Just For Fun: What Twilight Spin-Off/Sequel Would You Want?

The rumors of a Bree Tanner movie in the works proved to be false; however, there’s lots of material and possibilities in the Twilight universe.

MTV has a poll up talking about some of those possibilities as far as movies go. Here’s what they came up with:

“Midnight Sun.” Even if it’s just as encouragement for Stephenie Meyer to finish the book.

“The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.” Bree deserves to have her story told!

The Volturi. Even after the events of “Breaking Dawn,” there’s probably more drama to tell.

Renesmee and Jacob. We want to see them have a romance in a non-creepy way.

Carlisle Cullen. His early days as a vampire could easily have their own film trilogy.

So which one would you like to see as a movie or as a book? Let us know in the comments.

Also vote over on MTV and see where you stand compared to other fans.

E! Meet Edward Cullen, The Pussy

This is one of those times where you just have to read the story to learn about the picture, no intro does it justice. Check out “Edward Cullen Is a Pussy” on E!.

White Twilight For the UK

We aren’t really sure what sparked the color change, but now we have a glimpse of what a limited edition of Twilight in the UK is going to look like:

It’s not the first time the Brits have done their own thing with the book covers. You can see the original UK covers of New Moon and Twilight below. By the time Eclipse rolled around they decided to go with the the US edition cover.

According to The Bookseller: “The four limited-edition titles: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, will be published by Atom on 14th October as £7.99 paperbacks, available only in the UK and Ireland, and Little, Brown’s territories including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India. The white editions will not be available in the US.

The white titles will only be published between October and Christmas 2010, replacing the usual black jackets. The titles will have crimson-edged pages and crimson back covers, with text confined to the spines.”

There is no listing as of yet on Amazon UK, but generally speaking you can get UK published items sent to other parts of the world as long as you are willing to pay the shipping. EDITED: Search on Amazon UK for “Twilight Paperback, New Moon paperback” etc and you can preorder  http://wp.me/pZlGB-5bv Total cost for all four white version to USA is £39.91 which is roughly $63.00 at current conversion rates. That does not include shipping.

Indigo’s Teen Read Awards

!ndigo (one of the bigger book outlets in Canada) has just launched their very first  Teen Read Awards.

Twilight is up for Best All Time Fav

New Moon is up for Best Book to Flick.

Breaking Dawn is up for Best Lip Lock.

So go and cast your vote if you are a Canadian. There are some cool prizes.

Also, today for those of you wanting a paperback version, Breaking Dawn comes out in paperback in the USA.

NPR: Team Bella or Team Lisbeth

twilight-booksNPR examines the rising role of of the female protagonist driving megafranchises in print and on screen.

“If you look at the most successful pop franchises over the past 50 years — from James Bond to Star Wars to Harry Potter — one thing is obvious: They’re dominated by men. Which makes it all the more remarkable that right now there are two cultural juggernauts centering on women — the Twilight series, created by Stephenie Meyer, and Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy, featuring The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Together the novels have sold tens of millions of copies, while the screen adaptations are raking in dollars by the hundreds of millions.

To be honest, neither Meyer nor Larsson is a great writer. But their legions of fans don’t care. That’s because Twilight and Millennium offer something readers often like better than literary merit — primal fantasies. And what’s interesting is that these two fantasies are almost diametrically opposed, not least in their image of women.”

See more on NPR

Twilight Saga on Challenged Book List

twilight-booksAccording to the AP, the Twilight books have landed on this years list of most challenged books from the American Library Association. Other books on the list include yearly repeats such as To Kill a Mockingbird, The Catcher in the Rye, and Huck Finn. Twilight in the number 5 position in regards to the number of challenges lobbied.

According to the AP:

“Meyer’s multimillion-selling “Twilight” series was ranked No. 5 on the annual report of “challenged books” released Wednesday by the American Library Association. Meyer’s stories of vampires and teen romance have been criticized for sexual content; a library association official also thinks that the “Twilight” series reflects general unease about supernatural stories.

