Twilight Poster Spoofs

These actually cracked up Eclipse director David Slade and he tweeted about them. It’s well worth looking at all of them but numbers 20 and 21 are the Twilight themed ones.

Also on the spoof scene today is Cinematical. Eric Snider has come out with his version of Eclipse. Think of it as Eclipse in 5 minutes.


  1. The Jaws poster and Jarjarhead poster was halarious.!!

  2. The shirt part totally true lol

  3. i read the script it was funny! but i hate how ppl make fun of this story. they just really don’t get it do they??

    • mek mek says:

      they make fun because we are so large in numbers and if they tact a headline with anything twilight related they will get a hit and that goes for almost all media outlets. however the more they say or print the more our beloved people and characters get recognition, money and all that other stuff that goes with being famous.

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