Just For Fun: What Twilight Spin-Off/Sequel Would You Want?

The rumors of a Bree Tanner movie in the works proved to be false; however, there’s lots of material and possibilities in the Twilight universe.

MTV has a poll up talking about some of those possibilities as far as movies go. Here’s what they came up with:

“Midnight Sun.” Even if it’s just as encouragement for Stephenie Meyer to finish the book.

“The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.” Bree deserves to have her story told!

The Volturi. Even after the events of “Breaking Dawn,” there’s probably more drama to tell.

Renesmee and Jacob. We want to see them have a romance in a non-creepy way.

Carlisle Cullen. His early days as a vampire could easily have their own film trilogy.

So which one would you like to see as a movie or as a book? Let us know in the comments.

Also vote over on MTV and see where you stand compared to other fans.


  1. I would like to see them make a Bree Tanner movie, but I would love to see a movie that portrays Midnight Sun or the early days of Carlisle

    • I would like to see the first movie Twilight re-done only this time actually using the book as a guideline. So much was not covered: Blood typing scene, the first kiss, the real meadow scenes, anything and everything having to do with the Cullens and also their close relationship with Bella, Ben Cheney and Lauren Mallory. Bring back the same cast, but do it right this time.

    • i sooo agree with you! I also think the acting was a little iffy in the first movie for some of them, and they’ve done it long enough that they’ve grown into the character more, not to mention it would make even more money! &they would have more then they did in the first one! I second this vote!!!!

  2. i would definitely love to see a movie or book based on carlisle. or even on jasper and his time in the newborn armies!!

    and why didn’t anyone think of alice? alice’s life pre-vamp could be interesting.

    • Vampire-girl says:

      Stephi -I agree would be nice seeing Alice with her visions as human and being put in an asylum and kept in the dark

    • Absolutely it would be awesome to hear more about Carlisle, given that the Cullen clan wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for him! And while we’ve heard the Denali coven became veggies in order to save their male lovers, it’s possible that happened after they met Carlisle and witnessed that it was possible. So he might be the foundation for every single non-human eating vampire in existence! ;0) Anyways, I think it’d be great.

    • alice didn’t have much actually. it was all mentioned. she uncovered all the questions she had very quick.

  3. If we do continue and see more of Renesmee’s life, I want it to be that she doesn’t have romantic feelings for Jacob. Just because he imprinted on her doesn’t mean she will return the feelings romantically. I see that whole thing with Jacoob and that Bella’s child as Stephanie Meyer’s way of keeping Jacob around. A plot device.

    But in my mind, after the last turning of the page to end Breaking Dawn, I have a future for Edward, Bella and Renesmee Cullen that doesn’t include Jacob.

    A girl can dream.

    • Did you not understand the story? Imprinting works both ways. BOTH parties are drawn to one another. It’s not just the wolf that feels it.

      • I agree. In Breaking Dawn, Renesmee showed Bella her thoughts and Bella and Jacob’s images were the most/even. Also, Jacob gave Renesmee a promise bracelet. Renesmee being as smart as she is could have told him no, but obviously, she likes him enough to have accepted it.

        • If we all remember correctly, Bella made a clear specification that it was a form/type of Quillette promise ring. So it may not necessarily mean the same thing. Also, Renesmee does still have a choice on her feelings. Jacob explains to us that he does not feel a “lovey dovey” connection towards her. But we all know it could become that. Right now its at the older brother/best uncle type stage,which will later evolve to the best friend stage, and potentially elevate to “lovey dovey sick incest-ish stage”

          • the thing is that renesmee is little right now and she has about 7-8 more years until she is fully grown. till then, jacob will be with her all the time. he’s gonna be the person she will be tied to emotionally, the most. as jacob explained, “it will be like he was made for her”. so i don’t see it why she would NOT go for him.

          • exactly which in turn would be an interesting story when she is older and maybe the Amazon guy that is a halfie like her comes back and trys to win her heart. Love triangle anyone? That would be an awesome movie/story!

    • Twilibrarian says:

      While seeing the Jacob and Renesmee relationship develop, I’m not ready to give up the current actors/actresses even though vampires don’t age.

