Breaking Dawn Part 2 Voted Second Most Anticipated Film of 2012

It’s the end of the year and lists are coming out all over the place for all sorts of different things from what fans liked this year and are looking forward to in 2012.  Next Movie had several polls going that the Twilight Saga was in the running for.  Bella and Edward were given second place after Ron and Hermione for best on screen couple.  Breaking Dawn Part 2 came in second to The Hunger Games for most anticipated movie of 2012.  But the two hottest dudes of 2011 were Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, taking in 95% of the votes between the them!

But take a very close look at the numbers for most of these results.  The difference between first and second place is always marginal.  Then third place is usually a single digit number.   Any way you slice it, fans that vote for on line things love Twilight… and they also love Harry Potter and Hunger Games.  Are we surprised?

See the whole list at Next Movie.  Leave us a comment on your thoughts about how the voting went.


  1. Violet Amber says:

    BREAKING DAWN PART 2!!!! <333

  2. I’m already anticipating The Host hahaha to be released 2013 … Will have to wait quite a bit 🙂

  3. LOL at what the article says about Harry Potter fans using Hunger Games as a proxy. It’s the Cold War, fandom style! But are they actually going to show up and support Hunger Games? Twilight’s support is from Twilight fans, not from proxy fans.

  4. I’m not surprised as Hungry Games is next with its release in March and so it’s in the forefront of many people’s minds with BD2 not out until November.

  5. Anyone noticed how Renesmee was listed in the best villan category?

    • I saw that too…and I don’t picture her as a villain so I am curious why people think of her like that. Anyway, BD is on my list as #1!:)

    • I don’t think they mean she was a villain in the sense that she was out to destroy all of the good guys.

      Think of it this way – If you look at the first three movies, the villains are very clear – James, Victoria (and the Volturri), and then Victoria and her army. There’s no question who the “bad guy” is – the “bad guy” is the one who poses the threat to the characters we know and love. Now look at the fourth movie – there is no vampire out there trying to kill everyone. The only threat to anyone is “the fetus.” Sure the wolves want to attack the Cullens, but the only reason they want to do that is because they’re afraid of “the fetus.” Look at what the pregnancy does to Bella. Look at all of the conflict within the Cullen family (and the wolf pack), all caused by “the fetus.” So the main threat in this movie isn’t James or Victoria or an army of newborns – it’s Bella’s pregnancy.

      So I get why they listed Nessie as a villain, but I think it would have made more sense if they would have said “the fetus” or “Bella’s pregnancy.” Little Miss Nessie never meant to hurt anyone or make anyone upset. It was more that the situation was the villain, not the result of it.

      Does that make sense, or did I completely bungle the explanation? lol

  6. i dont care about any poll…BREAKING DAWN PART 2 is the movie I AM ANTICIPATING MOST FOR!!!!

  7. I can’t wait til november 16th 2012 I’m so excited to see breaking dawn part 2

  8. the hunger games wins over everything!


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