Robert Pattinson is E! Celeb of the Year

After all the rounds it came down to the final match up of Kristen Stewart vrs Robert Pattinson in E! Celeb of the Year contest.  For the second year in a row Robert beat out all the competition, including his main co-star, to win the title.  He will get to donate $25,000 to the charity of his choice.  Let us know in the comments which charity you think he might chose.  Congrats to Rob!

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  1. One of my questions was what charities has Rob done work for? None came to mind that he’s been outspoken about. I did a quick Yahoo search and found short list – AIDS research, PACT and Blood Cancer research. One subject that would fit him would be working with organization to help get music back into schools.

  2. yeah! guess rob has bragging rights in the robsten houshold but better some charity is gonna get 25000 dollars!!

  3. Congrats to Rob! I hope we hear what charity he decides to donate the $$ to. Animal rescue would be great, but any cause will be helped by the $25,000.

  4. I have this funny little idea that maybe Kristen & Rob would have given each other crap and be competitive about who was going to pull out the win on that one. That would be cute. They have to known the contest existed since the winner gets to do the charity donation.

  5. EdwardsNana says

    As I have said before. Robert Pattinson as Celeb of the year, couldn’t happen to a nicer more deserving guy. I am sure Kristen, as sweet as she is, is happy for him. Happy New Year!!!!

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