  4. Obviously, I’d love to have SM finish the Midnight Sun book and have it published.

    My second choice would be Renesmee and Jacob’s post-Breaking Dawn story written as a book. Only for the hopes that we get to see more Edward ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I say Alice, theres a story to be told there.

    also Jake and Nessie.I am defiantly Not interested in Bree LOL

    • Twilibrarian says:

      Especially Alice, since part of her special ability has to do with her being institutionalized as a human, and JAMES knew about it.

    • Twilibrarian says:

      I would really enjoy reading Midnight Sun in its entirety, as a finished book. I think there is so much of the Cullen backstories that could be incorporated, as well as some of the Volturie backstories.
      Edward’s reactions to Bella in MS would translate so well to screen, as would the Cullens reactions when everyone but Edward realizes he has fallen in love with her. In Twilight, I missed the Blood Type scenes, and wasn’t enamoured with the field trip scenes.
      MS screenplay could be a story told to Renesmee by her daddy as a flashback. Back to the present as Edward and Bella raise her. In the Twilight universe, both on the written page and big screen, the possibilities are endless.

      • Ohh I love that idea!! Midnight Sun as told to Renesmee by Edward with bits of the present so we can get more of post-Breaking Dawn story. That would make for an AWESOME movie!

        • I like your idea, that way it might be easier to see more of what really happened as well as I like Edward perspective.

  6. I think the early Carlisle days would be awesome! There’s so much story! I’d love to see him with the Volturi, find Edward, and fall in love with Esme!

  7. I would love to see a movie done for Jasper’s backstory. I think his life as a human and then as a vampire is more interesting than any of the others.

  8. Hmm hard to pick! The early days of Carlisle and Alice would be awesome to see, as well as Nessie and Jacob. What about doing two spinoffs-one with each?

  9. I want to see the backstories on ALL of the Cullens come to life (not just two minute snipits)…Carlisles days withthe Volturi..how he found all the others…I would LOVE that.

  10. I would like to read Midnight Sum, however; I don’t think they will make a movie on it though because it would be so similiar to the Twilight Series. What I would like to see in both book and movie form would the the cullen origins. Backstories relating to each Cullen.

  11. I’ve always thought that Alice’s back story is kina like Bella and Edward. Human and Vamp love. Would love to see that story with James! And of coure have the happy ending in the diner <3

  12. I would love to read the book and see the movie of the “early life of carlisle” and “the volturi the events of breaking dawn adds a bit more drama” and I would also love to read the book “Midnight sun! Gives stephenie meyer encouragement to finish the series completley”

  13. Ashley Carter says:

    I would love to see the Bree Tanner story done or something with Jacob and Renesmee!!

  14. No prequels I think, just unnecessary. I can a sequel for the Volturi being brought to justice, and for the Denali coven to bring a rule of truth to the vampire world (also maybe tanya and marcus could get together – after having aro and caius killed or whatever for their indiscretionate feud with the cullens, and their evil ways (marcus’ wife and his slavery). Then even after that, imagine them in the volturi’s shoes with a ‘real’ monster race – the children of the moon who are bloodthirsty once in wolf/ full moon form, and uncontrollable.

    But I don’t think there will be another movie, unless they come up with something before part 2 is released, as Rob etc. could do it, and no-one would care – as they did for ‘Angel’ – david’s age was never an issue for the fantasy of it. But a year between release of breaking dawn and production of a sequel would most likely have the actors not up for it, but who knows.

  15. I would like all of them I can’t choose.

  16. I think a Renesmee and Jacob story would be awesome! She’s so interesting and he’s grown up so much, it’ll be fun to see how they deal with each other in the future. Or how their relationship develop! ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. How โ€˜bout a sequel to Breaking Dawn? ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. i wanna see a volturi prequel or ‘bree tanner’

  19. I would do anything to see a book on the intriguing and powerful Volturi published! There’s so much that could be told about them, so much history. A book on the three leaders would be a dream come true for Volturi lovers like me. Who agrees with me?

  20. tlmfarmgirl says:

    I think it would be interesting to hear more about the Denali clan or the English clan

  21. Jasper for sure. It would also be cool to have a movie about all the Cullens coming together. Twilight is all about after they became a “family”. It would be really great to have a prequel type of thing since they all have interesting back stories.

