Breaking Dawn Sales Are Booming on Fandango

Here’s a really good visual image using Fandango’s Pulse App to show you just how popular Breaking Dawn is  on Fandango right now.


TY to MsEssie8710 on Twitter for sending it to us.

Here’s a second image showing that Breaking Dawn Part 2 and the Twilight Marathon are running neck-in-neck for the number 1 and 2 slots.



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  1. In how much time do the marathon tickets run out ? Ill buy them in a couple weeks…

    • There most likely won’t be any left tomorrow, let alone two weeks from now.
      These things sell out REALLY fast.

      • Do you know if tickets will run out for just wanting to buy a normal ticket to a normal Breaking Dawn showing. Not the midnight showing, not the marathon, not online pre-ordering. Just normal – are tickets really going to officially run out? Or not? Plllleaseeee reply. I really want to see this for my birthday (:

        • Pre-sales of tickets are only available for the marathon and the premiere (midnight showing).
          They’ll sell out because there are millions of people who are very eager to see the movie.
          As for regular showings, well.. as with any popular movie, when it first comes out, the first week or two in the theatre, the tickets for that do tend to go pretty fast.. because lots of people are still going to see the movie. Especially for evening showings.
          The best thing to do to ensure that you can get in to see the movie AND get a good seat, is to buy your ticket early and show up early. About 3 hours beforehand. Maybe even earlier.
          It depends on when you plan to go though.
          You could also try going to a theatre that isn’t as popular. For example, go to one that’s in a less busy area of town, as opposed to downtown or in a mall.
          I just know from experience as a regular movie-goer, that whenever a new movie comes out that a lot of people want to see.. especially something that’s part of a series, like Twilight, tickets tend to sell out fast in the first couple of weeks that it’s out in theatres.
          I went to Harry Potter a week or two after it came out, and my friend and I did end up getting tickets, but there were no good seats left when we got into the auditorium. We ended up sitting at the very bottom, and had to strain our necks to look up at the screen.
          We got there a little late though. If we’d gotten there early, that wouldn’t have been a problem.

          • Thanks so much for replying (: Umm, I plan on going around Thanksgiving because that’s close to my birthday. So around the 23rd of Nov. ? I don’t plan on going at night. Like a daytime thing. And I live in California, but NOT a really busy part like LA or anything. Do you think I will be able to get tickets for 3 then? Tickets won’t be sold out for a normal showing right?

          • please reply, im desperate to know 🙁

        • There isn’t an option for me to reply to your most recent comment, so I’m responding here.
          You’re worrying for no reason. You’ll be able to get tickets, just get there a bit early. Stop freaking out about it.

  2. Just FYI: If you are going to a Regal theater buy your marathon ticket in person with your Regal Crown club card. You don’t get the discount if you buy it online.