Breaking Dawn Baton Rouge Filming: Refreshing, Frustrating, or Infuriating

The running joke among the Lexicon staffers is that they are filming Breaking Dawn in the Stalag 17 set. If you have ever seen the movie you’ll understand why. The complex where they are shooting at the Celtic Media Center in Baton Rouge is surrounded by a big fence and has lots of cinder-block type buildings with no windows.  The grounds are patrolled by a top notch security team. Seriously, all they are missing is the roaming searchlights and a couple of snarling German shepherds. You need ID and authorized clearance just to get on the property.

So the long and short of it is, other than for one brief instance when they prepped the Volturi outside and another brief instance when they shot at a local public park(which only yielded photos of shrubs and a giant green screen), no one has been able to see anything in Louisiana, because nothing has been in public view. The only shots we’ve seen are those out of Brazil that were taken by the flotilla off shore in public waters or by those residents in Rio who observed filming from their apartments or on public land by the marina district.

The ladies over at Letters to Twilight even recently commented on it. “BREAKING NEWS: Still no new set pictures or actual evidence that they’re doing anything in Baton Rouge. SHOCKING”

Cast sightings are occasionally posted on Twitter, like Robert Pattinson seen jogging in the university area and other cast members out on the town dancing, but overall there doesn’t seem to be the wild frenzy in Baton Rogue that there was in Vancouver with a bevvy of photographers camped outside their lodgings and then chasing them all over town from Starbucks to dinner events. One of our other running jokes is, “Oh look, Kellan goes to Starbucks day 92.” We actually found the turn for the hotel where we were supposed to meet for our New Moon set visit because we had seen just that many photos of the distinctive Starbucks on the corner and knew we were close.

In fact Ted Casablanca’s team over at E! Seems to have been thwarted when they attempted to get some dirt on a cast members’ night out. “No, sorry but we have bigger things to worry about than them…like the economy.”—Spokesperson for Tsunami restaurant in Baton Rouge, La., when we called to see if Hollywood Life’s item about Robert Pattinson‘s “wild, boys’ night out” had any truth to it.”

It’s pretty different from the response in Vancouver where the restaurant dished on …well…frankly what the cast dished on.

On the other hand, Bill Condon seems to do better than David Slade in the communication and photo department. We’ve gotten 3 official stills instead of crew members throwing fish in lakes.

So how do you feel about the lack of coverage: Refreshing, Frustrating, or Infuriating?


  1. As much as I would love to see vampire Bella, it really will make things more exciting in November. Anticipation isn’t always a bad thing. 🙂

  2. I agree. Anticipation can be a good thing. There was so much stuff from New Moon, I felt like I saw the movie before I actually did. It is a little frustrating but worth it. Sort of like when you were a kid and waiting for Christmas. If you peek in your parents closet it ruins the surprise. Most of the TwiHards know what is going to happen so they need to keep some stuff secret so they can try to surprise us.

    • All the New Moon stuff… I agree, Jen. With all the production suspense, Breaking Dawn will break all the box office records.

  3. I want to see them at the restaurants, not in character, touring the city, etc. Since I have read all the books 1000 times each, I really REALLY need to look forward to the last two movies and ANTICIPATE!…ya know??

    • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the actors who portray our favorite characters, but I also appreciate that they need a break from the flashbulbs and fish bowl. Wish we could both find a happy medium. Cheers.

    • Would you want 20 photographers snapping your picture every time you left your house, being blinded by all of the flashes? And would you want those pictures posted on the internet for millions of people to see?

  4. Im glad to not see anything. All the hype and footage I saw for new moon leading up to the movie kind of took away away a lot of the excitement for me once I got to finally see it. I think we pretty much saw at least a screen shot from every scene in that movie. Eclipse was so much better because I purposely banned myself from all trailers/magazine articles etc. If you can hold out I say do it! makes it so much better much better in the end 🙂

    • I agree! I feel like ESPECIALLY with BD I don’t want to see anything ahead of time. There are so many scenes I’m excited to see that I really want to be surprised. That will make seeing the movie in November (only 10 months away everyone!) that much more special.

