Fandango: 20 Things To Do Before Eclipse

InfiniteJewleryRingFandango has a list of 20 things to do before Eclipse comes out.

“The final countdown to Eclipse has begun, and we know you Twi-hards out there are writhing in anticipation. As you’re waiting to check out the intense battle scenes, see Edward’s golden eyes or Jake’s muscular physique on the IMAX screen, here are 20 fun things you can do with your friends to pass the time.”

Number 10 is:

“10. Invest in Some Bling

This might not be for everyone, but if there’s a special Twi-hard in your life, you may want to consider getting him or her something special. Meyer gave special authorization to Infinite Jewelry Co. to produce Bella’s Engagement Ring and Bella’s Bracelet. Hint, hint! But if you’ve got the funds, there’s no harm in splurging for yourself—it’s actually a subtle way to show your love for Twilight, and sure to earn you some compliments.”

There are all sorts of items on this list, but we’re kinda of attached to number 13. Let’s hope it’s not unlucky 13 in this case!


  1. and where`s the rest?>

  2. I loved the whole list!!! I just really wish on number 18 that they would get the day right to Tuesday and NOT Thursday the 29th!!!

  3. That’s pretty cool getting a personal shout out from Fandango! Glad they acknowledge the power of the Lexicon!!

  4. Twimomella says:

    Some of them are actually AFTER eclipse comes out.

  5. Brittany says:

    #19 AINT HAPPENING!!! Sure, some twilight fans have the money to fly to LA from around the world, but MOST PEOPLE DONT. 🙁

    • Twilibrarian says:

      I’d love to attend a Twi-conference, too. The closest in in Toronto. Driving on the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Highway) to Toronto is dangerous even for a Cullen! So that’s not happening! How about one in Buffalo NY!?

  6. Fans come up with the most amazing signs at premiers! I noticed some, on some of the pictures in the top 20; “I want to be a stupid lamb” and “You can have the furry one, I want the one who sparkles” are both great! Ahh… 😉

  7. Twilibrarian says:

    Number 21: Make a charitable donation to one of the cast causes, like Vampire Baseball, help for Haiti, etc.

    Number 22 : Organize a blood drive AND donate the gift of life. It’s not just the vampires who need your blood!

  8. bridgett says:

    my dad wants to see eclipse more than i do

  9. switzy4ever14 says:

    Amen to #13!!!!

  10. Thank You everyone who put Lexicon together.

  11. PixieCullen36 says:

    Hey, 13 isn’t unlucky! My babies were both born on the thirteenth. Jadien was July 13 and Bella was Sept. 13th. Its my lucky number! ^_^ Maybe its yours too!

  12. love how they mention to watch nikki on regis and kelly on july 7th before going to see eclipse. yeah…not happening…

  13. Ok for all the Twihards out there!! Cinema 6 Movie theater in Port Richey, FL is hosting a Twilight Eclipse party!! All twilight themed…games, trivia, prizes!! 9510 US 19 Port Richey, FL. We are on Facebook under Cinema 6 Movie Theater…tickets are $15.00 in advance and $20.00 at the door!

  14. Jennifer says:

    Amen to #13!!! I was really disappointed the Reelz Channel didn’t include you on their Twilight websites episode of Twilight Weekly Spotlight (all of which I caught in a replay marathon yesterday).

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