Fandango: Eclipse Caption Contest Next Round

Fandango is continuing with its Eclipse caption contest.  Here is last week’s photo and winning caption:

So we’ve both agreed that Bella isn’t allowed in our new club, right?

So check out the details on this week’s contest.

“Have a knack for crafting funny one-liners? We’re giving away Exclusive Limited Edition Eclipse Fandango Bucks to those who can write some quick quips! Write your own photo caption to the Eclipse photos we post in this gallery. Be funny, witty, original and creative! Leave your caption in the comments section below (one caption per entrant) and we’ll pick a winner each time a new photo is posted. Check out the official rules here. Now, on to the captioning!”

Check it out on Fandango!


  1. Edward: You know, from your description in the books, I was expecting you to be a little… taller.

  2. Abhishek Duggal says:

    So how’s the weather down there?

  3. kehacakes says:

    Edward to Jacob: Seriously, Bella’s kiss tasted like a Milk Bone and I want to know why!

  4. Edward: “What do you mean you LOST Bella?!”

    Jacob: “Well, uh…we were..uh in the woods going for a walk, when a scent hit me and I couldn’t help it…I just instinctively phased and took off after it…”

    Edward: “Ugh! Dogs! First hint of a squirrel and you take off running! You know she’s probably tripped and fallen into a ravine by now.” ::sigh:: (trudges off to find Bella)

  5. Twilibrarian says:

    “If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you 100 times, Jacob. Alice doesn’t live here anymore!”

  6. Welcome to thunderdome…

  7. Lets finish this… Baseball style!

  8. Jacob: Edward, I need to ask you a serious question.

    Edward: Go ahead.

    Jacob: Do these shorts make my butt look big?

  9. Edward “are you trying to intimediate me with your cut off shirts and the ablity to crack your knuckles?

  10. Kelly Bradley says:

    “Did you fart?”

  11. just realised this is for the other gallery pics… lol


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