Michael Sheen: Dramatic Reading of Twilight Fanfic

Twilightish has identified the fic and gives the background here.


  1. He is hilarious ! Love him !

  2. MeyaRose says:

    Those of us that are fans of that fic are definitely geeking out about this.

    In other fanfiction news, Snowqueen’s Icedragron’s “Master of the Universe” has been reworked as original fiction, and it was published TODAY as “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E. L. James.

    Anyone who says that fanfiction isn’t creative has obviously NOT read some of those out there. I’ll admit there are a lot of duds, and many are frustratingly never finished, but if you know where and how to look, you can find some REALLY good stories with very talented writers…

    The thing about Twilight fanfiction is that most of them nowadays aren’t really fanfiction, they have the same names of characters and that’s about it. The most popular ones don’t even have vampires or an supernatural qualities in them, so they’re really more like original fiction, with Twilight names.

    • missjuju says:

      “Snowqueen’s Icedragron’s “Master of the Universe” has been reworked as original fiction, and it was published TODAY”


      • MeyaRose says:

        You bring up something that we were all wondering when it was announced that she was publishing it as reworked original fiction. Fanfiction, even if it uses the characters and personalities of another work is the intellectual property of the author, so it is not illegal to rework it and publish it as original. Like I said, Twilight fanfiction nowadays only uses the NAMES of the characters, and in this case, it was just the names, and a couple of the places, that were the same. The characters themselves were NOTHING like the characters of Twilight.

        It is an original story, and like I said, names and places were changed so that there isn’t even a hint of Twilight left in the book published today.

        Finally, if it was illegal, it wouldn’t have been published. The fact is, its been completely taken off of the internet, you can’t find “Master of the Universe” in its original Twilight fanfiction form anymore. (Besides from people that may have saved it on their computers, in other words bootleg has everything.)

        Learn the law before you make statements like that. If she tried to publish it with all the Twilight stuff in there, yeah it would have been breaking copyright law, but the fact is, the story itself is her intellectual property.

        It would be illegal, in fact, for Stephenie Meyer (not that she ever would, most successful writers avoid fanfiction like the plague,) to go in, read a Twilight fanfic, and publish it as her own on the grounds that she created Twilight, because that story is the intellectual property of the fanfic writer, regardless.

        • missjuju says:

          She wrote it as fan fiction. She wrote it with Edward and Bella in her head, and she used Twilight’s popularity in order to garner readers. Now she’s changed the characters’ names and is using Twilight’s popularity in order to make money for herself. How many readers of her new book are non-Twilight fans, hmm? I’ve only ever seen the “publishing companies” advertised on the fan fiction sites, (and believe me, I get around to many different places on the interwebz). So yeah, this book sounds illegal to me.

          And the reason I put “publishing company” in quotation marks? Well, that’s because no reputable publishing company would ever buy and then attempt to sell something that has been on the internet, for free, for ages. It’s ridiculously easy to pull up a copy of it even now that it’s been “pulled”.

          I think that some of you need to step back from the kool-aid stand and take a look beyond fan fiction.

      • Jazz Girl says:

        No. It’s not. The plot, storyline, background for the characters, setting and situations would be completely unrecognizable to anyone who didn’t know this started out as a work of fanfiction. MotU is an AH fanfic whereby, essentially, the only thing it had in common with Twilight was character names, and perhaps, some of their personality traits. But, Edward certainly doesn’t corner the market on…say… letting his fear ruin the good things in his life. And Bella certainly isn’t the only ever rather bookish heroine of a story, is she?

    • missjuju says:

      I thought the video was funny. TBH though, any bit of fiction–published fiction or fanfic–would sound ridiculous when read that way. I hope the author can see the humor in it.

      What really did annoy me and tick me off was the fact that in VH1’s descriptive blurb, UC was called “devastatingly romantic RPattz and KStew fan fic”. Um, last I heard, it was an Edward and Bella fan fiction. It’s crap like that description that makes us fans look mentally unhinged, like we don’t know the difference between an actor and a fictional character.

      • missjuju says:

        My apologies. The previous comment was not meant to be another reply to MeyeRose.

      • MeyaRose says:

        “It’s crap like that description that makes us fans look mentally unhinged, like we don’t know the difference between an actor and a fictional character.”

        I totally agree, its kind of like how the media makes it look like we all think Robert Pattinson IS Edward and that is the reason for all of the screams… the sad thing is, he wouldn’t be getting all of those screams if it wasn’t for Twilight, so its surprising how much people mix reality with fantasy…

    • Jean Brown says:

      Love MOTU and it is a orginal fanfic she just had to change the names but it is nothing like Twilight or its characters. Her blog 50shades.com close today cause the book comes out today. I know a lot of the readers said they were going to order it. I was going to order it but i dont want to pay $19.00 for a 380pg paperback. I dont pay that much for bestselling authors book(excluding SM of course).

      It is suppose to be a triology and it looks like this is book 1. So i guess they expect $19.00 for each of these books. That is taking advantage of her loyal readers. If it was not for Twilight and the people who read her story because of Twilight she would not have been publish. I will wait until the price drop and it will because i dont think they are going to sell as many books as they think they are.

  3. That. Was. Epic.

    I would very much enjoy an audio book with Michael’s reading. Thank you, Sir Sheen.

    And the reaction shots… priceless.

  4. Gia Klebba says:

    This makes me love Micheal Sheen even more! 😀 He’s so serious, dramatic and funny all at the same time, lolz.

    • MeyaRose says:

      So true! He’s such a good actor, as he’s reading, he never breaks his dramatic persona. If I tried to do that, I’d be laughing within 2 sentences…

  5. This is just another example of why Micheal Sheen is one of my favorite actors. He can read me a story anyday 🙂

  6. Saw this this morning on VH1 and about died laughing. So funny. To me he will forever be Lucian in Underworld so it makes it even more funny for me. lol

  7. Does anyone has youtube link for this? I can’t watch it. :C

  8. smitten_by_twilight says:

    Didn’t crack a smile even when he pitched his voice up – that was classic. There were so many places where I would have broken down, and I blushed just listening to it!

  9. This is hilarious!!

  10. missjuju says:

    Thanks so much for posting my rebuttal. /sarcasm


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