“Vampire novels have been a target for years and the `Twilight’ books are so immensely popular that a lot of the concerns people have had about vampires are focused on her books,” says Barbara Jones, director of the association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom.”

The number of books (reported)in 2009 was 60, which is down from 513 in 2008. All totaled, 81 books were actually removed.

So What is Their Favorite Twilight Book

book-stackWe’re going to start digging through old videos and Tweets to get the answers, but if you can find the answer and link us let us know. We are keeping a master list of what is each actor’s favorite Twilight book.


Ashley Greene
Elizabeth Reaser
Justin Chon
Edi Gathegi

New Moon

Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson


Peter Facinelli
Kellan Lutz
Taylor Lautner
Chaske Spencer
Tyson Houseman
Mike Welch
Jackson Rathbone

Breaking Dawn

Christian Serratos

***Note stars have changed their minds in some cases after rereads or just in general. So what we have done is gone with date coding and their most recent answer. For example, there are interviews of Chaske Spencer citing both New Moon and Eclipse. Peter has said “whichever one I’m rereading.” We have gone with the most recent answers.

Twilight Poised To Take China By Storm

We all know how we felt waiting for New Moon. Now imagine that you live in China, where the books have recently been translated, and now Twilight is set to open. They still have to wait for New Moon.


See the full story and video on CCTV.

There is no doubt that Twilight is a world-wide phenomena. Just looking at our own Google Analytics we have had over 615 visitors from China from Beijing, Shanghi, Wuxi and other cities.

We even just heard in from Tahiti…that’s right… Tahiti! If four years ago someone had told us that people would be writing us from Tahiti and Abu Dahbi, I mean we would have asked them if they went off their meds.

Here’s what Natai from Tahiti had to say, “We were a little late, since the movie came out only yesterday, Wednesday 25th. But, on Saturday 21st, a New Moon Premier was organized, where they showed both movies of the Saga! It was great fun! It all started at 5:30, but we all met there around 1pm! I had ordered some T-shirts for us from cafepress. Here are some pictures, but there aren’t big enough…Even on the other side of the world, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, on a small island, people love Stephenie Meyer, the Twilight Saga in books and movies!!!”

Meet The Man Who Signed Off On Twilight

Amanda Bell, the Twilight Examiner, has a great article that features former head of Warner Books, Larry Kirschbaum. Back when the contracts for Twilight were being drawn up, Little Brown was then owned by the Time Warner Book Group. Shortly after Twilight’s release in print, Little Brown was acquired by Hachette. Hachette still currently owns Little Brown.

The key place that you want to look in this video that details the ins and out of the publishing business is the 2:10 mark.

The Twilight Saga Breaks a USA Today Record

We’ve often said that the only way in which the Twilight novels and Harry Potter novels can be compared is the fact that they were books directed at younger audiences, written by previously unpublished women, they have tremendous sales totals, and they have fanatic fan followings. In fact we just turned down participating in an webevent that wanted a faceoff to determine which was better, because it’s not a contest. Reading, in our opinion, shouldn’t be a contest. Especially since the books are differnt genres, it would be like asking what’s better a cubist Picasso or an impressionist Monet.

USA Today just announced that the Twilight Saga broke a record previously held by Harry Potter. So you can see how the sales total comparison is an interesting one.

According to USA Today:

“The four-book Twilight series has sunk its fangs into USA TODAY’s Best-Selling Books list — with no signs of letting go. Meyer’s domination of the list for the past 12 months has smashed records that until now had belonged to J.K. Rowling.

Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in the teen-vampire romance series, entered the list at No. 1 on Aug. 2, 2008. Its sales and those of Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse, the first three books, have remained staggering.

This week, Meyer’s novels are Nos. 4, 5, 6 and 7 on USA TODAY’s list.

Rowling, overall, has sold more books than Meyer — her seven-book series about boy wizard Harry Potter has 143 million copies in print in the USA, while Meyer has sold 40 million copies of her four books. But Rowling can’t match Meyer’s control of the list.”

Check out the whole story on USA Today. It doesn’t take sides in which novels are better, but it provides an interesting insight into their respective sales patterns and histories.