Vancouver or Bust

According to the Vancouver Sun there are fans sparing no expense to get to Vancouver in the hopes of a glimpse of the Twilight stars.

“But some people just aren’t satisfied to stay home and wait for the next pictures to come online, so when LeAnne Autry’s husband Chad won a pair of free airline tickets in a golf tournament he suggested she hop a flight to Vancouver.

LeAnne Autry and her sister Sara Bennett will land in Vancouver Friday and begin stalking the lanes of Yaletown is search of their favourite movie star, Robert Pattinson known to fans as RPattz, who plays the romantic lead Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies.”


  1. Luck chick. πŸ™‚
    Well good lcuk stalking and take great pictures. We’re counting on you!!

  2. Yikes…stalking Robert…poor guy. He’s such a good sport for putting up with such things!

  3. Catherine says:

    lol the husband who won the tickets doesn’t even get to go?! πŸ˜›

  4. lucky girl! but take it easy on rob…he’s so sweet and gracious about all the fan encounters, but there is a good possibility that one day he’s just gonna snap under the pressure!! happy hunting =D

  5. BloodSuckingLeech says:

    Hey she’s got one fantastic husband! What a lucky lucky woman!

  6. LUCKY!

  7. leave the poor guy alone

  8. I am going to stay home and wait for picture and information. Stalking ewwwww… Poor Rob and the rest of the cast.

  9. I feel so bad for this cast. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy reading all the great stories about the New Moon production,but I think people take it to far. Poor Robert, he can’t even go out on his own without being attacked by females. I think we should leave them alone and let them make a great movie…all these distractions are going to drive them mad

  10. sounds like adventure and fun are in your future-
    even if you don’t spot any of them (and i hope you do)
    that would be the cherry on top, you will still have the time of your life and make fab memories with your sister. kudos to your awesome husband who seems to understand the twi-fever that is so infectious. what a good sport. with you in spirit. i use to take my daughter to “new kids on the block” if they were anywhere close, we made memories that will last 4-ever, and it was always fun….happy hunting

  11. kellan fan says:

    i must say this is getting ridiculous. dont get me wrong i absolutley love the whole twilight phenomenon, but, you guys arent treating the cast as ppl. in every article ive ever happened to read about rob (only a few) he says that to avoid fans and paparazzi he has to hide in the dark and unsafe corners of the cities. if rob had and TRUE fans, the encounters would be less hectic and you’d stop driving him crazy depressed and stop making him become more withdrawn from the world. i’m not a rob fan anywayz im just saying. idc if u look for him just dont attack him. have a nice trip on that lovely note. :p

  12. It’s bad enough that the cast has to deal with the paparazzi stalking them everywhere and gossip columnist writing complete BS stories about them just so they can get hits on their websites and sell magazines, but then on top of that you got crazy ass fans following them all over the place. Jesus Christ they are human beings not some hot accessory that you need to find. This is probably one of the main reasons that Chris has the set closed. Leave them alone. This is why we have actors leave the country all together and not come back unless they’re making a movie.

  13. AlbertaJenn says:

    Don’t worry, everyone! The RCMP are guarding the cast and keeping the fans a fair distance away from the set. Although the fans may be going to Vancouver, it does not mean they will get close enough to the set to meet, or even see, the cast.

    But don’t get me wrong: Vancouver is a great place to visit. There are many things to do and see, even if Rob escapes your grasp! πŸ˜‰

  14. The point is not only stalking the set, but stalking them in town, in bars, in restaurants, in hotels, on the sidewalk, the airport, you know, EVERYWHERE! Most people know they can’t get close to the set, so they wait to see them off the set.

    I agree with Melisa, this scares the bejeezus out of them and that is why they start to avoid the general public. Years ago, our parents and grandparents could tell stories of sitting next to stars in restaurants or bars and chatting with them and whatnot. F’rinstance, and this is going waaay back, but my grandma danced the polka with Bobby Darin! (He was very handsome in the day.) The guy DANCED with her! You don’t see that much these days, do ya? They’re always in some VIP room.

  15. I forgot to add, because they are scared of us…

  16. Lucky,lucky her! I wish I could atleast see the cast from a distance.

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