The 12 Days of Twilight 2010

We started this musical tradition last year. Check out the 2009 version here.

We also want to say a HUGE TY to OpenHome from our fabulous forum mod team for the matching Bella and Edward Santa hats and 24601 (aka Laura’s husband) for making it snow!



  2. Nice job ladies!!! Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  3. Love this tradition! It’s kinda become something I look forward to. And you have snow on the site!! Love it!

  4. Ha ha. Love it! Especially the RPattz in a tree. and the 12 brazilian kisses. 🙂
    I can’t understand what’s being said on the 10th day.

    Merry Christmas!!

    • 1. RPatz in a tree
      2. 2 Novela Formats
      3. 3 Possible directors
      4. 4 Lucky Fansites
      5. 5 MTV awards
      6. 6 Leaked Photos
      7. 7 Peter Tweetings
      8. 8 more abdominals
      9. 9 camping fans
      10. 10 goose down feathers
      11. 11 dripping newborns
      12. 12 Brazilian kisses

      • says

        Thank you Lexicon for yet another gift!
        LOL “8 more abdominals”!!can never have enough of those. Love the work you do for all us fans not to mention the humor.
        I’m wishing you and yours such a Merry Christmas (if applicable) and a Happy Healthy New Year!
        xo arazcal a/k/a Barbara 🙂

  5. Wonderful job, ladies!!
    Love the ending note about two more years of this to look forward to!
    Blessed Christmas and a great New Year to all at the Lex and Twilighters everywhere!!!

  6. twilight meredith says

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO MY FAVORITE WEBSITE!!!! You make me feel ok about being obsessed!!!



    6 leaked photos! Baaahahahaha! you guys made me laugh.

    merry xmas!


  8. Thank you for the snow! It made me smile

  9. Oshin Daniel Lautner says

    I stll haven’t found the snow on the site. 🙁

    • twilight tech says

      The snow could be blocked if you have an adblocker. We had to use javascript and it “could” be stopped by an ad blocker.


  10. That is very creative. Good job, and thanks for the great start on the holidays.

  11. Merry Christmas Lexi! I appreciate you so much and look forward to a new year with you all! Thanks for all your hard work….

  12. OMG, so cute!!!! I LOVED this “12 brazilian kisses” photos
    can’t stop watching!

  13. Happy Holidays to everyone at the Twilight Lexicon! You are awesome! Thanks for the great video…you are very talented! Appreciate all the wonderful things that you do for the fans!

  14. I loved it. The only think I would have changed would have been 2 breaking dawns. Because this is the year we heard officially that we were getting 2 films.

  15. switzy4ever14 says

    Love it. You brightened up my Christmas Eve. I just saw the title for the 12 Days of Twilight when I logged on and I jumped up in the air, I was so excited.

    A very Merry Christmas to all you ladies and your families.

  16. I love this. Thanks guys for keeping us smiling. Merry Christmas!


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