ET Covers the 2010 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet

You have to wait a bit but the interviews are there. Anna Kendrick is at the 2:18 mark and starting at 3:25 you get Liz Reaser, Julia Jones, Kiowa Gordon, Xavier Samuel, Jackson Rathbone, and Peter Facinelli.

Anna Kendrick and Julia Jones at Ann Taylor Event

annaanntayAccording to the Make-Up Blog:

Ann Taylor hosted a cocktail party and exclusive preview of their Fall 2010 Collection at the SoHo House in West Hollywood CA, Thursday, May 13, 2010. The collection is inspired by the idea of mixing timeless American style with European sophistication. Ann Taylor took those romantic sensibilities and mingled them with decidedly modern silhouettes and impeccable fabrics. The line also includes accessories inspired by heirloom estate jewelry…Anna Kendrick, Sophia Bush, Eve, Taraji Henson, and Julia Jones, with President of Ann Taylor Christine Beauchamp were spotted at Ann Taylor’s Exclusive Preview of the Fall 2010 Collection. The event celebrated the new, revamped image for Ann Taylor which appeals to a younger, trendier consumer.”

E! Interviews Anna Kendrick on the Oscar Red Carpet

TV Guide Interviews Anna Kendrick on the Red Carpet

Anna Kendrick We Love You

Congratulation to Anna Kendrick for being nominated as best supporting actress and handling herself with such class and grace.

“I think of something Helen Mirren said at the Palm Springs Film Festival,” she says. “You’re only in the nomination bubble for a short period of time, and if you lose, the bubble bursts that night. If you win, it bursts 24 hours later. Either way, you go home, live your life and wake up the next day looking for work. That’s how I look at it.” source

Twilight Oscar Fashion Retrospective

Just Jared has fabulous photo galleries of Anna Kendrick, Taylor Lautner, and Kristen Stewart. Anna was a nominee and Kristen and Taylor were presenters.




Check them out with full fashion 411:
Anna Kendrick
Kristen Stewart
Taylor Lautner

Hollywood Crush’s Spin

Anna Kendrick
Taylor Lautner
Kristen Stewart

Vote for Taylor Kristen and Anna for Best Dressed at EXTRA
Anna and Kristen

Anna Kendrick: E! Oscar 411

USA Today Profiles Anna Kendrick

Anna isn’t letting accolades like these go to her head: “New York Times critic Manohla Dargis notes that Kendrick has no trouble holding her own with A-lister Clooney. “The ferocious Ms. Kendrick, her ponytail swinging like an ax, grabs every scene she’s in, which works for her go-getter (go-get-him) character.” Los Angeles Times critic Kenneth Turan delights in the actress’s take on Natalie. “Kendrick is the film’s secret weapon, and her tightly wound character is a comic triumph.” Anna Kendrick bakes to destress and just wants her favorite hoodie!

“Cupcakes may be the of-the-moment dessert, but actress Anna Kendrick has loftier culinary pursuits.

“I get fascinated by specialty bakeware. I have a really nice springform pan and a bunch of really nice tartlet molds and madeleine trays,” says the star of Up in the Air. “That’s more interesting to me than just cupcakes.”

See the rest on USA Today.

Twilight Fans Brave the Cold


It’s one thing to camp out to see the Twilight actors in Los Angeles. Even in November, you don’t have to worry about brutal temperatures and snow. It get to be maybe 50 degrees at night, and given usual weather patterns, even rain is iffy. However camping out for the BAFTAs or for Remember Me requires dedication on a whole new level.

According to OK and reports we grabbed from the RPAtzNewsTwitter fans lined up for the BAFTAs over 24 hours early in brutal 28 degree temperatures. That’s a bit nippy even for the UK. With the Remember Me premiere in New York City a week from today one can only imagine how many will line up all bundled up. Temperatures on a New York City sidewalk in February are going to be daunting at best.

OK Magazine writes:

“Hysterical Twi-hards slept overnight outside the Royal Opera House in London to secure their place alongside the red carpet after learning that four of the film’s stars would attend.

And as the first to arrive, Anna Kendrick received one heck of a reception as she signed posters and photographs.

She was followed by Jamie Campbell Bower, who – after chatting with fans – spent most of his time alongside girlfriend Bonnie Wright.

Kristen Stewart was next to arrive and spent more time with the fans than anyone, making sure she could give out as many autographs as she could.

Last to arrive was Robert Pattinson, who was greeted by screams and chants of: “We want Rob!” coming from the sidelines.

After arriving late, Robert didn’t spend long signing autographs and was quickly ushered inside to take his seat before he could reach the rest of the crowd.”

OK has a great video of the arrivals and fans.

Anna Kendrick BAFTA Red Carpet