Eclipse Spoof From HipHowHang

This one is pretty good. These guys have obviously read the books and seen the movies.

TY to Sarah for the heads up


  1. That was HILARIOUS. Way to start the morning!


  3. perlasgirl says:

    The first few minutes were amusing, but it ran out of steam quickly for me.

  4. dlphnmolly says:

    Haha Tyler makes a great point! There SHOULD be black Volturri!!!

  5. Too goofy for me…

  6. Lord knows I’ve been asking that same question: “Where’s Tyler Crowley?” and the diversity. I hope to see more diversity in Breaking Dawn especially with all of the vampires that are in this.

  7. switzy4ever14 says:

    hahahaha movies in minutes is always funny. i loved their twilight spoof.

  8. Some of it was really funny, I thought. But the double rainbow got really annoying.

  9. I love how they commented on Jasper’s sudden southern accent!

  10. I loved the part with Tyler!!! ” you know wat colors missing from that rainbow?,black.”

  11. Hehehe Love it! My favorite I think is Jane. “Oh. Oh. It’s a double rainbow.” LOL

  12. good, i ALWAYS wondered what happened after the last scene in new moon!

  13. Haha wow. The real double rainbow vid was freakin hilarious and the fact that someone turned it into a twilight spoof was even better. Kudos to whoever was behind this 🙂

  14. Wow that blows…*yawn*

  15. Tayler, Jasper and Bella are amazing, they got their quirks to the T !

  16. I thought Victoria was funny when she asked for one of Bella’s scrunchies. I loved when Jacob asked for his bracelt back.

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