Full Name: Victoria

Status: Vampire

Date of Birth:

Originally from:

Hair color: “Brilliant orange” (TW18)

Eye color: Vampire burgundy (TW18)


Physical description: Bella describes her as “wild” and “chaotic” with a “distinctly feline” posture, and says that she has eyes that “flickered edgily.” (TW18) Her voice was “high and singsong, like a little girl’s” (BT), a “babyish soprano tinkling” (EC24)


Family members: A member of James’ coven and his mate (NM10)

Nick Names:


Personal history: Victoria first appeared with James and Laurent in the forest near the Cullen household as the group played baseball during a thunderstorm. When James chose to hunt Bella for sport, Victoria helped him. Jasper realized that Victoria would fight with James if needed (TW19). Victoria followed Esme, who was wearing Bella’s clothes to confuse the trail (TW20) . Victoria was able to do some research for James. She informed him where Bella’s mother lived and that Edward was traveling to Phoenix (TW22).

Victoria returned to the Washington State area frequently after James’ death. Victoria instructed Laurent to do some reconnaissance work for her so that she could kill Bella in revenge for killing her mate, James. (NM10) Victoria wanted to torture Bella before killing her but Laurent planned to kill Bella himself because he was thirsty and tell Victoria afterwards that he fulfilled her mission. Jacob and the rest of the werewolves destroy Laurent before he can attack Bella. Jacob was pleased to learn about Victoria because the information helped the pack with their plans to stop her (NM13).

When Bella jumped off the cliff to reconnect with Edward’s voice, she saw “fire” on the water (NM16) which might have been Victoria lurking nearby – if this was true, only Jacob’s presence saved Bella from death. Victoria was foiled again.

Victoria appeared to have a special talent for self-preservation and survival. She was a master manipulator and very evasive (SM interview #6 TST) Victoria continued to patrol the area near Forks in the hopes of ambushing Bella. While Bella was in Florida visiting her mother, Victoria caused a skirmish between the Cullens and the Quileute werewolves (EC3) – in her “instinct for evasion”, she ran along the boundary line, and prevented her pursuers from catching her.  In Bella’s final year of high school, Victoria also spent a great deal of time in Seattle, Washington. Sometime after James’ demise, she created a new vampire, Riley. With his help, Victoria created an army of newborn vampires. She kept her identity secret from all of her recent creations, so that she would avoid detection. (BT) Some of the vampires Victoria created included Diego, Fred, Bree, Kevin, Raoul, Kristie, Jen, Shelly, Steve, Doug, Adam, Sara, Heather, Jim, Logan, Warren, Dean, and Bree. (BT) Riley reported to Victoria on the status of the army via phone and clandestine visits to her secret hideaway. (BT)  During one of these meetings, Victoria and Riley were surprised by a visit from a small group of Volturi, who interrogated Victoria on her plans for her army. She was allowed to escape punishment temporarily from the Volturi once she promised that she would act within a few days against the Cullen clan. (BT)

Riley loved Victoria, but Bree (who, with Diego, spied on the duo in the forest) felt that when she originally heard Victoria and Riley talk, when she was transformed into a vampire, that “she [Victoria] hadn’t sounded like she was talking to her lover or even her friend. More like she was talking to an employee. One she didn’t like much and might fire soon” (BT) This became clear  when Riley and Victoria found Edward and Bella on the mountain during the newborn army attack (EC24). Edward told Riley that Victoria did not love him and that Victoria lied to everyone to get her own way. When Riley was ripped apart by Seth the werewolf, she “spared Riley no farewell glance”. Edward decapitated Victoria and burned her body so she would never return.

Portrayed in Twilight and New Moon by: Rachelle Lafevre

Portrayed in Eclipse by: Bryce Dallas Howard

Prepared by: Lady Di