Filming New Moon: The staff’s perspective

The Vancouver Sun has a new article up about what it’s been like for the production team to film in Vancouver.

When asked why all the secrecy, here was the response of co-producer Bill Bannerman

“To preserve the content of the material you’re trying to capture, with such a large fan base who know the nuances of the books so well, you have to go over-and-above ordinary means of protection. It’s to give the director and the group the space they need to work,” he said, adding the fan fervour is understandable.

It’s the nature of the beast. They analyze and want to know, but you’re building a film one shot at a time. So when people see only one piece of the puzzle, they might take it out of context. It only represents two per cent of the grander scheme.”

It also seems like Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart had just as much fun filming on the beach as the last time they were there, the day we were on set and Catherine Hardewicke described as “the day that made grown men cry” and “My worst day of filming ever.”

According to The Sun, Joan Miller, head of the Vancouver Island North Film Commission said:

“They [Kristen and Taylor] were there to do a job and they took it very seriously,” she said, shivering as she recalled how Stewart and Lautner had to work in rain, howling wind and even snow at one point. “I was freezing and I was wearing fleeces so I can only imagine how they must have felt having to say their lines over and over dressed in T-shirts.”

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  1. Sophieee says:

    I cannot wait till new moon (:
    It’s gonna be sooooo good!
    I think in some ways newmoon will be better than twilight, because atleast now they know how big this twilight thing is, and how much people love it!

  2. That totally makes sense. I’ve never actually followed the making of a movie so completely until this one and watching it unfold is sooooo amazing. These talented people really are, ‘building a movie – one shot at a time”.

    I mean, if you think about it, we grow attached to the characters chronologically, but how difficult it must be for an actor to instantaneously assume character at a random point in the script, especially when it’s freezing cold and you’re wearing a T-shirt. Hats off…

    Now what doesn’t make sense is why they have to be all secret about the rest of the cast list…anybody know? So what if the adoring fans know who the rest of the Volturi are?

  3. Yay for New Moon! 🙂

  4. I think secrecy is really good.It’s better when the suspense isn’t spoiled.But at the same time,it isn’t easy to just sit and wait either.Anyway,the cast needs protection from us.

  5. Rachel A. says:

    #1, NM will definately be better than Twilight! 🙂

    I feel bad for everyone that had to film in the crazy cold weather. I hate the cold!

  6. T-shirts?! Imagine how Taylor may feel when he has to run around half-naked and barefoot?! O__O Whoa.

  7. I’m glad the producers are doing the best they can to keep everything under wraps. How horrible would it be if New Moon wound up online like the leaked Wolverine film?

    Though I’m chomping at the bit for NM, I’m trying to keep as spoiler free as possible. Which is saying something. My friends call me a Spoiler — [rhymes with “more”].

  8. well I can certainly understand why they keep things under wraps. they want us to be shocked, surprised and amazed! The cast are doing a wonderful job I bet. With seeing the documentary of the making of twilight, I never knew how much work wentinto making a movie. Now, watching nm unfold with each passing day, It’s really amazing to get little sneak peaks that give us just a bit of what’s to come, but not enough to spoil everything until the opening day in November. Patience is key though for us right?
    We all have one thing in common, we love these books, we love these people who have made these books and our beloved characters come to life, so with that we must wait with all kinds of fantastic excitement as they bring us the next instalment.

  9. Devon061381 says:

    I can understand wanting to keep things under wraps – I detest spoilers, it just ruins everything – but I would love, love, love to see Larry Carroll on set with some MTV coverage. A woman can wish, right?

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