Judi Shekoni Now Sees 20-20

Glad things worked out for Judi Shekoni who plays Zafrina! On a personal note, never let anyone give you the details of their lasik. Lori and Stephenie thoroughly scared Laura from ever having lasik when they compared their procedures during a car ride a few years back.

Team Twilight Interviews Judi Shekoni

Team Twilight has a great interview with Judi Shekoni who plays Zafrina in Breaking Dawn

“TT: It’s funny, because reading the cast’s Twitter updates, it kind of seems a bit like summer camp. Was that the kind of experience it was? It is just so many people working every single day together. I am curious what that was like.

JS: It must have been really interesting for you guys reading all the Twitter. That makes me realize that I know only what I write, really. But if you seem them all together, you probably have a better idea of what it was like for everyone than me, who was in the middle of it. It was really to see that everyone’s opinions of what went on kind of built up a true picture. I think it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity where I got to be with a group of like-minded individuals. Everyone around about the same age. Everyone on the same journey together. And also, all of us doing an interesting, cool film. We aren’t doing one where I’m pregnant and my baby’s ill,and it’s not something that is like torturous to shoot, and super highly emotional. It was one about relationships and we kind of felt like that by bonding with each other we were adding tot he film.

TT: Did you do any physical training?

JS: I did some training, yes. And also, for me, I felt like Zafrina has a toughness about her, and also a strength, coming from the rain forest and being self-sufficient out there, and being of nature, so for me it was really important to build up a physicality that represented that. So I definitely was putting myself in the gym a lot. Whether you see the results on camera is the question, but I was there pretty much every day. I felt like a girl’s gotta do her bit. Now all of these guys have these amazing bodies in this film. I don’t think I quite achieved a Taylor or a Kellan body.

TT: I don’t think you want to have a Taylor or Kellan body, as a woman.

JS: That would be scary.”

See the whole interview on Team Twilight!

Judi Shehkoni Interviewed By The Twilight Examiner

The Twilight Examiner has an exclusive interview with Judi Shekoni who plays Zafrina in Breaking Dawn:

“You were a fan of the Twilight series before you got the role of Zafrina in Breaking Dawn, so when you read the series, did you picture yourself as any of the characters?

Yep, I was a fan. Well, when you read a book you always see yourself as being the character that is telling the story so I guess I lived all the books as Bella, but thinking about it I would have made a very strange and unusual Bella!

Did being a fan make auditioning for the role that much more intimidating or was it easier because you had confidence in your knowledge of the story?

I felt more confident than usual because of my knowledge of the story and the characters; Twilight has a definite feel and style to it that would be hard to pick up from one scene.  I felt I was already inside the world and had lived the lives so I definitely felt I had a good advantage!”


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Judi Shekoni: A Twilight Fan Before the Movies Came Out

Judi Shekoni who plays Zafrina in Breaking Dawn was just interviewed by her hometown newspaper back in Manchester, England. Judi reveals that she was a Twilight fan way before the movies came out and that she is Team Edward!

You’re currently filming for Twilight: Breaking Dawn, playing Amazonian vampire Zafrina – were you a fan of the franchise before securing the role?

Absolutely. I read the first two books when I was on a cruise around the Bahamas with my friend Jenny. I tend not to read fiction but I got to the stage of boredom that I would have tried anything. At first, it seemed a bit weird and I remember thinking ‘I don’t understand, it’s all about kids’, but the more I read, the more hooked I was. At one point, I was like get me off this ship I need to go buy the next book. When the first film was released, me and my friends all booked tickets in advance and we just adored it.

It’s taken on element of the surreal now because just the other day I was stood in the Cullen house, looking at their book shelf thinking as if I’m here!

What has it been like working with the cast?

Everyone has been super nice, there’s an atmosphere of family. Spending time with everyone has been great, Rob (Pattinson) is such a laugh and it’s been an enjoyable experience. There’s a mix of nationalities here, and the Canadians are a lot like the Brits with their humour. Sometimes you can join a project like this and be met by a few prima-donnas, but that couldn’t be further from the truth here. All us newcomers are welcomed like we’ve been involved since the beginnings. It helps that we’re in the most beautiful hotel. It’s like a network of private mini lodges; I’ve even got my own fireplace!”

See more at Large Manchester.

Judi Shekoni Participates in LA Fashion Week Photoshoot

Judi,who plays Zafrina, was working with Floyd Productions, and company from Argentina. The first video is a shorter version of the second one. In the first one Judi is in several places. Even though the narration is in Spanish, lots of the models talking is in English. The second one go to the 26 minute mark to see Judi walk the runway several times in a fashion show. Then starting at the 30 minute mark Judi is in an exclusive photoshoot at Graumen’s Chinese Theatre (which is a problem because they shot on a Saturday and lots of people recognized her and wanted pictures!)

