Vancouver Sun Confirms High School Filming

The Vancouver Sun has an article confirming that David Thompson Secondary School is where New Moon will be shot. Aside from the high school, they state that, “In the past few weeks, fans have been running off their feet to catch glimpse of the stars around the city. Filming crews have been spotted at Minnekhada Regional Park in Coquitlam, in Pitt Meadows and on location at Tofino near Long Beach.”

What they don’t add in is that despite the running, no one has really seen anything because of the these locations being tightly locked down, which according to our poll from last week the majority of fans seem to think this is positive since it lets the cast and crew concentrate more.

The article also mentions the names of two local eateries where the cast has been going(second time this has been mentioned in about a week). Somehow we have the feeling that body guards or no body guards, they are probably not going to be there as frequently now that the location has been splashed all over the local media.


  1. arazcal says:

    I for one am glad for the secrecy and the locked down sets. I want New Moon to be a surprise for me. The best way to describe it: you have a wrapped present sitting in your hands. You have 2 choices: tear into it or hold onto it and savor the anticipation of what’s inside. I want to be glued to my seat in the theatre anxious for what’s next.
    Don’t get me wrong- I enjoy a glimpse at what’s going on just as much as the next Twihard- but a peek every now and then warms me up!
    Anxious with anticipation for 11.20.09 but “enjoying the bouquet without drinking the wine” as Edward would say!

  2. lirael cullen says:

    its exciting to finally here about where the shooting and stuff. lol but i do have to admit its getting me frustrated not being able to see anything at all! lol i’ve been spoiled to often already but, its for the best and as arazcal stated above… “enjoying the bouquet without drinking the wine”

  3. Laura Cullen says:

    ahhhhh thats such a cute picturrrrrreeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I think if they have the locations on lockdown then there’s no point in even bothering them because they want to film without disruptions. Lets all just let them do their jobs and wait until the trailer and movie comes out to see what goes on in filming. Plus quit giving away the locations that the cast eat at because you spoil it for them and I’m sure you would hate it if you were in their shoes. Let them have a nice meal.

  5. My friend actually studies in that school. Lucky, lucky her.

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