  22. What about Jasper and ALice’s story? Before they met and after…lots of story there ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’ll second that! I voted for Carlisle because that was one of the choices but Alice & Jasper need to have their own book, movie, etc.!

  23. Wolfpack girl forever says:

    I would very much like to read and see more with Jacob and Renessame. Also would like to read more about the Cullens too not so much about Edward already have to much about him.

  24. In terms of book, not a movie, I’d sooo like to see what became of Freaky Fred…and then eventually a movie, too. It’s a departure from anyone connected with the Cullen’s, I know, and many of us would love to have little glimpses of what’s going with them, but for something different, well, Freaky Fred is a vampire, so we’d be familiar with all the biology of it and a story around him could be developed without so much concern with explaining the “whys” of physical abilities and such and more on action content.
    Am I the only one of anyone else thought about that?

  25. I would love SM to do a book on how the Volturi came into power. I have always wanted to know how Aro, Marcus, and Caius joined together; how they found Demetri, Felix, Alec, and Jane. What are their back stories? What were they like as humans?

    As far as movies, I wouldn’t want to see ANY of the above suggestions to be made into movies…books are always better. It would be awesome to read them because in a book, you get more in depth of each charactor.

  26. The Volturi story would be great and awesome!

  27. I’m more thrilled with books than movies ideas, so Midnight Sun is high up on the list.

    Carlisle’s back story will be very nice, same for the Volturi. In fact, if all the back stories of the Cullens can be published, it will be the best.

  28. I would love to hear the Wolf Pack stories!

  29. steph could probably get away w/ writing about anything to do with twilight and it would be a hit. but i agree that she should finish midnight sun first! don’t see making ms into a movie, tho. that would be difficult.

  30. midnight sun, Carlisle, then volturi–in that order.

  31. One word – CARLISLE!

    And now a few more – It has to be something that already exists. There is a LOT of Carlisle between the books and the Correspondences with Stephenie that could make up a screenplay, but even I realize it is probably not enough.

    Alice’s backstory doesn’t exist. We know very, very little about her and I doubt Stephenie will write anything about her human life any time soon.

    So if the story isn’t in the books or in the Correspondences with Stephenie, you are talking about Twilight stories that are not Stephenie’s. Would you really be happy with another author/screenwriter’s take on the Cullens or the Volturi? It would essentially be fanfiction on screen. At the end of the day, Stephenie isn’t going to allow that to happen. I believe the property is too important to her to sell out.

    • Look at what happened with Star Trek and Star Wars. Those universes expanded with other authors writing within guidelines. Some of the authors went on with own material and doing well. Ms Meyer / Summitt could do the same thing. There are more stories to be told within the Twilight universe.

      • There is a huge difference between Star Wars/Star Trek and Twilight or say, Harry Potter.

        Star Wars was an original screenplay. No single author ever owned it or was indentified with it except George Lucas as creator. The books were a by-product of the movies, not the other way around. Lucas and he has licensed the crap out the rights. Do you know the word “droid” on droid phones is licensed by LucasFilms?

        As for Star Trek, it was an original television show, again not adapted by a novel. Gene Roddenberry was the creator that time, but there were multiple writers for the the TV show(s) and the movies. Again the novels were a by-product.

        Stephenie is a producer on Breaking Dawn. She has said she will be on set every day (because getting it right is that important to her). I don’t believe she is about to start handing the rights to her characters and story over to someone else to play with – not when she has very specific thoughts and feelings about them. She’s also young! She has plenty of years to go back to these characters and create more novels. It might be ten years from now, but she has time and I don’t believe she is done with them.

  32. Tom McKelvey says:

    Can I go off book and say Alice and Jasper and their full story on how jasper came to be, then met alice and how they joined the cullen clan? I know we have seen and know the story but i want it fleshed out. I love them and would die to see that.

  33. Definitely more Jacob. Whether he’s with Renessame or not. Considering how he helped protect Bella, he deserves a happy ending like everyone else.

  34. I’d love to see more movies, but only if they were based off of something Stephenie actually wrote. However if she did write more, I’d love to see Jacob, Nessie, and LEAH. Poor Leah… she needs her own story, she gets such a crappy ending in the book.

  35. Definately Renesmee and Jacob and a final war with the Volturi where they get put in their place. What about Marcus finding out about what Aro did to his true love.