  5. I almost like not seeing so much…like everyone else said: anticipation! We will just have to endure the pain! I know it will be worth it. 🙂

  6. I agree. When I went to see new moon the first time, my friend and I were already quoting it. It will make it more suspenseful if they leave us to our imaginations.

  7. I agree with alot of the other commenters. Eclipse was too much before the movie was released, so you pretty much seen the movie before you actually seen the movie. I said that I was going to stay clear of pics or trailers or anything else from Breaking Dawn, I just can’t!! But glad BC isn’t releasing as much…it will make BD more exciting (however, I will be sitting real close to the TV if a trailer is shown during MTV Awards).

  8. Not seeing much makes me more excited about the movie IS THAT WEIRD ? The anticipation is the great part !

  9. I’m glad. The other movies were way overexposed by the time they came out. It took a lot of the fun out of the experience.

  10. It is most definitely refreshing.

  11. I think it is refreshing for the sake of the actors personal lives. We get a tease of Breaking Dawn with the stills, but it doesn’t reveal too much and the actors hopefully are enjoying their time making the last film without be hounded.

  12. I’m glad that they haven’t released too many spoilers from BD because I have ZERO self control, and even though I don’t want to ruin the movie, I can’t help myself because I’m just so eager. I need Bill Condon to exercise self control FOR me. Although, he still has plenty of time to release excessive clips and spoilers… Please, Bill, don’t do it! I’ll HAVE to watch them!

  13. I’m kind of glad. I hope they are able to enjoy just a little bit of normalcy. I know they are recognized everywhere they go, but at least they can feel pretty safe on set.

    And I’m kind of glad we don’t have any more set pics than we do. It’s just enough to tease but not enough to give too much away.

  14. Joshua L. Roberts says

    I tend to agree with everyone else. While it is nice to get an inside look at the film making process, the overexposure at times with the other films, sort of took away from the over all experience at the movie, as you had already heard (via Twitter), or saw enough stills to get a concept as to how they are going to make the movie work.
    The reality is, this is HOW movie making should be. Just like an unfinished books isn’t suppose to be read until it is finished, edited, and polished, a movie is meant to be seen once it has been edited and polished, scored and ready to be shown. Before the Twilight saga, most movies filmed in secretly with tight security to prevent unneeded exposure.

    All in all, I think the silence will help Breaking Dawn in the end, not hurt.

  15. I’m going to say all three.

    It is infuriating because it is SUCH a 180 from what they did with Twilight. Remember, back in the day (note: sarcasm) when no one really knew what the movies were going to be or what to expect? The stars of the film were on MTV weekly and they were doing everything they could to get any kind of attention to the film. And, yes, I absolutely realize that for security purposes alone, they have to be much more guarded. Also, overexposure can be a killer (*coughRazziescough*). But, surely there has to be some happy medium? ALthough, I agree that I am MUCH happier with BC than DS in the “tantalize the fans with ACTUAL film-related pictures and information” department. Still, throw a girl a bone, would ya!?!?

    It’s frustrating because I feel like there is such an overreaction in terms of hiding things. The films are based on a novel that has been in wide release for 2 1/2 years. We KNOW what happens. It’s not like we’ll be surprised when there’s a wedding or Bella finds out she’s pregnant. Also, I need to be prepared for certain things. For instance, I thank the gods every day that the “parking lot”… adaptation in Eclipse was released. If I’d seen that for the first time in the theaters, I would have been bodily removed because I would have spent 15 minutes yelling at the screen and Melissa Rosenburg using very NON-family friendly language. I know that some people want to stay spoiler free. Alright. No one’s forcing them to look or watch and we, as an online community, do our very best to limit the exposure to spoilers for those who do not want to see.

    But, at the same time, I absolutely love that the actors are not being hasseled and chased through town and can make their morning Starbux run without worrying about being molested in the carpark.