Judi Shekoni Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Judi Shekoni who plays Zafrina (vampire photo by Adonis) is quite the busy woman. She’s in Breaking Dawn, she’s going to host her own reality TV show, and now we can add hair extensions and actor advice book to that tally. Contact music has the story on both:

Hair Extensions:

“The stunning star explains, “I’ve always been wearing hair extensions since the age of 16 and I’ve definitely made a few weave mistakes in my time. It’s just always been important to me to find better techniques and to make my hair look good.

“My friend already had a company in England where she had done it before and she was interested in doing it again and so we decided to go into partnership.

“We researched it for about a year-and-a-half; all the manufacturing, and figuring everything out before we launched in 2010 and it was instantly successful. We now have stockists in Nigeria, Australia, England, America and Switzerland.”

See more here.

Actor help book for actors from the UK transitioning to the USA

“I didn’t realise you needed a work permit to work. I didn’t know nothing (sic) and so basically I just spent my money trying to figure out what to do… There are so many mistakes that you make and there are so many things people don’t tell you.

“I thought it would be of great service to put this information down in a book so that someone could spend three hours reading it and get all that information, rather than it taking them three years and costing them their savings.”

“There’s also so much choice in Los Angeles – you want an acting teacher, there are 10,000 acting teachers, there are 20,000 photographers. There are so many of everything and there’s everything from hustlers who are just taking your money to people who are at the top of their craft.

“By writing the book out and publishing the book it made me feel better about some of the experiences I’ve had here.”

See more here.

Judi Shekoni and Girlpower

According to MSN, Judi Shekoni (who plays Zafrina in Breaking Dawn) is tapped to host a battle-of-the-sexes, reality TV series in the US called When Women Rule the World.

“The Brit tells WENN, “It’s the same format as a British show and the concept is what would happen in a world where women ruled and men obey.

“We went to an island to put that into action – the men had to do what they were told. It throws up the question who would be your ideal man in a woman’s world.”

Check out the story on MSN

Judi also briefly talks about it with paparazzi (we’re running the footage because Judi didn’t seem bothered by the guy) after a November red carpet event.

You can also see Judi’s TV Host demo real below. She seems like she’s fearless and rolls with what is thrown at her.

Twilight Tweets: December 17 Update

Here are the latest batch of Tweets from the twilight stars. A big TY to Maddie for making the banner for us! We will round up the best Tweets of the cast every week in our Twilight Tweets feature!

First off it looks like the food in Louisiana is a huge hit. Mia Maestro who plays Carmen Tweeted, “Yes… I’m paid to be in New Orleans :). 1 beignets, 2 beignets, 3 beignets, 4… 5… 6… At this ingestion pace Carmen Denali is gonna be unrecognizable. Someone has to stop me!” She also gave us a picture of the local atmosphere.

Gil Birmingham seems to have found the local crepes. He tweeted “Where in the world is Gil Birmingham? Let’s see if you can guess my latest adventure location. Where in the world can you get a pancake like this. They told me it would be big…but wow!” and he gave us a photo of his food! He then Tweeted, “And yes I ate it all!”

Judi Shekoni tried out a local fried food hit, “Quiet day – tried the famous Louisana “Po Boy” today – very tasty!!”

Judi also talked about transforming into her role as Zafrina, “Gud morning All!! Its Bright & early here… realized I need to find some nail varnish remover!!! there are no nail salons in the amazon!”

Lisa Howard who plays Siobhan(It’s pronounced Sh-ah-von for you non-Gallic folks), “I’ve had my costume and wig fittings so far and now I’m off to the make-up dept. So cool:-). Chillin’ with my coven waiting to get into hair:-)” Her coven mate Marlane Barnes who plays Maggie agrees with Lisa and Tweeted, “Having a great great great time!”

Angela Sarafyan who plays is also enjoying her castmates, “I met almost all of the vamps — pretty cool bunch of bloodsuckers :)”

Erik Odom who plays Peter is also enjoying Lousiana, “There is no substitute for southern hospitality” As a North Carolina boy he should know!

Guri Weinberg who plays Stefan Tweeted on behalf of his coven mate Noel Fisher who plays Vladimir, “Hi all. hello from Noel to all of u. Sorry I haven’t tweeted back to u guys.”

Video: Breaking Dawn Stars on the Madame Tussauds Red Carpet

Valorie Curry(Charlotte), Booboo Stewart(Seth), Tracy Heggins(Sena) and Judi Shekoni(Zafrina) all stopped by and chatted.

Judi Shekoni: No Doubt About It Ready to Tackle the Amazon Zafrina

The role of Zafrina in Breaking Dawn is a fan favorite. Most people love Zafrina’s kick-butt, take no prisoners approach. Well check out Judi’s demo reel! Skydiving, kick boxing, and more!