Kaleb Nation’s Twimore Spoof Going Viral

We posted the other day about Kaleb Nation’s spoof called Twimore. Well his video is really going viral with all sorts of folks chiming in, some not realizing (from both the Potter and Twilight camps) it’s a parody because they didn’t read the info under the video.

He also has a spoof website to go along with it that just added a feature (look in the upper right corner)to “Find Your Vampire Name”. I just got SHIMMERJACWERD8 for mine. It’s become so popular he had to buy more bandwith. Make sure you check out the video below AND the website (sorry Kaleb on the bandwith).

As we write this post the video’s public hit count is a 85,999. Pretty amazing for something uploaded 3 days ago!

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  1. DrinkMeEdwardDAZZLEdarknezz is my vampire name yay!!!

  2. rhiannon says:

    BLOODSLURPERPERFECTLUvr is my vampire name

  3. GlowDazzleXoXo is my vampire name 🙂


  5. radiowidow says:

    DrinkMeEdwardSCINTILLATEx is my vampire name! Love it! Twimore is fun! Thanks Twi-Guy!

  6. hah when he talks about the messages i cried laughing ((: BRILLIANT

  7. my vampire name is SHIMMERSILVERHeartz

  8. Rachelle says:

    I love that Kaleb did this, but it annoys me with how many HP fans and Twihards are taking this so seriously. It is a parody. Twilight is not trying to copy HP. The only thing worse than ppl freaking out over Twimore is when I read about HP fans being smug that they won at the Teen Choice Awards. Really? I don’t care if HP won every award or if Twilight won every award…..it’s the Teen Choice Awards!

    • arent they the same ones who said after the MTV awards that it really didnt matter!! guess it does when they actually win something!

  9. missjuju says:

    LMAO. BLOODDRINKERDAZZLEguRl is my ‘vampire name’.

  10. GLITTERBOWBLACKHeartz is my vampire name apparently. roflmao. I rolled my eyes when I watched the video the other day, but reading that people are freaking out about the spoof is kinda funny.

  11. AdonisIVORY9…hahaha hilarious

  12. My vampire name is GLITTERBOWWEREPIREhearticles!!!LOL

  13. smitten_by_twilight says:

    ROTFLMAO! I am PALEWEREWOLF_vamp, so have somehow managed to transform from werewolf to vampire, despite the laws of the Guide. Hah!

    You must read Erupting Star – funniest part of the site so far! Don’t forget to read the chapter titles!

  14. Haha! Apparently I’m VEGANPIREVOLVOZZZ !! LOL…maybe the hackers will infiltrate this just like they did with Pottermore!

  15. My vamp name is SHIMMERSWAN_vamp! Does anyone know when you can register on Twimore?

  16. CullenCoven says:

    SPARKLINGJACWARDDazzle is my name.

  17. SLURPBLOODCARLISLEVAMP, cool, carlisle is in mine

  18. Thank you to all who liked my first post explaining my love for both fandoms!!

    I love Harry Potter because of how well thought out it is. And how tangible that world is. Seriously, it all came from J.K. Rowling’s mind, but she explained it in so much depth than we can go there.

    However, that doesn’t mean I don’t love the magic Stephenie brought to Forks, Washington. I love the lightness (unlike the later Harry books) and simplicity to Twilight. It’s a great escape (though Harry is, too). And it’s so enticing to new readers. And it can also be good for fantasy, or slice of life readers.

    Personally, that’s another thing I love about Twilight. I love that it highlights what everyone goes through in their life, but with that supernatural twist. That just makes it even better for me. As I love fantasy, sci-fi, and supernatural, Twilight’s probably the only story I’ll ever read with normalcy in it. So I thank Stephenie for giving me this chance, and bridging the two beautifully.

    I love Twilight and Harry Potter equally now (partly because posts like this and re-reading Twilight has made me realize how much I love it), and I wish people would stop being so uptight! I think both have different maturities that people could enjoy if they let themselves (Harry more coming of age, Twilight more romantic and adult themes). I also think both are great fun, and promote great things.

    You know, maybe people just need to read more. LOL. Maybe people should realize there are OTHER great stories (The Mortal Instruments, Maximum Ride, Roswell High, The Hunger Games, The Vampire Diaries…), and that they don’t have to be so defensive about these two.

    I do think that Twilight might be more approachable than Harry though. At least for those just getting into reading, and don’t like “weird” things as much.

    You know what? Maybe that’s how we can connect the fandoms. If it weren’t for Twilight, I wouldn’t be reading now, and I wouldn’t have read Harry Potter. I owe it all to Twilight. Maybe if people realize they’re getting more fans to their preferred fandom from the other series, they’ll accept the other fandom with open arms. Hmm…

    If nothing else, both stories made me feel more than any other books I’ve read, and that’s why I love them. Not because they’re the “best” books in the world, but because they brought out my emotions.

    I’ve learned a lot from both series, and because of them my desire to be an author is cemented. Because of them I have improved so MUCH in my writing, and am now preparing manuscripts (in different stages) to eventually publish.

    Yes, thank you Jo and Stephenie for everything!


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