Eclipse Dominating Fandango Sales

According to Fandango:

“We are definitely excited for everyone’s reactions to Eclipse when it releases tomorrow night at midnight! Currently, Eclipse accounts for 82% of daily ticket sales on Fandango AND the film ranks as the company’s top advance-ticket seller of the year to date!

Thank you for your support so far, but we’re not done yet. We want to make sure it beats box office records!  Please be sure to remind everyone to buy their tickets in advance on Fandango.

Also, we’ve made our Limited Edition Eclipse gift cards available. ”


  1. Order your tix people! Let’s make some pre sales records. I purchased my Twilight Saga: Eclipse, the IMAX experience on 3 weeks ago. I did not preorder for Twilight and got sold out for the midnight show. I will not make that mistake again.

  2. ive had my tickets for over a month now…i purchased them on may 22nd =)ppl gooo buy em!!!

  3. omg! it’s realesing tomorrow rite?? oh! u guys r so lucky!!

  4. Got mine. We’re 10 people strong!! Can’t wait.

  5. I had mine over a month ago…I’m ready

  6. Twilight dreamer says

    Im so ready with 6 midnight tickets for my closest buddies! Cmon ppl lets break those sales records!

  7. Got 16 tickets for me and my closest friends! Bought them the day they were released. Can’t wait! All the good reviews really have my hopes high and I think we will NOT be disappointed!

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