store.”

Check out the two-page New York Times Forks feature. Also check out their photogallery.


  1. Those were wonderful pics, I felt like I have been to Forks…thank you Lexi

  2. This was a really great article with fabulous pics.

    I drove through earlier this month. Took my pic in front of the town sign, drove through before heading to Rialto Beach.

  3. What a wonderful story! Isn’t it just unreal how ones person’s imagination (Stephenie Meyer) can transform so many lives in a positive way? We love you Stephenie!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Found myself in the last pic! haha Awesome.

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