Twilight Fans Brave the Cold


It’s one thing to camp out to see the Twilight actors in Los Angeles. Even in November, you don’t have to worry about brutal temperatures and snow. It get to be maybe 50 degrees at night, and given usual weather patterns, even rain is iffy. However camping out for the BAFTAs or for Remember Me requires dedication on a whole new level.

According to OK and reports we grabbed from the RPAtzNewsTwitter fans lined up for the BAFTAs over 24 hours early in brutal 28 degree temperatures. That’s a bit nippy even for the UK. With the Remember Me premiere in New York City a week from today one can only imagine how many will line up all bundled up. Temperatures on a New York City sidewalk in February are going to be daunting at best.

OK Magazine writes:

“Hysterical Twi-hards slept overnight outside the Royal Opera House in London to secure their place alongside the red carpet after learning that four of the film’s stars would attend.

And as the first to arrive, Anna Kendrick received one heck of a reception as she signed posters and photographs.

She was followed by Jamie Campbell Bower, who – after chatting with fans – spent most of his time alongside girlfriend Bonnie Wright.

Kristen Stewart was next to arrive and spent more time with the fans than anyone, making sure she could give out as many autographs as she could.

Last to arrive was Robert Pattinson, who was greeted by screams and chants of: “We want Rob!” coming from the sidelines.

After arriving late, Robert didn’t spend long signing autographs and was quickly ushered inside to take his seat before he could reach the rest of the crowd.”

OK has a great video of the arrivals and fans.


  1. I just love how real Kristen was..she was stuttering and stammering the whole time..I loved it.

  2. What “bothers” me is that everyone else spent alot of time with the fans,except for Robert Pattinson. Everyone else came early, signed autographs, took pictures with fans, etc.., why couldn’t Robert??

    • The stars are given exact times when to arrive in these kind of award shows. They have schedules so everyone wouldn’t arrive at the same time. Rob was supposed to arrive late, though I do think that prince William might have slowed things down more than was intended. The fans should be grateful that Rob signed and took pics as much as he did, you could see he was in hurry to get inside. But of course someone always has to complain… 🙁

  3. I’ve seen it on BBC. He came quite late (the commentor said something about the show to start in 10 min.), quite shortly after Prince William – so maybe no one was allowed to arrive too close to the prince for security reasons? Actually RP went directely to the fans and gave as much autographs as he could. But there was one woman with him (management?) that kept ushering him along. And I got the impression that he ignored it as best as he could and connect with the fans as much as was possible in the limited timeframe.

  4. Caius (sp?) and Ginny? Love it!!!

  5. hey im from the u.k. i watched it on bbc news+basically Prince William was supposed to be the final person to walk on the red carpet as he is taking over from Lord Attenbrough as the head of the academy, nnneeee waaayyzzz another actor and then Rob got there after this the show was literally about to start, he did his best but his publicist (im fairly sure it was the same woman who cut off the infamous LOL ryan seacrest interview@the New Moon prem) was literally trying to pull him along the carpet and in2 the venue, he did sign and speak to a hefty chunk of the people+he was pretty much ignoring what she was trying to do lol. in all fairness i cant imagine what the traffic wouldve been like, Londons crap at the best of times but the royal opera house is in covent garden+its like one massive one way system lol, annnnddd h getting there l8 meant he didnt have to speak to the journos who were asking fairly stupid questions 2Kristen. soz 4 the longwinded comment ha ha

  6. Hello ! I’m italian and with a group of friends I was on the red carpet for BAFTA: I arrived in Covent Garden at 5am to get a good position on the carpet. There were already people with tents. However at 8:30 I received my wrist band and then in the afternoon I had a first row position on the carpet. Rob Pattinson arrived as the last one but he did sign autographs and took photos with fans, I saw this with my eyes. Then he arrived were I was staying with my friends and again he signed autographs, he was in front of me. He was kind and smiling, then they drag him inside.
    What a great experience I had. I was very lucky to be in London during this weekend, a travel planned some months ago..I’m glad I picked up the right time.

  7. CarlyTwiHenzell says:

    Yup I watched from the comfort of my warm home in the UK but in Robs defence he was getting dragged away and he was defo trying to get as much interaction with the fans as possible.

    Loved how both Rob and KS seemed a bit shell shocked on stage (like any normal person would be)but Anna I must say dealt with it really well, she was calm and focused.

  8. Let’s hope that this is not a new hairstyle he hopes to keep, most alarming. Kristen Stewart does not seem ‘real’, just inarticulate. As an actress, she really needs to work on this. She’s not a ‘normal’ person, or your friend from next door. She’s an actress, and this is her craft. If you were giving an oral presentation at school or in the workplace, I daresay that nobody would find this level of discomfort and stammering charming. I reiterate, this is her workplace and she needs to work on her public presentation.

    • First of all, Rob’s hair is for Bel Ami, so I don’t think he’ll keep it, he has other projects coming up that probably need different hairstyle. Secondly, I totally disagree with you about Kristen. This isn’t her workplace. Her job is to be an actress, not a professional speaker. So what if she’s awkward at award shows, that’s just her personality. People are different, you know? Why should it bother us? It doesn’t affect her performance in films. If you don’t like it, don’t watch her interviews.

  9. Sarah, I agree with you wholeheartedly!!!

    I very rarely listen to Kristen’s interviews, because frankly, they’re PAINFUL to watch!

    I’m not saying the girl isn’t intelligent. She obviously is. But the inability to articulate your thoughts, especially when you’ve chosen a career in which it is necessary, is inexcusable. Hollywood has people who can help her with that. She needs to improve in that area.

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