Kaleb Nation Interviews Chris Weitz At The New Moon DVD Release

Leaked Photos, Kaleb Puts It Better Than We Could Have

For people who have been emailing and tweeting about why we haven’t posted various leaked photos Kaleb’s video explains why. We have no plausible deniability, if we post them, we are toast. Courts have set a precedent that providers of stolen material that they in fact know to be stolen even if they didn’t take it themselves can be jailed. Good bye good relationship with Stephenie Meyer, Little Brown, Summit Entertainment, etc.

The Twilight Guy Giving Away Autographs

Kaleb Nation, the Twilight Guy, is giving away autographs.

The Twilight Guy Responds to Death Rumors

We love Kaleb Nation…in a very, older sister, non-cougarish way…have we mentioned that?

A Not Quite Farewell To The Twilight Guy!

Well not exactly farewell, but Kaleb Nation has finished his read through and guy’s perspective on The Twilight Saga. You can see Kaleb’s final thoughts in his blog:

“My ‘farewell’ to the Twilight fandom has been written for about four months now, because I knew the day would come when I finished the books and would need to move on to my own writing. But after I finished the last chapter of Breaking Dawn, and looked back on all the great memories I’ve made in the Twilight fandom, I found that I wasn’t ready to leave all of you wonderful people behind quite yet. So, as for now, TwilightGuy.com is here to stay!

I have a book tour coming up, which will take most of my time in the coming month, but I’m up to sticking to this blog and all of you wonderful readers if you’ll bear with my fewer posts during that time (to keep up with me then, you can follow me on Twitter). Since I won’t be doing chapter reviews anymore (at least, until Stephenie writes more in the Twilight saga!) my site will be posting more video features, news, guy stories, special features, stuff from readers and enormously epic contests!”

You can read the rest of Kaleb’s entry on his blog. He’s also going out with a bang, by giving away a Stephenie Meyer autographed novel to one lucky fan.

Kaleb is moving on to the future. His own book, Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse is aimed at readers ages 9-12. It releases tomorrow on 9/9/09.  Kaleb is doing a live BlogTV tonight to celebrate its release.

It’s quite an accomplishment to get published, let alone get published at age 20.  Now your creative baby is out there for the world to see. The only thing for sure is that it will be an interesting journey. On a personal level, we’d like to wish Kaleb the best of luck as an author.

Summer School In Forks Overview

Kaleb Nation, The Twilight Guy, shot this very cool footage while we were in Forks. We are still working on some of our pieces, but for now enjoy Kaleb’s.

You have to love Lori playing Bellaesque crazed fangurl screaming for Edward in the forest. See additional photos on Kaleb’s site here.

Pel Interviews Kaleb Nation

During Book Expo America, Pel had the chance to interview Kaleb Nation (AKA The Twilight Guy) for Borders Media. As many of you know, Kaleb is also an author with his debut novel coming out on September 9, 2009. The book is called Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse.

Kaleb’s answer were informative and funny. (Pel wants to crawl under a rock for possibly having the worst bad hair day in her life. She has also made a vow to remove the word “awesome” from her vocabulary. Note to self: there are other exclamations than awesome.)

You can pre-order Kaleb’s book here.

Kaleb Nation At Book Expo America

Kaleb Nation is going to be at Book Expo America tomorrow (BEA)!  BEA is a major publishing industry event. If you are in publishing, a bookseller, a librarian, or in education you are able to attend the show.  Pel and BME will be there starting around 10:00. We’ll be the ones trying to act cool but going all fangirly around Shannon Hale, Ridley Pearson, & Deanna Raybourn. We’ll try not to go too fangirly around Kaleb, the April Fools video was enough.

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Kaleb Nation: New Moon Poster, TwiGuy Perspective

Kaleb Nation has a video up where he analyzes the New Moon poster.  He’s also continuing along with his Breaking Dawn read, and is currently up to chapter 11.

Kaleb is New York City bound next week. He’ll be appearing at Book Expo to promote his debut novel (which is getting fantastic early buzz from Publishers Weekly and D. J. MacHale, Kim Harrison and Kaza Kingsley). You can preorder his book Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse on Amazon.

Kaleb Nation Reads Chapter 7

Kaleb Nation, the Twilight Guy, is up to chapter 7 of Breaking Dawn. As usual, Kaleb has his own, unique focus. This time, amazingly enough, there is no cute photo of Kaleb photoshopped in. This time it’s a chicken. In fact it’s a chicken that looks like it’s ready to go postal.

Also, speaking of Kaleb, his debut novel is now available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, Borders and other places. Publishers Weekly also listed it as a galley to grab at Book Expo America.