Kaleb Nation AKA The Twilight Guy Needs Your Help

We’ve made no secret that we have loved Kaleb Nation ever since we first spotted his site Twilight Guy back in 2008. Pretty much the term Twi-Guy was coined because of Kaleb. We loved Kaleb’s guy centric, goofy commentary as he read his way chapter-by-chapter through all the Twilight books. We even turned the Lexicon into a Kaleb worship site as our 2009 April Fools joke(see our video from that day).

Aside  from having a Twilight website, Kaleb is also an incredibly talented, web designer, children’s author, photographer, and YouTube vlogger. We partnered with Kaleb on the red carpet for the Twilight premiere. Without Kaleb, we wouldn’t have had footage from that event.

Right now Kaleb needs your help. His YouTube channel is one of four YouTube channels that is up for a fantastic prize and he needs your vote. See the explanation below from YouTube.

“More and more of our YouTube partners are hitting subscriber numbers in the 100,000s and even in the 1,000,000s. We want to help more of you to get to those kind of subscriber numbers, which is why we’re starting a new monthly feature called “On the Rise.”

Here’s how it works: every month, we’ll pull together a list of partner channels whose subscriber rate has quickly accelerated in the last 30 days but who still have less than 100,000 subscribers. We’ll winnow that list down to a handful of channels, and then we’ll ask the community to vote on one channel to be featured on the YouTube homepage and get promoted through our social media channels on Twitter and Facebook.”

So if you’ve enjoyed our Twilight movie red carpet footage, seen Kaleb’s actor photos, enjoyed Kaleb’s blog, liked the Bran Hambric series, and loved his videos GO VOTE FOR KALEB!


  1. I met Kaleb at his book signing in Layton, Utah last night!!! I felt like I had died and gone to heaven when I got my picture taken with him!!! I looooove Kaleb Nation!!!

    I will totally vote for him!!!

  2. Come on, Twilighters!!!! Kaleb reeeeallly needs our help!!! Please take 30 seconds to go vote for him!!!

  3. Unfortunately I just went to vote and he’s waaaaaaay behind. Some emily something has 58% of the votes and he’s only at 12%….Are we able to vote more than once?

  4. Sorry he’s actually at 15% and it wouldn’t let me vote again. I’ll try again tomorrow though 🙂 I dont comment much. Maybe once before. But I’m on here daily and THANK you for all your hard work!

  5. Kaleb only has 15% of the votes. He’s being spanked by Emily who has 58% of the votes.

    How is something Twilight related not killing the competition? We need to fix this.

    *rolls up sleeves to tweet like mad*

    • LOL.You cracked me up. Just voted for him, but it’s not letting me vote again. Will forward this to all my friends.

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