Paul Morrison On Robert Pattinson

Little Ashes director, Paul Morrison, talks with the LA Times about Robert Pattinson and what he sees as Rob’s future.

“He is serious about acting and I am sure that, yeah, he will want to do roles that challenge him. I can’t tell you how hard he worked on the role of Dali. I was encouraging him to just play the script, but he was for himself hunting down every day bits of film or tape or interviews or a biography of Dali. He worked really hard at it, both intellectually and emotionally. I think that’s in his blood now, I think. I don’t think he’ll be satisfied with playing less than interesting roles.”

See the whole article here.


  1. AnnieCullen says:

    I cannot wait for this movie to come out. I’m a huge Salvador Dali fan, and I couldn’t be more happy to see Rob portraying him in Little Ashes.

  2. Rob is such a versatile actor I watched the movie How to BE and it is totally different from his other work, I enjoyed it I like independent films. Anyway, this guy is multi-talented and I can’t wait to watch his career blossom. He so reminds me of Johnny Depp, and James Dean. Love you Rob, keep up the good work.

  3. I can’t wait to see this movie! I loved, loved ‘How To Be’. In the photo above, he looks so much like Dali. I never cared for the weird little mustache, but I can handle it while Rob is wearing it.

    This is so thrilling to see his career explode. It boggles the mind to consider what we have to look forward to!!

  4. he is extremely talented and i cant wait to watch what he does with Dali. I hear he’s been offically cast in “remember me”. I just hope he desnt get sucked into the hollywood mainstream crap that is being made these days and continues with roles that help him portray his art and not so much his fame.

  5. papermoon says:

    even if it wasn’t rob in the movie- i’d still be dying to see it. it really looks like its going to be great. same thing with ‘how to be’. i’m really impressed that he would take on a role like Dali. he was such an eccentric guy~ i’m really looking forward to it. ^^


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