Judi Shehkoni Interviewed By The Twilight Examiner

The Twilight Examiner has an exclusive interview with Judi Shekoni who plays Zafrina in Breaking Dawn:

“You were a fan of the Twilight series before you got the role of Zafrina in Breaking Dawn, so when you read the series, did you picture yourself as any of the characters?

Yep, I was a fan. Well, when you read a book you always see yourself as being the character that is telling the story so I guess I lived all the books as Bella, but thinking about it I would have made a very strange and unusual Bella!

Did being a fan make auditioning for the role that much more intimidating or was it easier because you had confidence in your knowledge of the story?

I felt more confident than usual because of my knowledge of the story and the characters; Twilight has a definite feel and style to it that would be hard to pick up from one scene.  I felt I was already inside the world and had lived the lives so I definitely felt I had a good advantage!”


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  1. I love when actual fans of the books have a part in the films…

  2. Faith Galleon says:

    SHE IS PERFECT!(for the role of Zafrina) 😀 heehee 😀 i love her! 🙂


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