The Vamps Are Back In Town

Just about everyone is covering the fact that the Eclipse cast is back in Vancity, AKA Vancouver.  Press, fans, paparazzi are all there.

The Vancouver Sun gives a rundown of the happenings, and gives a special shout out to hometown girl Jodelle Ferland who is in the movie as an unnamed newborn vampire. Most sources are speculating it’s the character or equivalent of Bree.

RadarOnline, EXTRA, everyone has pictures, too many to count.  Anyway to sum up the overabundnace of pictures, Nikki Reed, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Ashley Greene have some seriously cool handbags. However what made our day was this shot of Xavier Samuel. Seriously, we’re starting to wonder if it is a prerequisite to be a musician to be in this movie!



  2. OK so nobody really likes to travel by plane and we all get confused by what to wear and so
    on.But im not an actor or anything but come on put matching clothes on or put a a cool sweat suit on.They all make enough money cant help it live by new york city…just into clothes and stuff..

    • switzgal says:

      I love clothes too but when I travel I like to dress comfy. Besides they probably want to just blend in with the other passengers and airport crowd.

  3. I love the photos but I miss Rachelle…

  4. I remember them filming Twilight in my city: Vancouver, WA…and how low key it was. Now it’s blown up to such an insane following. Bring it on!

  5. Cristina says:

    I love the way Nikki Reed shoots a fan with just Taylor.. she seems really nice. The whole cast looks FANtastic! I’m so excited for Eclipse. I know a lot of fans miss Rachelle, but Bryce is a wonderful actress as well and at this point she’s there already so we have no choice but to accept her.

  6. prerequisite…tell me about it. most of them play the guitar.

  7. aww… looking at bryce makes me miss rachelle… but im sure bryce dallas howard will be great 🙂

  8. Alex Meraz admitted he doesn’t play an instrument or sing. He does however paint and dance. I guess acting is just another outlet for creative energy. I wonder what that says about me when I find accounting soothing and theraeputic.

    We haven’t seen New Moon yet and already we are swarming the set of Eclipse. I love this fandom.

  9. Maybe, i missed something? Do we know who is directing Eclipse? That book is my fav of the four, I hope they do a really really great job.

  10. Okay… now, all the madness of some sick fans & all things that all stalkerazzi & s**t tabloid was waiting for… the vamps return.

  11. David Slade is the director of course!

    and for a minute there i thought he was rob!

    f**k taylor and rob…i have a new hotty on my list 😛

  12. Hismix7123 says:

    Hey! Here’s just a random thought for the Eclipse Movie Soundtrack: You know the scene where Edward, Bella, and Jacob are in the tent in the clearing right before the fight, in the middle of the snowstorm? Well, I was thinking that in the background, “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers should be playing. In that scene, Edward is pained to see Jacob and Bella cuddling close together in order to keep Bella warm during the snow storm. “Mr. Brightside” talks about a guy watching his girlfriend/wife with another, and how he suffers. I think it can relate to this scene. Listen to the song or look up the lyrics and tell me what you think! Thanks guys!!!

  13. happy halloween peeps 🙂 🙂 lol got any tips for a scarey look

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