  36. I would love to read Midnight Sun. We never really get to know what Edward really thinks and I would really like to read about his reactions towards Bella and first falling in love with her. Also we can get a better idea of all the Cullens and how they related to one other before Bella came into their lives.

  37. I think I Midnight Sun movie would be silly. It’s just Twilight. I think the best one out of those is the Carlisle one. All of the Cullen stories could be included in it. Although we got some Cullen backstory in the movies, it would be nice to see it in more detail on the big screen.

  38. Twilight dreamers says:

    If they could do anything i would love a twilight movie re-make. but to choose from the list two words-MIDNIGHT SUN!!! whats posted on sm’s website is amazing! we all want more!!

    • Summit only said a Bree Tanner movie was pure speculation at this point. They didn’t come right out and say they wouldn’t be making it. So I would say, there is a strong possibility that it will happen at some point. David Slade himself, said the Bree Tanner book would make a great movie. And for people who say that it’s only a 200 page book, I would says that great movies have been made from short stories, with a whole lot less pages. Personally, I’ll go see any movie made from anything Stephenie Meyer writes.

  39. A Volturi book! It could be a double haeder, Carlisle’s early days + the Volturi = AWESOMENESS!

  40. I would like to see the story of Edward’s life before his transformation and then the life he lived after until he met Bella. Anything so I can have more Edward…but I do think it could make an interesting story.

    • I’m disturbed because you have almost my same name AND almost my same answer!

      I would love to see Edward’s backstory, more specifically his early vampire days, the years when he left Carlisle and used his mind-reading to find evil people to kill. He was like Dexter! Plus, that would let Melissa Rosenberg stick to what she’s best at ๐Ÿ˜‰

  41. Midnight Sun!!!!! More Edward&Bella ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also..Jacob and Renessme would be interesting!

  42. I like the different options they gave, and although I’m an Edward & Bella fan, honestly I would like to have seen Alice & Jaspers story about their back stories, how they met each other and the Cullens. philipscinema porcelain unicorn

  43. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask Stephanie to work on the trip to South America from Jasper’s point of view. I would think they’d want to include it in the existing Breaking Dawn movie, but we need to get inside Jasper’s head… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Afterwards, Leah’s story could be interesting.

  44. Obviously Midnight Sun. I’d also love Renesmee at her full age/growth w/ Jacob. Would love more on Carlisle’s back story and how he met and came to change Edward, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett.

    IMHO – there is not enough Bree Tanner to make a movie. Also I’m less interested in stories that don’t primarily involve Bella or the Cullens.

  45. Oh and this conversation just goes to show that the Twi universe will not die with the second BD movie. There are so many options.

  46. I would vote for Midnight Sun or Renesmee and Jacob’s life and romance after she is grown. I would like to see how she feels about being “imprinted” on and see if she feels she has any say in the matter.

  47. I’d like any of these. But I’d also like Jasper’s story made into a book or a movie (or both…) Alice’s past, and Carslile’s past, aswell.

  48. dazzled eyes says:

    I would love for SM to finish Midnight Sun. I can also see Carlisle’s story being one very compelling adventure that could weave in some of the new vamps from BD. It could tell his story from his time being human to his vamp years with the Volturi then striking out on his own to create his philosophy. I would also like to see his first meeting with Esme as a teen, changing Edward then reuniting with his true love. That would be awesome.

  49. I am not a big Renesme and Jacob fan, but I wonder, if SM wrote a book about Renesmee and Jacob and Renesmee got PREGNANT, what would their child look like; would that child be gifted or a wherewolf or a gifted wherewolf? What would her pregnancy be like: easy or difficult like Bella’s?

  50. I would love to see a prequel of Twilight of Edward and the Cullens up to the point where Bella entered the story. It would be so interesting to see the back stories of their lives before Forks and it would have more character development for the other characters. It would be cool to see their every day lives in more details.

    I also would like to see Midnight Sun. I thought the story was so well written and Edward’s point of view is very interesting. It would make a great movie with Edward do the narration. I know it would never get made but it would be awesome. I would hope that they stick closer to the book than they did with the Twilight movie.

    A girl can dream to see more of Edward on the screen. ๐Ÿ™‚

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