Step Up 3-D, Meets Harry Potter, Meets Twilight, Meets Spoof

Remember about a month ago when people thought Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were filming a Volvo commercial in Louisiana? Then it turned out that YouTube vlogger and Kaleb Nation idol Shay Carl explained it all that it was just the latest Take 180 Electric Spoofaloo video. Well now the spoof is out.

So, what did you think? Honestly, we don’t think that they have ever topped this one.

Via Teletoast on Twitter

Upcoming Take 180 Twilight Spoof Features Shay Carl

Last week news broke about Rob and Kristen possibly shooting a Volvo commercial in Louisiana. In the end it turned out to be the folks of Take 180 doing their most recent Twilight spoof. The mystery was solved when YouTube sensation Shay Carl (the one that Kaleb Nation routinely mentions in his tweets) released the below video that more or less explained the filming that was originally assumed to be of Rob and Kristen

Story via Twifans

Take 180 has done Twilight spoofs before, some better than others. Our favorite is the New Moon spoof seen below. In particular it’s Laura’s (Pel’s) favorite spoof ever.

Twilight spoof

Twilight Christmas spoof