The Mounties Are On The Job

Remember last year when the Canadian Mounted Police (AKA Mounties) ensured the safty of the production crew while they shot the beach and bike scenes at Tofino?

Well the Mounties are at it again, only this time the location is a lot less exotic. It’s Bella’s house.

Imagine one of Canada’s famous Mounties. You know, the ones who appear in movies with giant stetsons and bright red serge tunics.

Now imagine vampires.

Canada’s famous police force and the world’s even more famous vampires had a meeting of sorts on Friday in Surrey, British Columbia, during a film shoot for Eclipse, the third installment in the uber popular Twilight series.

A Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer guarded 28th street in Surrey on Friday, keeping twittering Twilight fans more than half a kilometre away from the set of Bella Swan’s house.”

Read the rest on the Vancouver Sun.


  1. I wonder if the Mounties were on horseback while Jasper was filming his equestrian scenes? Now that would have been worth waiting in the cold to see 🙂

  2. glad that they’re keeping people away. I feel really bad for the actors and actresses. especially Rob, poor guy looks like he could have a nervous breakdown. wish girls would back off and remember he’s not a piece of meat.

  3. Wohoooo Mounties!!!!!
    I was just in vancouver this year visting my aunt I left 2 days before they arrived 🙁
    O well. I’m glad the mounties are there protecting the cast cause I know us Canadians get get pretty Obbsessed :S

  4. yeah we just call them RCMP’s. but good job, my uncle is an rcmp in surrey i will need to get him on the phone asap

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