Chapter Fifteen – Pressure

Chapter Number: Fifteen

Chapter Name:  Pressure

Page Numbers:  342 – 362

Date of Chapter:  Monday, March 13th – Thursday, March 16th

Summary: Bella wakes up on Monday morning of spring break and thinks about how she had also been hunted by a vampire last spring break.  She helps to keep the werewolves’ secret from Charlie by wondering the beach alone while Jacob is out with the pack.  Jacob apologizes for being gone so much, but the wolves are on red alert until Victoria is caught.

Jacob always holds Bella’s hand when they walk on the beach together.  Bella realizes that to others it appears they are a couple.  She knows that Jacob would love for that to be the true situation.

When Bella goes to work Tuesday, Mike notices that Jacob followed her.  He asks if she is dating Jacob.  She tells him they are just friends, best friends.

Tuesday night Sam, Emily and Charlie come over to Billy’s house.  While the adults talk Jacob and Bella go out to the garage.  Bella asks if certain characteristics are “wolf things” – high body temperature, healing quickly, and his large size.  She also asks if Quil’s size is why they are worried about him.  Jacob confirms that it’s Quil’s size and body temperature that cause them to think he will become a werewolf.  He explains that there is not a certain age for the change to occur.  It just builds until something triggers it.  Jacob took longer to change than the others because he was so happy being with Bella all the time.

Bella asks what the hardest part is about being a werewolf.  Jacob says the hardest part is feeling out of control.  He feels like a monster that might hurt someone.

Jacob explains that phasing between human and wolf form is easier for him because he has the bloodline from both sides of his family.  His great-grandfathers were Ephraim Black and Quil Ateara.  Both were in the last pack with Levi Uley.

Bella goes on to ask what the best part is about being a werewolf.  Jacob says the best part is the speed.  Werewolves can run faster than vampires.

When Jacob asks why Edward killed James, Bella explains that James was trying to kill her.  She tells him that her injuries from when she was in Phoenix were caused by James.  Jacob realizes that Bella’s scar on her hand was caused by a bite from James.  Jacob nearly loses control, but Bella is able to calm him down and explains how Edward sucked the venom out, preventing her from changing into a vampire.

Jacob asks Bella if any of the other Cullens have extra talents like Edward’s ability to read minds.  She tells him about Jasper’s and Alice’s abilities.  As she talks about the Cullens she wraps her arms around herself.  Jacob notices and asks why she always does that when she’s upset.  She says it feels like she can’t breathe and like she may break into pieces.

On Wednesday, Bella goes to Emily’s house for a change of scenery.  But she’s not able to handle it when Sam comes over.  The love Bella sees between Sam and Emily is too painful of a reminder.  She leaves to go walk on the beach.  Jacob finds her sitting, curled up in a ball.  He apologizes for leaving her alone so much and tells her he will take the next morning off so they can have some fun.  He promises to take her cliff diving.  Bella agrees because she realizes it has been days since she last heard Edward’s voice.

When Bella arrives at Jacob’s house Thursday morning, Jacob isn’t home.  Billy tells her that Embry, Jared and Paul found a fresh trail from Victoria.  Sam and Jacob went out to help find her.  Bella is worried about the wolves.  Billy tells her that it’s not as dangerous for them as she thinks.  All the information the wolves need to know has been passed down from father to son for generations. 

Bella leaves to go for a walk on the beach.  She is too worried about the wolves and also disappointed about losing the opportunity to hear Edward’s voice.  She decides to go cliff diving alone even though a storm is coming.  She is unable to find the path to he lower ledge and ends up on top of the cliff as it starts to rain.  She doesn’t have time to find another way down and realizes she actually wants to jump from the top.  She knows it’s the stupidest, most reckless thing she’s done so far.  She smiles as Edward’s voice pleads with her not to do it.  She has a pure adrenaline rush as she jumps, but not a single moment of fear.

The current grabs her as she plunges into the water.  She knows that she should swim parallel to the beach, but she’s not able to find the surface.  Bella is sure she is going to drown.  Her Edward delusions beg her to keep fighting.  As she gives up and accepts that she is about to die, her delusions become visual and she sees Edward’s face.  She is happy at that moment, watching and listening to Edward.

The current shoves her into what she thinks is a rock as something hits her across the chest and drags her away from her vision of Edward.  Thinking she was sinking to the ocean floor to die she tells Edward goodbye and she loves him for a final time.

Characters Involved:  Bella Swan, Mike Newton, Jacob Black, Sam Uley, Emily , Charlie Swan, Billy Black

Characters Mentioned:  Embry Call, Quil Ateara, Victoria, Jared, Ephraim Black, Old Quil Ateara, Levi Uley, Laurent, James, Edward Cullen, Jasper Hale, Paul, Alice Cullen

Places Visited:  La Push, The Black’s house, Newton’s store, Emily’s house, the beach

Memorable Quotes: 
“But if he bit you…?  Shouldn’t you be…?”
~ Jacob asking about Bella’s scar, pg. 347

“We’re a pretty messed up pair, aren’t we?” Jacob said.  “Neither one of us can hold our shape together right.” 
~ Jacob after Bella explains why she wraps her arms around herself, pg. 349

A date with Jacob, a date with Edward…
~ Bella preparing for cliff diving with Jacob, pg. 352

You wanted me to be human, I reminded him.  Well, watch me. 
~ Bella’s reply to Edward’s voice begging her not to jump off the cliff, pg. 358

Goodbye.  I love you. 
~ Bella’s last thought to Edward when she thought she was drowning, pg. 362

Important Information learned:
There’s no exact age for the change to a werewolf.

Jacob has the bloodline on both sides of his family – Ephraim Black, his father’s grandfather and Quil Ateara, his mother’s grandfather.

Ephraim Black, Quil Ateara and Levi Uley were the last pack.

Werewolves can run faster than vampires.

All the information werewolves need to know has been passed down from father to son for generations. 

Chapter Prepared By: Bronzehairedgirl