    It’s frustrating because

    • *Quote JazzGirl* I would have spent 15 minutes yelling at the screen and Melissa Rosenburg using very NON-family friendly language.
      – somebody actually did that when I was watching the movie.-

      I am glad to NOT see any pictures of Breaking Dawn. When New Moon came out, someone put all the trailors togethter in order of sequence. It was like watching the movie BEFORE the movie.
      To answer the question for this post: it is refreshing. With the final book being made into a movie, I cannot say that I will be suprised at what happens due to reading the book countless times, but I want the movie version to be supprising. I want to see Bella’s dress for the first time on the movie screen. I want to see VampBella for the first time on the screen.

      • VolturiGirl where have you been? I haven’t seen you on here for awhile! Glad you’re back b/c I always agree with you lol. Yes we know what will happen-generally (we know there will be some changes to the sequence of events, as there always is).

        Yes, I know Bella and Edward will get married. I know how it’s described in the book. What I don’t know is how it’s going to come to life on the big screen. What will Bella’s dress look like? Alice’s dress? Will it be at the Cullen house, like in the book? Or when Bella opens her eyes as a vampire, will we see things from her point of view or will we see everyone else looking down at her? These are just a few examples of how we know what the story is, but I don’t know how it’ll play out. And I for one don’t want to see pictures of all of that stuff. It’ll make the moment that much more exciting to see it when the movie is finished and gorgeous (as I’m sure it will be).

  16. TwiMomGran says

    I guess I am still asking “Why are they filming in Baton Rouge LOUISIANA?????”
    There is nothing northwesty about Louisiana. Trust me, I live in the northwest. So they are doing green screens to give the NW look? UGHHHH!!

    Well, please just give us the movie! I really really really hate having to wait until NOVEMBER 2011 to see Part 1 Breaking Dawn and then another whole year to see Part 2. These will be far the best movies of Edward and Bella grown up with grown up lives. Bring it on already!

    • I’m a little confused about where they are doing most of the shooting too; there are lots of places in the North West that aren’t going to be too crazy and still have the right look. I have faith that it will all turn out; luckily Stephenie is involved and she will make it so.

    • It’s cheaper than Vancouver. That’s why they’re doing most of the filming in LA. However, given the success of the movies, I’m not sure if money is the only reason.

    • They are probably on sound stages right now. When you’re filming indoors it doesn’t matter what it looks like outside. And as Brittney said, they received incentives (like tax breaks) to film in Louisiana. They do plan to do some location filming in Vancouver for outdoor shots. I think I read somewhere that they’ve started rebuilding Bella’s house.

    • The only people who say that are people who haven’t been to Louisiana. Contrary to popular belief, the state is not filled with swamps, bayous, and Mardi Gras floats. We actually have almost any kind of terrain that you can find in the US…minus the mountains, of course. Also, as someone else stated, it is considerably cheaper to film here than in Vancouver. There are all kinds of tax breaks and whatnot for movies that film here. Do some research, you might be surprised.

  17. Breaking Dawn is my favourite book and the movie(s) I’m looking forward to the most so I’m actually glad that there isn’t that much being released; I don’t want it spoiled for me. As long as they follow the books and keep doing what they have been doing I’ll be happy 🙂

  18. Better for book readers and worse for movie goers….Book readers already know what’s going to happen. The whole fun of the movie for me is getting to see the book come to life. It’s nooooo fun if I see the whole movie in bits of Trailer and leaked photos. One or two sneak peeks are nice…a thousand….not so much…

  19. REFRESHING!!!!!
    Less fuel to feed the media. I’m SICK of the abnormal amount of attention these movies are getting. And… less spoilers = more fun at the movies! 😀

    • I see things this way.

      Serious Twilight fans have already read the book, so as far as events go, there’s few surprises to be had there. But then again, how many people have seen previous films and have had to have things explained to them by fans cos’ they didn’t bother to read the damn books?!

      Of course, they don’t want us to see how the text in the book will translate to the screen. They want us to be surprised with how Kristen Stewart adapts to Bella adapting to being a vampire, for example, or how Renesmee will turn out on screen.

      The big thing that I’m happy about, having read Breaking Dawn, is that Kristen, Rob, Taylor and the cast can do their jobs without being harassed to the extend that they have been in the past.

