Twilight Cast Packing Out and Heading to Vancouver

The Twilight cast have roughly a week’s worth of filming left in Baton Rogue (barring any unforeseen delays). They are then heading up to Vancouver (as the Vancouver Sun reports)where they will be filming what is assumed to be mostly exterior work. (photo via Twifans)

Both the Bella’s House location and the Jacob’s House location are anticipated. Fans however shouldn’t bank on being able to actually see any filming though. The Bella’s house location is in the middle of a long roadway with deep woods flanking it on all sides. The production in the past has blocked access on filming days. Though, the house is easy enough to see when there isn’t filming.

The same is essentially true with the Jacob’s house location. Instead of it being in the middle of a roadway, it’s a corner property. However, the barriers (in the past) have been such that no one was really able to see anything. The only exception were photographers who managed to snag a cherry picker. During the Eclipse shoot they were lifted just high enough to get an obstructed view of the wolfpack in bathrobes between takes. That incident actually freaked Bronson Pelletier out as he explained at one of the Creation Entertainment Twilight Conventions. The photographers were using laser devices to presumably judge the distance of their shots. Well, imagine the reaction when a small red dot from a beam of light landed on Bronson’s chest. Though harmless, the high-tech, laser sighting looks exactly like the rifle scopes portrayed in movies.

We’ve reported before on how there has been essentially no news or photographs coming out of Baton Rogue. With a corp of entertainment photographers, paparazzi, and press based in Vancouver, this will likely change. Baton Rogue has been very, very laid back. Almost unbelievably, the cast has been out numerous times to clubs/dinner without a bevvy of followers, lookers-on, press, etc. They have come in and out of the airport, tweeted departure times, and almost no one has gotten an airport photo.

It’s a different culture in Vancouver, they’ve had a thriving movie and TV industry for years, there is a large base of tipsters, photogs, etc based there 24/7. Count on a series of airport arrival shots, and that’s just for starters. With apologies to the Wizard of OZ, we have a message for the new cast members heading north “Welcome to Vancouver new vampires, you’re not in Kansas anymore!”

The Mounties Are On The Job

Remember last year when the Canadian Mounted Police (AKA Mounties) ensured the safty of the production crew while they shot the beach and bike scenes at Tofino?

Well the Mounties are at it again, only this time the location is a lot less exotic. It’s Bella’s house.

Imagine one of Canada’s famous Mounties. You know, the ones who appear in movies with giant stetsons and bright red serge tunics.

Now imagine vampires.

Canada’s famous police force and the world’s even more famous vampires had a meeting of sorts on Friday in Surrey, British Columbia, during a film shoot for Eclipse, the third installment in the uber popular Twilight series.

A Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer guarded 28th street in Surrey on Friday, keeping twittering Twilight fans more than half a kilometre away from the set of Bella Swan’s house.”

Read the rest on the Vancouver Sun.

The Vamps Are Back In Town

Just about everyone is covering the fact that the Eclipse cast is back in Vancity, AKA Vancouver.  Press, fans, paparazzi are all there.

The Vancouver Sun gives a rundown of the happenings, and gives a special shout out to hometown girl Jodelle Ferland who is in the movie as an unnamed newborn vampire. Most sources are speculating it’s the character or equivalent of Bree.

RadarOnline, EXTRA, everyone has pictures, too many to count.  Anyway to sum up the overabundnace of pictures, Nikki Reed, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Ashley Greene have some seriously cool handbags. However what made our day was this shot of Xavier Samuel. Seriously, we’re starting to wonder if it is a prerequisite to be a musician to be in this movie!

Vancouver or Bust

According to the Vancouver Sun there are fans sparing no expense to get to Vancouver in the hopes of a glimpse of the Twilight stars.

“But some people just aren’t satisfied to stay home and wait for the next pictures to come online, so when LeAnne Autry’s husband Chad won a pair of free airline tickets in a golf tournament he suggested she hop a flight to Vancouver.

LeAnne Autry and her sister Sara Bennett will land in Vancouver Friday and begin stalking the lanes of Yaletown is search of their favourite movie star, Robert Pattinson known to fans as RPattz, who plays the romantic lead Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies.”

Filming New Moon: The staff’s perspective

The Vancouver Sun has a new article up about what it’s been like for the production team to film in Vancouver.

When asked why all the secrecy, here was the response of co-producer Bill Bannerman

“To preserve the content of the material you’re trying to capture, with such a large fan base who know the nuances of the books so well, you have to go over-and-above ordinary means of protection. It’s to give the director and the group the space they need to work,” he said, adding the fan fervour is understandable.

It’s the nature of the beast. They analyze and want to know, but you’re building a film one shot at a time. So when people see only one piece of the puzzle, they might take it out of context. It only represents two per cent of the grander scheme.”

It also seems like Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart had just as much fun filming on the beach as the last time they were there, the day we were on set and Catherine Hardewicke described as “the day that made grown men cry” and “My worst day of filming ever.”

According to The Sun, Joan Miller, head of the Vancouver Island North Film Commission said:

“They [Kristen and Taylor] were there to do a job and they took it very seriously,” she said, shivering as she recalled how Stewart and Lautner had to work in rain, howling wind and even snow at one point. “I was freezing and I was wearing fleeces so I can only imagine how they must have felt having to say their lines over and over dressed in T-shirts.”

Sorry about the server guys, but you have great, professional coverage. Keep giving us awesome stories and we’ll send the traffic back your way.

Vancouver Sun Confirms High School Filming

The Vancouver Sun has an article confirming that David Thompson Secondary School is where New Moon will be shot. Aside from the high school, they state that, “In the past few weeks, fans have been running off their feet to catch glimpse of the stars around the city. Filming crews have been spotted at Minnekhada Regional Park in Coquitlam, in Pitt Meadows and on location at Tofino near Long Beach.”

What they don’t add in is that despite the running, no one has really seen anything because of the these locations being tightly locked down, which according to our poll from last week the majority of fans seem to think this is positive since it lets the cast and crew concentrate more.

The article also mentions the names of two local eateries where the cast has been going(second time this has been mentioned in about a week). Somehow we have the feeling that body guards or no body guards, they are probably not going to be there as frequently now that the location has been splashed all over the local media.