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Guri Weinberg Talks Breaking Dawn Part 2

Yahoo! Movies had a chance to talk with Guri Weinberg, who plays Stefan in Breaking Dawn Part 2, at the Official Twilight Convention in Dallas a few weeks ago.  He had this to say about the preparation that went into his roll:

The role comes from Romania over 3,000 years ago. They didn’t have the same Romanian dialect as it is today because 3,000 years ago there was Greek, Roman, and Slavic influences. We had to learn Romanian dialect, switch it around, and add those things in so it would be a little more genuine to the time when they were human. That was the hardest thing because it doesn’t exist. You have to make it up.

That was the hardest thing, along with learning about those times 3,000 years ago. How was life then? How did they do things? They used to rule the vampire world so they were more royal. For 1,500 years they’ve been kicked out and beat by the Volturi. You’ve got the royal behavior and thought but they’ve been exiled. They don’t have that royalty anymore. Some of them just want the revenge. It’s all those things. They used to have wives. Some of them lost their wives. How does that all play into it?

There is so much excitement about the Romanian coven!  Let us know in the comments why you think fans are looking forward to Vlad and Stefan.

Read the whole interview at Yahoo! Movies.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Voted Second Most Anticipated Film of 2012

It’s the end of the year and lists are coming out all over the place for all sorts of different things from what fans liked this year and are looking forward to in 2012.  Next Movie had several polls going that the Twilight Saga was in the running for.  Bella and Edward were given second place after Ron and Hermione for best on screen couple.  Breaking Dawn Part 2 came in second to The Hunger Games for most anticipated movie of 2012.  But the two hottest dudes of 2011 were Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, taking in 95% of the votes between the them!

But take a very close look at the numbers for most of these results.  The difference between first and second place is always marginal.  Then third place is usually a single digit number.   Any way you slice it, fans that vote for on line things love Twilight… and they also love Harry Potter and Hunger Games.  Are we surprised?

See the whole list at Next Movie.  Leave us a comment on your thoughts about how the voting went.

Robert Pattinson is E! Celeb of the Year

After all the rounds it came down to the final match up of Kristen Stewart vrs Robert Pattinson in E! Celeb of the Year contest.  For the second year in a row Robert beat out all the competition, including his main co-star, to win the title.  He will get to donate $25,000 to the charity of his choice.  Let us know in the comments which charity you think he might chose.  Congrats to Rob!

Read more at E! Online.

Happy Birthday Laura!

If you enjoy the Lexicon and look forward to the news every day, then you should take a moment to wish Laura a very happy birthday!  She has gone through more Google alerts than anyone can count just to find legitimate and interesting stories for the site.  If you didn’t know, Laura and I met because of our mutual love for Remus Lupin.  She only read Twilight after I begged and begged her to and she was too sick and off work with nothing better to do!  Now here we are almost six years later and she’s the one who looks for the best Twilight news every morning!  So have a great birthday, Laura!  And if you have a twitter account, you’ll want to tweet out a happy birthday to @Laura_BC since Laura is the twitter queen around here!

Many thanks to OpenHome for the birthday card!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in E! Charity Finals

We’ve been telling you about the ongoing E! Celebrity of the Year Poll. The final two are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, $25,000 goes to the charity of the ultimate winner’s choice.

Vote here. The poll closes tomorrow.

The BBC Mentions Breaking Dawn in Year End Review

The BBC lists Breaking Dawn as a film that brought out the passion in UK fans.

Via TwiFans.

Fancy Meeting Michael Sheen: 5 Quid And You Can

Michael Sheen is doing an audience chat on January 6. Here are the details:

Where and when
The Rose Theatre, 24-26 High Street, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 1HL on Friday 6 January, 2012, at 4.30pm.

General information
Time to Talk gives you the opportunity to question your favourite actors/writers/directors and hear all abut their careers in an informal, friendly setting.

Stephen Unwin, Artistic Director of The Rose, meets international award-winning actor Michael Sheen, best known for his screen portrayals of Tony Blair, David Frost and Brian Clough. Michael is back in the headlines as he takes on the role of Hamlet at the Young Vic. Hear him chat about this and other roles from his long and hugely successful career.

£5 (£3 for concessions).

Tickets are available from the Rose Theatre box office in person, online or by telephone (a booking and transaction fee may apply).

Get more info here.

Next Movies Male TwiHard Lists Top 2011 Twilight Moments

Ryan McKee, AKA The Male TwiHard, has a countdown of his top experiences as a male TwiHard this year. We like number one. It’s not often that a guy gives props to the fansite operators as fans who are passionate, but not frothing at the mouth sparkle crazy 24/7.


1. Meeting Other ‘Twilight’ Bloggers

The entire Twilight Convention is my biggest “Twilight” highlight of the year, but meeting other bloggers and realizing they’re also not the geeky shut-ins that people think we all are is my most comforting moment of the year. Thanks to Letters to Twilight and Elle of Twilightish for supporting me in the costume contest. Also, Laura Byrne-Cristiano of Twilight Lexicon for posting the video. Big props to Kandi Prickett of Salt Lake City Twilight Fans for taking photos, as well as discussing Major League Soccer with me and for having the coolest tattoo I’ve seen all year: Pug Jack Sparrow.

Get the full list here.

Here’s to what the Male TwiHard bring next year. And in tribute we have the video of Ryan entering the costume contest. Love ya, Ryan!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Against Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga

Yes, you read that headline right! in E!’s Celebrity of the Year poll Rob and Kristen made it to the overall quarter-finals and are pitted against Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. They easily have the toughest bracket right now with Kate Middleton vs Demi Lovato and Britney Spears vs Drake taking up the other sides. So get out an vote so that we can have an all Twilight final!

Vote here, you know those Bieber and Gaga fans will rally, so get out and vote. The ultimate winner gets to pick a charity that will receive $25,000 from E!.

Kristen Stewart in Breaking Dawn Makes Allure’s 2011 Movie List

Allure Magazine has come up with their list of best movie beauty looks for 2011. It ranges from Kristen to to Rooney Mara in The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo.

This year, leading actresses took to the big screen with looks that ran the gamut from the perfect wedding makeup to a wig that looked too good to be, well, fake. Here, our picks for the six hair and makeup looks that mesmerized us at the movies this year.

Kristen Stewart in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Part 1). The usually bare-faced Bella Swan (Stewart) showed off her most done look yet when she walked down the aisle to marry her vamp love, Edward (played by Robert Pattinson). Stewart wore shimmery honey brown eyes, lots of lashes, and glossy peach lips. Her hair—a braided low do under a bejeweled veil—added a romantic finishing touch.

Check out the entire list here on Allure.