      Granted, some of the security measures are sort of insane, but so are a small but prevalent sect of fans–the obcessed ones that give the majority of the fans of any big media franchise a bad name. And it can take only one insane, over the top fan to really do some damage.

      It’s just like Audi Sport and the Audi R18 racing car–we only know basic specs and what have been gleaned from press photos and a few spy shots. Audi won’t even tell us what changes they’ve made to the R15 that will race in place of the R18 at the 12 Hours of Sebring while the R18 is undergoing testing, and the R15 is a 2 year old car that’s basically in theory obscolsecent under the rules.

      I do think that Bill and the cast and crew are trying to strike a happy medium. Catherine and Chris were very open, while Dave tended to be sort of closed. Bill wants to minimize spoilers while letting us in on what’s going on a keeping us in the loop and letting us know that he, the Trio, and the rest of the cast and crew are thinking of us.

      And it all goes back to Kristen’s comments on the relationship she’s having with Rob–she won’t admit to it because it won’t stop discussion, and it’ll likely make things worse, as people will ask for details. That’s why Audi is being tight lipped about their new racing cars, and that’s why Bill is being a bit tight lipped about the goings on on the BD set. At least he’s trying to keep us in the loop without giving too much away. And it makes the cast and crew’s job easier when they have a director who’s with them on that subject.

  20. I’m sure it’s all according to plan and I think it’s great. Sometimes too much info ruins the movie. I am also glad Rob and Kristen are getting some well deserved privacy.

  21. I have mixed feelings. I would love to get some set pics (that’s what helps with this long wait!) But then on the other hand I’m glad we haven’t gotten much so as to not spoil it for when I see the movie. Plus I’m sure once filming moves back to Vancouver we will get more pics.

  22. I like that everything is so under cover! I like that the cast/crew aren’t being hounded 24/7. By time Twilight came out, I felt like I had watched the whole movie before stepping into the theater. Which led me to waiting until it came out on DVD. Same thing with New Moon. I tried to stay away from anything Eclipse related, and it sorta worked! I’m sure as it gets closer to release, more pics/spoilers will come out. But for now, I am enjoying not being bombarded with all thing BD related!

  23. I like not having photos everywhere and ruining the anticipation. I also like that Bill throws us a bone every now and again at the holidays…so what do you think we’ll get for Valentine’s Day? Maybe a picture of the reception set-up? Or her flowers? Maybe a close-up picture of some lace on the wedding dress?

  24. You know what? you could have written this article without slamming Vancouver every chance you get. Every. Chance. I don’t know if the author of this post is Anti-Canadian or what, but here is a dose of reality for you; the only reason the paps came to Vancouver to invade the other films was because they were sent from AMERICA and because the AMERICAN public was purchasing high volumes of these rags and gossip papers. And you, Twilight Lexicon, have the nerve to link to the stupid restaurant article and say in the same sentence how much better B.R restaurants are than Vancouver because they didn’t report on what they ate. This is totally hypocritical, you obviously believe your website to be above the rest because you don’t post pap trash but you DO. And then trash talk the city that brought two installments (and soon three) of this film franchise to fans and treated cast and crew so well.

    Yes, I live in Vancouver and yes, I also work in the film industry and yes I worked in post for both New Moon and Eclipse. Next time, before you claim how badly Vancouver failed at meeting the needs of privacy etc for cast please think of those of us who work around the clock to ensure EVERYONES safety, and our job is made more difficult because of the American paps.

    • Twilight_News says

      Umm you might want to check your facts Punkd, pursuit, oltv, canadagraphs and that’s just a few twitter handles of the photogs who are on top of the Vancity movie scene. They deal in everything from autographs, to on the street shots, to filming coverage. They are all Canadians, have been there for years. And they cover the movie scene in Vancouver 24/7 none of them are Americans. Something if you were actually in any way connected to the films industry up there you would actually know.

