Team Twilight Interviews Judi Shekoni

Team Twilight has a great interview with Judi Shekoni who plays Zafrina in Breaking Dawn

“TT: It’s funny, because reading the cast’s Twitter updates, it kind of seems a bit like summer camp. Was that the kind of experience it was? It is just so many people working every single day together. I am curious what that was like.

JS: It must have been really interesting for you guys reading all the Twitter. That makes me realize that I know only what I write, really. But if you seem them all together, you probably have a better idea of what it was like for everyone than me, who was in the middle of it. It was really to see that everyone’s opinions of what went on kind of built up a true picture. I think it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity where I got to be with a group of like-minded individuals. Everyone around about the same age. Everyone on the same journey together. And also, all of us doing an interesting, cool film. We aren’t doing one where I’m pregnant and my baby’s ill,and it’s not something that is like torturous to shoot, and super highly emotional. It was one about relationships and we kind of felt like that by bonding with each other we were adding tot he film.

TT: Did you do any physical training?

JS: I did some training, yes. And also, for me, I felt like Zafrina has a toughness about her, and also a strength, coming from the rain forest and being self-sufficient out there, and being of nature, so for me it was really important to build up a physicality that represented that. So I definitely was putting myself in the gym a lot. Whether you see the results on camera is the question, but I was there pretty much every day. I felt like a girl’s gotta do her bit. Now all of these guys have these amazing bodies in this film. I don’t think I quite achieved a Taylor or a Kellan body.

TT: I don’t think you want to have a Taylor or Kellan body, as a woman.

JS: That would be scary.”

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  1. “That would be scary.” Umm, ya think?

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