      The other thing is it’s no secret where the cast is filming. The so called American paps that you claim invaded Vancouver certainly could have gone to Louisiana. The demand for R&K pics, Kellan, Jackson, Nikki..hell pick a Cullen, hasn’t changed. Fact is, the paps of any kind haven’t come to Lousiana. There are no candid photos from paps and the cast is quite openly tweeting about going out. Reason=They aren’t the American paps that took the majority of the Saga footage! The American paps are mostly Los Angeles or NYC based and they tend to stay there. Getting an LA pap out of the TMZ (AKA the 30 mile zone) is a miracle. Reason being the area is super saturated, no need to go too far. You make bigger bank on your photos when you don’t have overhead of extra lodging, air fare, etc.

      As for Americans sending them, I’m pretty sure they’ll happily sell their pictures to whoever wants to buy them them be they US or anywhere else based. Just like lots of magazine all over the world bought the shots that came out of Brazil that were sold by Quem. Twilight is global in case you didn’t notice.

      As for us posting pap shots, we don’t. If there are shots taken from the established sidelines that any bystander can take we do. Otherwise we don’t.

      • So glad you responded to that post. I’m one of the awful Americans who has been to Vancouver twice. I even went to a 100 Monkeys concert just to see Jackson and any of the cast who showed up (Nikki, Elizabeth and Stephenie herself!). The only reason I went to Vancouver is because I made new friends through reading the saga. It’s absolutely beautiful there and so different from Florida. I contributed a lot of my money to the economy too! I think the defensive poster must have been the security guard who yelled at me for taking a picture of stunt double filming for eclipse (they were on a break!!!). LOL

        BTW, I think the lack of pics is refreshing. Though I would love to see the main cast in costume and out, I’m glad they could go somewhere to get a little distance and privacy from prying eyes, including mine. I think this has less to do with the country and more to do with the fact that the filming is taking place behind a gated film studio.

    • smitten_by_twilight says

      RELAX! I read the same stuff that you did and I was not left with the impression that anyone was trash-talking Vancouver – just complimenting Baton Rouge. I’m sure Vancouver is a lovely city with an overwhelming number of lovely people, many of whom will be working their hind ends off on security for OUTDOOR shots, much tougher than security for indoor shots. Soon, the movies will be done (sniff, sniff) and the horrible Americans will go somewhere else.

    • smitten_by_twilight says

      No more frustrating than waiting for the movie anyway. A bit refreshing.
      I always feel oddly protective towards the Trio especially, probably because Kristen and Taylor are young enough to be my children, helped by everyone’s endearing inarticulateness in public. I’m glad to see that everyone can be sheltered a bit on set, concentrate on the movie, not be bothered by those few jerks out there. It sucks not to be able to go out and buy your own produce. And I really think that I will enjoy the movie more with less moving footage released – I can restrain myself from shouting aloud in theatres. I like the idea of a Valentine from BC, though!

  25. I just wish Condon would release an official pic of Jacob! We’ve seen Bella and Edward, now throw us Jake fans a bone( no pun intended)..hehe

  26. We got so use to stuff being put on line for New Moon and Eclipse. Wished they’d give us a little more. Their making us wait long enough. Could not believe it when I read about when first trailer will be out. Come on give us something already

  27. Bill said that he was deliberately trying to mislead us with what he was releasing, so…

  28. Just be patient and wait! All the cast and crew can concentrate so much more on their work without curious people watching, filming, taking pics (or even screaming!) and so on. It´s a long time to wait but we will enjoy BD much more if we don´t know everything before seeing it.

  29. I love that we dont get any info! The last two movies were both spolierific! You could basically put the movie together with the amount of pictures you got from New Moon filming. And when they finally did release stills for Eclipse, well you knew what scene it was and so on. I am very excited it is so tightly wrapped. My only concern..once they get into Vancouver are going to be bombarded with pics? I hope not. I would actually like to enjoy the surprise aspect of the whole thing!

  30. I’m going to say all three.

  31. i would love 2 watch the filming this would mean a loy2 me especially since im aspecial needs child

  32. As someone who is from the Baton Rouge area I think it is refreshing. Yes, it is exciting that they are filming here, but I think I have the same views on it as most of the locals. It is cool, but they are just people trying to go out and have fun like everyone else. For instance a few months ago I was at a show at The Varsity in BR and their were quite a few cast members there and everyone for the most part let them be and enjoyed the show.

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